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Members' Favourites

Members' Favourites

These are quite simply our 35 bestselling producer-label wines of 2016, with prices starting from just £5.25 per bottle.

Whilst all of The Society’s wines come with the recommendation of our buyers, but it’s our members who vote with their wallets to decide which wines feature in this selection. Whatever the demands of palate or pocket, if you're looking for tried and trusted bottles you need look no further.

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Members' Favourites
Food & Wine Matcher

Find the perfect wine for your dish.
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Get help and advice from our experienced team of advisers.
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Vintage Chart

View ratings, expert summaries and wines in stock for each vintage. Find out which wines to drink now and which to lay down for the future.

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En Primeur Offers

The Society makes regular en primeur offers. Members can view remaining stocks from recent offers still available to order in the Other Available Wines section of this site.

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Wine Plans

Explore the world of wine with complete convenience via Wine Without Fuss, or start your own collection of fine wine with Vintage Cellar Plan.

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  • A £20 credit to help you to get started.
  • High-quality wines at all prices. Around 1,500 wines listed with over 200 of them between £5 and £8 a bottle.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Pleasure, not profit: as a co-operative, any surplus profits are used to enhance services and prices.
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