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Current selections from The Wine Society

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New Wines

New Wines

Our experienced wine buyers were described by the International Wine Challenge's Charles Metcalfe as 'truffle-snufflers, experts at finding interesting parcels.' Their latest finds, from The Society's most recent List and Fine Wine List, can be found here.

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What are the bestselling wines among The Society's membership right now? This selection shows just what's been exciting the collective palate recently. Quality, character and excellent value for money come as standard.

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Special Case Prices

Special Case Prices

Any wine, spirit or pre-packed mixed case that is available at a reduced price will show here. The reduction may be to encourage exploration, to clear stocks for a new vintage or thanks to the support of a supplier.

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Bin Ends

Bin Ends

Members can enjoy savings on bin-end wines, priced for speedy rehoming to help us clear the decks. They are low in stock by their very definition, so haste is advised if you see something that tempts you.

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Member Reviewed Wines

Here we list the most recent reviews and comments submitted by members about The Society's wines and spirits. Click on the wines to find out more, to add your own comment or to buy.

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Press Reviewed Wines

Here we feature an up-to-date selection of The Society's wines and spirits that have been given reviews and write-ups by respected journalists and critics. No need to rely on our word alone!

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Exploration Wines

The Society's aim is to help members get the most out of their membership and enjoy wine to the full. Helping members to discover wines they might not otherwise try is an important part of this.

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