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Members' Letters

From time to time members write in to us either in response to something we have published, to ask a question, or just to express their views on certain topics. There often isn’t the space to reproduce these for all to see in our printed News, but we know that many of you will be interested in such correspondence and may wish to share your thoughts. As always, you can write to the news editor at the usual address, send an e-mail to

Wine and rugby and the price of wine abroad!

A trip to New Zealand prompted member and former president of the Rugby Football Union Bob Reeves to question the pricing of the local wines in the country, and, by extension, England. ‘One would think that 'home' consumption should be encouraged. Is this why so many English people are yet to truly sample the best wines from their homeland?’ he asks.

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Big bottle update – Château Guiraud 1988

Sebastian Payne MW’s Last Word column in December SocietyNews eulogised the larger bottle size, particularly for festive gatherings. In it Sebastian remembered fondly a Domaine de Chevalier dinner with members at Leamington Spa and Château Guiraud 1988 poured from an Impériale (the equivalent of eight bottles). One couple got to take the empty bottle home and he hoped they still had it. Well, the member in question read the article and got in touch with a picture to prove that he still did.

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Shakespeare’s First Folio – some mistake?

When Nina Caplan wrote about the discovery of a Shakespeare First Folio in St Omer, not far from Montreuil-sur-Mer, home to our French showroom, member Michael Walsh wrote to say that her theory as to how it might have ended up there must be mistaken.

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Boxing clever

An article in SocietyNews and a blog post on the subject of wooden boxes elicited a number of responses from members, from a part to play in a wedding ceremony to a nifty glass carrier – complete with instructions!

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Mr Payne's Heresy

Sebastian Payne MW’s Last Word column in the July News (‘Heresy’) in which he says, ‘I believe there is only one rule about wine with food. Drink what you like with what you like’ elicited a number of responses from members in similar vein to Mr Arguile’s below:

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Printing and Fine Wine

Andrew Mather was prompted to write in to us after viewing the gallery of List covers on website: ‘Though only a Society member since 2002 I have seen forty or so Wine Society Lists, but their cover designs have all conveyed a sense of quality reflecting the standard of service provided by The Wine Society. They certainly take one through the artwork and design fashions of the past 140 years and they got me thinking about the huge changes in printing that would have taken place over that period.’

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Rabbits and Hummus/Hommous

Janet's recent articles titled The Mansour Hummus and Welsh Rabbit, prompted Wine Society member Ken Williams to ask; "Presumably you mean "Welsh Rarebit" and "Houmous"?? "Hummus" is the American spelling."

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What to drink with horsemeat?!

With newspaper headlines full of doom and gloom and more on the horsemeat scandal, member Peter Weeks thought that we might need a bit of cheering up. His e-mail to Societynews raised a few laughs in the office and we thought we should share it with members.

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Letters - Losing One’s Bottle

'Losing One’s Bottle', Janet Wynne Evans’s piece in Societynews on the perils of taking a bottle to dinner (or being on the receiving end of one) drew a particularly lively postbag from members. Having collated their feedback we can now share some invaluable tips with other members.

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Letters - Nanny State

Sebastian Payne’s Last Word column – The Nanny State – which talked about the appearance on wine labels of the words ‘contains egg products’ provoked quite a reaction from members. Not an allergic one, we hasten to add! Read members’ comments and Sebastian’s reply.

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