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2013 Barolo & Barbaresco En Primeur

2013 Barolo & Barbaresco En Primeur
2013 Barolo & Barbaresco En Primeur

A fantastic, terroir-expressive year for Italy’s finest grape variety

Nebbiolo, the Barolo and Barbaresco grape, is a temperamental beast not unlike Burgundian pinot noir. It succeeds best over a long growing season which allows its haunting complex aromas and flavours to develop and unfurl. Extreme temperatures can blunt its perfume. 2013, however, was not extreme. Whilst spring was not simple, summer was fresh and autumn was long.

Another crucial factor, of course, is the skill and care of the grower. As with Burgundy, the best wines are hand-crafted, made by people who themselves tend their vines and make their own wines.

All of which ensured a clutch of classy, long-living 2013s, which we are delighted to offer here to members en primeur – the first time we have made such an offer from Italy.

The majority are from Barolo, but we also include three Barbarescos that were too good to miss in this vintage. All are truly worth the price you pay.

Sebastian Payne MW
Society Buyer

2013 Barolo & Barbaresco En Primeur
2013 Barolo & Barbaresco En Primeur

What is an en primeur offer?

En primeur offers – also known as opening or 'in-bond' offers – offer wines upon release – in many cases before the wines have been bottled.

More information about en primeur offers.

A note on allocations:

This is the first time we have offered Italian wines in bond and we expect the demand to be high. The wines will be put through our allocation system and members notified shortly after.

This offer will close at 8pm, Tuesday 9th May, 2017.

Please read the full terms and conditions before ordering