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GE10281 GE10281 Ruppertsberger Hoheburg Riesling Kabinett 2016

This is an excellent value German rielsing from the Pfalz region. Off dry, refreshing, wonderfully easy to quaff, cores very highly in my tasting events. Try with spicy food. - Rob Price

( Tamworth Journal 24th Jul 2017 )

SP12121 SP12121 Salvaje del Moncayo Garnacha 2015

Northwest of Zaragoza in Ribera del Queriles, [garnacha] produces [this] (almost Burgundian style) cherry and red plum-scented [wine] with light tannins yet real clove-scented depth softened by six months in old oak. - Brian Elliott

( Scotland on Sunday 23rd Jul 2017 )

FC32011 FC32011 Minervois, Château Sainte Eulalie 2016

Star value buy: Chateau owners Laurent and Isabelle Coustal have fashioned a typical Minervois here from 30% syrah, 40% carignan & 30% grenache.  Ripe jammy blackberry aromas, full upfront fruit palate with a hint of earthiness, minerality and soft tannins. - Rose Murray Brown

( The Scotsman 22nd Jul 2017 )

IT23181 IT23181 Brachetto d'Acqui, Contero 2016

… rose-petal-scented sparkling red ... which would go fantastically with [Thomasina Miers'] cherry fool and chocolate chip cookies. - Fiona Beckett

( The Guardian 22nd Jul 2017 )

AL13061 AL13061 Muscat Collection, Kuentz-Bas 2014

Muscat is often sweet, but not this one. This is a dry wine with floral and peach notes, mandarin zest and a long, lively, citrus and minerally finish. Perfect as an aperitif, it also goes well with a summer lunch when there is fish, chicken or just salad on the plate. - Christine Austin

( Yorkshire Post 22nd Jul 2017 )

AU19641 AU19641 Victory Hotel Australian Shiraz-Cabernet 2016

As a consumer owned co-operative with top level buyers, The Wine Society is often a source of great value wine - as this medium-bodied Australian red testifies. It has soft smooth cassis, loganberry and plum fruit supported by firm acidity but with little tannin to obscure the flavours. SUpplementary influences come through clearly in the shape of touches of chocolate, cinnamon, eucalyptus and a neat creamy texture. - Brian Elliott

( Daily Record 22nd Jul 2017 )

FC28181 FC28181 Domaine Jones Blanc, Grenache Gris Côtes Catalanes 2014

For those who like full flavoured whites, the intriguing grenache gris grape makes a lusciously rich honeyed white in warm Roussillon.  Englishwoman Katie Jones unexpectedly discovered some old gnarled vines of this unusual grape in her Maury vineyard; expect fresh minerality combined with herby spicy undertones. - Rose Murray Brown

( The Scotsman 22nd Jul 2017 )

FC29161 FC29161 Mas Champart Blanc, Pays d'Oc 2014

With its mix of 80% terret and 20% grenache gris, this unusual honeyed herby white gives a hint of Languedoc’s vinous history as these are its original varieties, before the invasion of chardonnay. Made near Saint Chinian from tiny yielding vines, picked late and matured in large old wooden vats. - Rose Murray Brown

( The Scotsman 22nd Jul 2017 )

SG1661 SG1661 The Society's Cava Reserva Brut NV

In my opinion one of the best value Cava’s on the market. Aged for 30 months on its lees giving the fizz a yeasty richness and complexity rarely found in wines at this price. Simply delicious. - Jeremy Dunn

( Norwich Evening News 18th Jul 2017 )

IT22751 IT22751 Cannonau di Sardegna Primo Scuro, Cantina Mesa 2015

For my next barbecue I'd be tempted by a herby, subtly earthy Sardinian example of cannonau (as grenache is known in these parts) … David Williams

( The Observer 16th Jul 2017 )