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French Showroom - Closed

The Montreuil showroom has now closed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank both members for their support for this facility over the years and our French partners for the excellent service that they have provided.

The message below comes from the team in Montreuil.

The Team at Montreuil

It's a sad occasion, but a celebration too

Of 23 years of The Wine Society in France, 11 of them in Montreuil...
Of the many, many members who came through our doors, in Hesdin and in Montreuil...
Of the chassis that threatened to crack under the strain of wine at French duty rates...
Of the dinners, tastings and conversations where we got to know many of you, not merely as customers but as welcome friends...
Of what we have learned over the years, and what lies ahead for us all...

We will never forget you and we hope you will remember us too...
We wish you all the best for the future.

The Montreuil Team
Véronique Chaumetou with Julien Gwizdziel, Marc Petit & Clément Schmautz