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SP12021 SP12021 Reto Blanco Albilla, Manchuela 2015

"I think this is stunning value. Clean and crisp with a lovely long warm finish - just as the blurb implies really; I drank it on its own."

Mr Colin Goldin ( 23-Feb-2017 )

CE8781 CE8781 Maycas del Limarí Quebrada Seca Chardonnay 2013

"Very good, and I'd agree with WS notes. Great VFM compared with a similar quality Burgundy."

Mr Geoffrey F Smith ( 23-Feb-2017 )

US6691 US6691 Sobon Estate Rocky Top Amador County Zinfandel 2013

"Got this as part of a Christmas selection and was astonished by how good it was, so I immediately ordered a case. I think it is likely to replace Chateau Musar as our 'house wine'."

Mr Graham Asher ( 23-Feb-2017 )

WC17112 WC17112 Craft Beers Case

"Four of these are very good, the other two lacklustre. I rank them as follows, starting with the best: 1. Southpaw: I do like hoppy beers, and this one is just right. 2. London Alt Altbier: I didn't get the pineapple but I could drink this all evening. I think it would make a great session beer. 3. Railway Porter: I had forgotten how much I like a good chocolatey porter. Not too chocolatey, and with just enough of an 'interesting' taste that didn't go too far in the quirky direction. 4. Brick Lane Lager: I'm not a lager person, but to me this was more of a golden ale than a lager, and it has a subtle, hoppy taste. It was partly the American hops that fetched me, I suppose. 5. King Of Hearts Blonde Beer: Not objectionable, but not that interesting. 6. Bitter &Twisted Golden Ale: I didn't get very much from this one. Inoffensive but unexciting. How this won an award is beyond me."

Mr Graham Asher ( 23-Feb-2017 )

IT22731 IT22731 Nebbiolo Langhe, GD Vajra 2015

"I've enjoyed previous vintages and this 2015 is really lovely, I started drinking on it's own whilst cooking and it was lovely, acidic, tannic and fruity but then drank with meatloaf and tomato sauce then it really opened up and developed, delivering more mouthfeel, body and slight sweetness."

Mr Simon Heape ( 22-Feb-2017 )

IT22311 IT22311 Verduno Pelaverga, GB Burlotto 2015

"For me this Pelaverga lands somewhere between a Poulsard and Bardolino, minimal tannins and not great length yet both perfectly suited to this wine, lovely red cherry and red currant on the palate with balanced acidy providing youth, drink it cool and get out the antipasto! watch out for that alcohol 14% adding a touch of spice."

Mr Alexander Lomas ( 22-Feb-2017 )

FC30001 FC30001 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2015

"As we say in Scotland "yes may gang far and fare ware" . Amazing value."

Mr Keith G Napier ( 22-Feb-2017 )

US6501 US6501 The Society's California Old-Vine Zinfandel 2014

"I had tried the 2013 vintage and was pleasantly relieved the 2014 vintage matched its predecessors. This fantastic zinfandel is a deep ruby color with tantalizing dark bramble & cherry, leather, oak, and mineral notes. After letting it settle for 15 min, I also picked up hints of leafiness. On the palate, it was delicately off-dry but not cloying, medium body, medium acidity and low tannins. The flavors matched the nose and ended with a long finish. Overall, I felt this wine was exquisitely balanced and smooth with the quality being very good. The price tag is definitely easy on the wallet and very good value. Highly recommended as a lovely aperitif red. If you like dry red wines with higher tannins level leaving that mouth puckering sensation than DO NOT choose this wine."

Ms Cristina Villacorta ( 22-Feb-2017 )

WA281 WA281 Gratien and Meyer Festillant Sparkling Sans Alcool

"Really good alternative - after a few glasses of prosecco, 3 of us we failed to find the missing glass of this (by tasting), so I guess it passed the test of a real alternative to some light fizz.. My kids took a couple of bottle off to the playroom with them, so they felt part of the party! Definitely going to get more in for new year, birthdays, that kind of thing."

Mr Giles Manners ( 22-Feb-2017 )

GE9151 GE9151 The Society's Ruppertsberg 2015

"Great stuff - cant fault it, just the right balance."

Mr Giles Manners ( 22-Feb-2017 )