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Wine Dinners & Special Events

The Society hosts a variety of wine dinners across the country at some fantastic venues in conjunction with some of our favourite growers.

These events offer a chance to get to know certain wine estates that little bit better, with a menu carefully chosen to showcase each of the multitude of wines being tasted, and an expert on hand to explain the finer details.

Au Bon Climat with Jim Clendenen - Burgundy-style wine with a Californian accent!

Over the past 35 years renegade winemaker Jim Clendenen has firmly earned himself a place as one of the world's greatest (and craziest) producers, specialising in wines that are Burgundian in sensibility, but Californian in style. More >
London - Au Bon Climat with Jim Clendenen - Thursday 16th March
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Generation Wine at Camino - London's immersive Spanish experience

This March we'll be celebrating all things España, as we take over one of London's hottest culinary tickets, Camino More >
London - Generation Wine At Camino - Thursday 23rd March
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Dinner at Paradise Garage

We are very excited to announce this special dinner at Paradise Garage, a new venture from much-lauded chef Robin Gill, who has already gained plaudits for his restaurants The Manor and The Dairy, both in Clapham. Paradise Garage has received rave-reviews from critics, where Gill is especially praised for his fresh take on great ingredients. More >
London - Dinner At Paradise Garage - Tuesday 11 April
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Menus and Venues Dinner at The Salt Room, Brighton

A night of delicious food and expertly matched wines awaits at The Salt Room, Brighton’s sea-front restaurant that celebrates the fruits of the sea in splendid fashion. More >
Brighton - Venues & Menus - Tuesday 25th April
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Champagne and Fish & Chips: Tailend Restaurant, St Andrews

It’s the most gloriously indulgent and triumphant of combinations; traditional fish and chips matched with a glass of bubbly. More >
St Andrews - Champagne and Fish & Chips - Wednesday 7th June
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Here Come The Girls – An evening with the Josmeyer sisters at The Lime Tree restaurant

Widely acknowledged to be one of the best wine domains in Alsace, Domaine Josmeyer was founded in 1854 by Aloyse Meyer, a noted gourmet. Today his great, great granddaughters are in charge. More >
Manchester - Here Come The Girls - Tuesday 20th June
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