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2016 White Burgundy En Primeur

2016 White Burgundy

En Primeur

Frost and hail reduced the quantity of the 2016 crop, but thankfully not the quality.

Excellent grape health, a good summer and wonderful September and October weather produced pure, fruity and clean wines. However, due to varying yields, there are several different styles of wine to be found.

White Burgundy

The Wines

Variable crop size

A terrible hail storm in the southern Mâconnais on 13th April devastated Chasselas, where Frédéric Burrier has most of his Saint-Véran. He produced half a crop here. Pouilly and parts of Fuissé were similarly affected, although Vergisson was spared. The northern Mâconnaais was unaffected. A series of frosty nights in April, where the temperature went down to between minus 4 and minus 6 centigrade, particularly affected the Côte d’Or, with Meursault and Chassagne the epicentre. Santenay and Puligny escaped with less damage.

Different styles of wine

What this means is that there are some vines that produced a normal crop (50hl/ha) and here the wines are fresh, floral, pure and very aromatic. The vines affected by the weather extremes above (which produced anywhere between 5-25 hl/ha) produced naturally rich and concentrated fruit, but picked at the right time these made impressive and powerful wines. Of course there are also wines between these stylistic extremes. The notes on the individual wines try and make the style clear.

Ripe and healthy grapes

It is worth reiterating that hail and frost affected quantity but not quality, and the vintage proceeded well after these initial setbacks. The grapes were healthy and with no botrytis (rot), ensuring pure aromas. After a cool spring, the weather warmed up from mid-July and was excellent to mid-October, with a little rain in mid-September allowing grapes to be picked at optimum ripeness.

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