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Join The Wine Society

Join The Wine Society

Join The Wine Society by buying a share for £40

The Wine Society is owned by its members and exists exclusively for their benefit – member satisfaction is paramount; maximising profit is not. Members can discover new wines with complete confidence thanks to the Society's Promise and enjoy a lifetime of good wine. Find out more

We'll even give you £20 towards your first order to help you get started.


"The Wine Society is on fire at the moment... The £40 one-off membership fee has never looked better value. You'll recoup the money on your first two orders and after that have free access to a simply superb collection of wines at bargain prices. Madness not to join."

Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph

Six Reasons To Join The Wine Society

Gift Memberships

A gift membership makes an ideal present for wine-loving friends and family members.

Or contact Member Services:
E: memberservices@thewinesociety.com
T: 01438 741177

New members will receive a share certificate and membership pack around four working days after receipt of the application.

Please note that membership is only available and sales of alcohol can only be made to those over 18 years of age and although joint applications are not accepted we can accept corporate applications. The Wine Society will validate applicants' dates of birth and addresses.