Out-takes from the April List

Tahbilk Vines

The theme of the new wine List is amazing wine facts. We didn't have the space to illustrate all of the weird and wonderful pieces of trivia that we managed to gather so thought we would share some of those from the cutting-room floor here.

  • During World War II, a group of alpine soldiers who were stranded in mountain snows survived for an entire month on nothing but a cask of Sherry.
  • With 140 hectares of vines, Domaine Schlumberger is Alsace's largest estate. The vineyards are laid out on terraces supported by a staggering 50km of dry stone walls requiring a specialist team of stonemasons to maintain them throughout the year.
  • Tahbilk, one of Australia's oldest family-run wineries, in the Nagambie Lakes region of central Victoria claims to have the oldest shiraz vines in the world, planted in 1860. They also claim to have the largest planting of marsanne grapes, with some dating back to 1927, older than any in the Rhône, the grape's original home.
  • The town of Epernay at the heart of the Champagne region has over 100kms of cellars dug into the chalk beneath the town.
  • The country with the highest per-capita wine consumption is the Vatican City. This is also the smallest state in the world and its 920 inhabitants drink 66.67 litres of wine per capita per year, how much of this is altar wine is unclear.

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