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2015 Madiran

2015 Madiran

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A special selection from Alain Brumont

We are thrilled to present this offer of five wines from his Château Montus and Château Bouscassé for members to secure now at opening prices.

2015 Madiran

The Wines

The wines will be delivered in spring 2018.

When the wines reach the UK, you can opt to have them delivered immediately or store in our Members’ Reserves facility. Duty and VAT will be payable when the wines are withdrawn.

Among France’s greatest reds & an outstanding vintage

Set in a rural enclave between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees, Madiran is an extraordinary vineyard of the south-west of France. 2015 was an outstanding vintage here, sharing similar characteristics of structure and longevity to great Bordeaux. These are great wines, among the greatest reds of France; but the region may well have gone extinct long before realising its potential were it not for Alain Brumont.

Alain Brumont: a Madiran pioneer

At first, Alain was employed by his father as a tractor hand but then, without money and with little in the way of education, he managed to convince banks to lend him money and so he bought the run-down Château Montus. Later he inherited Château Bouscassé from his father but by then he had surprised the world with his vintage of Montus, 1982, which gained plaudits from far and wide. His 2015s are a testament to his talents, and we are thrilled to offer them here.

Marcel Orford-Williams
Society Buyer

This offer is open until 8pm, Tuesday 29th August, 2017.

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