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2015 Rhône

Please note that the DEADLINE for in-bond orders has now passed. Demand for some wines printed in the original offer has already exceeded supply so these are no longer available.

You may continue to order but your order will be processed AFTER the main allocation of stock has taken place in approximately 2 weeks time.

Seyssuel And Vin De Pays

Seyssuel is a village just outside Vienne, and there is talk to grant these wines full appellation status, such is the quality. The 2015s are excellent. Other non-appellation wines featured here offer excellent value in this great vintage, and should not be missed.

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Domaine Ogier La Rosine, Collines Rhodaniennes 2015

October-picked syrah has produced an utterly gorgeous red here. Velvety and rich yet delicate and refined, this is Côte-Rôtie-like in many ways (except for the price!), and with more weight than in previous years. Great value. 2018–2025.

RH45021 Bottles6 Price£65.00 Type

Domaine Rostaing, Syrah Les Lézardes 2015

A Côte-Rôtie in all but name from one of the region’s great winemakers, René Rostaing, made from a small patch of vineyard on very steep schistous slopes that hang precariously over the road. Lots of colour, firm fruit and ripeness. 2018–2025.

RH45041 Bottles6 Price£95.00 Type

Domaine Villard Seul en Scène, Vin de France 2015

This is from Seyssuel, where Villard has a hectare or so of syrah. Wonderful in 2015: very dark, fragrant, complex and with the taste of the soil. 2020–2027.

RH45051 Bottles6 Price£128.00 Type

Domaine Ogier, L'Âme Soeur 2015

Stéphane Ogier was one of those growers who took the plunge and planted on virgin slopes by the village of Seyssuel. The soils here are as in Côte-Rôtie but the aspect faces the evening sun, making the wines somewhat more intense. Dark with complex graphite notes and great length. 2020–2027.

RH45061 Bottles6 Price£130.00 Type

Sotanum, Collines Rhodaniennes, Vins de Vienne 2015

This is the original wine from the Seyssuel slopes and 2015 is an exceptional vintage here. Dark, peppery fruit, graphite notes and great length. 2021–2029.

RH45071 Bottles6 Price£140.00 Type
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