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2015 Rhône

Viognier And Condrieu

The viognier-based whites are aromatic and heady in 2015, whilst maintaining freshness due to a cool August. A very good vintage to buy.

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Domaine Barou Viognier, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes 2015

Organic farming is a challenge here and there are times when returns can be meagre. Not so in 2015, however, and the quality of this viognier is excellent. Aromatic and full-bodied. 2017–2020.

RH46021 Bottles6 Price£51.00 Type

La Rosine Viognier, Domaine Ogier 2015

A lovely fresh-tasting viognier from a vineyard just outside the Condrieu appellation. Perfect to drink young, served on its own or with shellfish. 2017–2022.

RH46031 Bottles6 Price£65.00 Type

Contour Deponcins Vin de France, Domaine Villard 2015

A lovely viognier made from young vines, some from Condrieu but most from east-facing, non-appellation land that works especially well in hot vintages. Delicious lemon confit and apricot flavours. 2017–2019.

RH46081 Bottles6 Price£70.00 Type

Condrieu, Domaine Pichon 2015

A fabulous, rich and fruity viognier. Christophe Pichon is one of the top growers in Condrieu and with his son back from new world adventures the team here is making better and better wines. 2017–2023.

RH46051 Bottles6 Price£115.00 Type

Condrieu Combe de Malleval, Domaine Ogier 2015

Lovely, sensuous, full-flavoured, lemony viognier from vines planted up a narrow valley past the pretty medieval village of Malleval. 2017–2022.

RH46061 Bottles6 Price£120.00 Type

Taburnum Collines Rhodaniennes, Vins de Vienne 2015

Barrel-fermented viognier from outside the city of Vienne. This is Condrieu-like but tastes leaner and fresher, though without losing weight and richness. The best of both worlds. 2018–2025.

RH46071 Bottles6 Price£140.00 Type

Condrieu Deponcins, Domaine Villard 2015

Rich, fat viognier with plenty of density and weight. Its delicious flavours cover a spectrum of apricots, pears and candied fruit. 2017–2023.

RH46041 Bottles6 Price£165.00 Type

Condrieu Coteau du Chéry, Domaine Perret 2015

Impeccable, stylish viognier from one of the region’s top producers. Carries its considerable weight very well. Outrageously good. 2017–2024.

RH46091 Bottles6 Price£170.00 Type

Condrieu La Bonnette, Domaine Rostaing 2015

Not a trace of heaviness in René Rostaing’s take on the viognier grape. An elegant, classy Condrieu, with a tingling rush of lemon peel and candied fruit. 2017–2023.

RH46111 Bottles6 Price£215.00 Type

Condrieu Coteau de Vernon, Domaine Cuilleron 2015

From one of the best slopes in Condrieu, this is very rich and creamy, and with great length in the 2015 vintage. 2018–2024.

RH46101 Bottles6 Price£233.00 Type

Condrieu La Doriane, Guigal 2015

Marcel and Philippe Guigal are gradually changing the style of their top Condrieu by reducing the amount of oak and acquiring some great new slopes – they have just added some Coteau de Vernon to their portfolio. This adds structure to La Doriane, which is rich, dry and opulent. 2017–2023.

RH44261 Bottles6 Price£288.00 Type
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