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6 wines that make Easter eating a treat

An Easter Table
Maydie Tannat 2013

1. The Chocolate-friendly one

While Easter is a special time of year when pre-breakfast chocolate binges are considered socially acceptable, before-noon wine drinking is still generally frowned upon. But if you can hold off on the chocolate orange until after lunch, we’ve got a great chocolate-friendly wine at an Easter egg price (well, a posh Easter egg price!). Chocolate and wine are notoriously hard to match, owing to the sweet stuff’s palate-coating abilities and sugar content. However, by adhering to a few basic principles (courtesy of Emma from our Tastings team) you’ll impress friends and family alike with your chocolate bunny and wine-matching wizardry.

Try: Maydie Tannat 2013

This sweet fortified tannat from Château d'Aydie in Madiran is very black, very fruity, and moreishly delicious with chocolate (especially the dark kind).

The Society's Prosecco

2. The sparkling one

Memories of egg-wielding bunny visitations may have been consigned to hazy childhood memory, but sparkling wine makes the perfect grown-up treat for celebrating a weekend of post-Lent gluttony. Chiming beautifully with the springtime optimism in the air, bubbly is unbeatable for a special occasion. Serve this as a lovely aperitif with nibbles to get everyone in the party mood.

Try: The Society’s Prosecco

With its refreshingly pure and crisp fruit flavours, The Society’s Prosecco makes an excellent match. Made with care by the Adami family at La Riva dei Frati, this is far more than your run-of-the-mill supermarket sparkler.

3. The pink one

Rosé may be a cliché for spring drinking, but that’s because a chilled glass of something blush-coloured just sings of seasonal flowers, burgeoning sunshine and the great outdoors. It also makes a fantastic picnic wine (if you are feeling brave enough to venture al fresco) because it matches with such a huge range of foods, including notoriously hard-to-match spicy dishes. Stuffed peppers, roast-vegetable packed salads and tapas dishes all love a rosé, especially served on a picnic blanket bathed in early-spring sunrays.

Try: NEW: Rosé Duo des Plages Vin de France 2016

Made from cinsault and grenache from the Languedoc, this gorgeously pale and an interesting charmer makes perfect outdoor drinking for a picnic, whether on the beach or in the park.

Finca Lallana  Verdejo 2016

4. The zesty white one

The rules of winter cosiness dictate that the only wine fit for fireside drinking is a sumptuous red. But with the return of the sun, mouthwatering whites seem so much more appealing. A succulent, lemon-and-lime white will match delicious beginning-of-summer Mediterranean dishes, such as seafood risotto or a leafy salad made vibrant with Spanish spices.

Try: Finca Lallana Verdejo 2016

This lively Spanish verdejo from organically grown grapes in Rueda is unoaked, allowing its fruit-forward vibrancy to shine through.

Concha y Toro Corte Marcelo Limarí Pinot Noir

5. The light-and-breezy red

Die-hard red lovers should make the switch to lighter-bodied, enchantingly aromatic gamays and pinot noirs to get their spring fix, as they work just as well slightly chilled for an unexpected heatwave as they do at room temperature on a rainy April Bank Holiday. An Easter Sunday evening spread of cold meats makes a great match for these more ethereal wines, and earthy mushrooms also love a lighter red’s haunting bouquet.

Try: Concha y Toro Corte Marcelo Limarí Pinot Noir

This lovely fresh red displays black-cherry aromas and a pleasing burst of fruitiness, from Chile’s cool-climate Limarí Valley.

Mission Estate Hawke's Bay Syrah 2015

6. The rich and cosy red (because it might be pretty cold out there)

If Shakespeare knew that ‘rough winds do sometimes shake the darling buds of May’, April’s chances of a dry-run are slim. So when the heavens have opened and the smell of an Easter roast dinner wafts enticingly from the kitchen, crack open a bottle and enjoy the last chilly vestiges of winter in the company of a smooth, spicy and opulent red. As an added bonus, a full red is a delicious wine to have around for the barbecue, in case the sun does decide to shine.

Try: Mission Estate Hawke's Bay Syrah 2015

This award-winning syrah was crowned as a Society Wine Champion last year, and it's not hard to see why. With its generous blackcurrant, pepper and olive bouquet, fine tight tannins, great concentration and fresh finish this is a member favourite too. This is a great match for an Easter roast or a vegetable lasagne, which makes a great alternative Easter centrepiece.

Like the look of our six specially selected Easter wines? We've put together a special mixed case featuring some of these delicious wines, designed to enhance every Easter eating possibility!

April 2017

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