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Mark Buckenham

Mark Buckenham retires

One of the longest-serving members of staff, buyer Mark Buckenham retires. We take a look at some of the changes during his time at The Society

Lighter wines

Lighter Wines & Where to find them

Find hints and tips on refining your wine searches to look for wines a little lighter in alcohol

2013 Barolo & Barbaresco

2013 Barolo & Barbaresco

A fantastic, terroir-expressive year for Italy’s finest grape variety.

Regular Features

Regular Features

For our Last Word, Food for Thought, Flavour of the Month and Explore Bottle features, visit the Regular Features section.

Members' letters

Members' letters

Find out what your fellow members think about various topics.


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If you would like to view Societynews in its original format you can download pdfs from our website.