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Can I auction my wine?

Members often ask The Society for wine valuation advice and assistance with auctioning surplus wine stored in Members' Reserves or at home.

Although The Society does not offer wine auction or valuation services directly (and it is against The Society's rules for members to purchase wine with the specific intention of re-sale), there are a number of auction houses and brokers that are able to provide such a service. A selection of these companies is listed below but please note that while we are happy to help members by supplying the details of these businesses, this should be regarded as information only rather than a recommendation or endorsement from The Society.

(With regard to wines stored in Members' Reserves, please note that only duty-paid wines may be withdrawn for sale via an auction. Please refer to the full terms and conditions applicable to Members' Reserves).

Bacchus Wine Auctions Limited
+44 (0)203 8652637

Bid for Wine
+44(0)207 183 3985

+44 (0)207 447 7447

+44 (0)207 930 6074

+44 (0)207 293 5000

Sworders Fine Wine Auctioneers
Tel: 01279 817778

Tennants Auctioneers
Tel: 01969 623780

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