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The Society’s Rosé, Pays d’Oc

The Society’s Rosé, Pays d’Oc

Delightful syrah-based Languedoc rosé to serve slightly chilled either on its own or with food, such as garlic prawns or Mediterranean-style fish stews.

There are different ways of making rosé. Grapes are either pressed, as for white wine, and the pressing action breaks the skins and releases just enough colour pigment to the juice. Or, as here, rosé can be made by the 'saigné' method. Syrah grapes are crushed but not pressed and fermented with the skins to make red wine, but a day into the fermentation the tanks are 'bled' of some of the juice. The juice is lightly coloured and becomes the rosé. What is left in the tank becomes more concentrated, fermentation then continues to the end and the result is dark-coloured red wine.

Suggested Food Match

Sardines; Fish Soup; Salade Nicoise; other suggestions...

Domaine du Bosc

Situated in the Hérault department in southern France’s Languedoc region, Domaine du Bosc is not far from the beautiful seaside resort Cap d’Agde. It is a winemaking region steeped in history: Agde has actually been home to vines since the 5th century BC. This long winemaking history has been attributed to Agde’s port, which meant that, unlike those in many areas of France, growers were able to export their wines to various Mediterranean countries from very early on.

Their proximity to the sea provides the vines with a wonderful Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, sometimes wet autumns and winters. This part of the Languedoc sits on ancient lava flows that are very positive for the wines, allowing them to retain a good deal of freshness.

The Besinet family were vine growers for many generations, originally owning vineyards in Montpellier. Pierre Besinet had trained as a chemical engineer and for many years worked in the north of France, far away from any vines. He returned on the death of his father, but very quickly decided to sell up and start somewhere else. Show More...
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Rose Wine
Languedoc and Roussillon
1 (of 9): Bone dry
Dominant Grape
Syrah / Shiraz
Oak Influence
No oak flavour
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Within one year of purchase
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"I enjoyed the 2012 wine by Pere Besinet et fils. It was dry but not bone dry and smooth . Very good value for a vin de table but unfair to compare with more expnsive Vin de Provence [Houchard]."

Dr John Baston (08-Jun-2013)

"Purchased as part of a mixed case, good value everyday quaffer. Excellent with a chicken salad, highly recommended!"

Mr Malcolm J Davies (22-Aug-2012)

"Not as good this year to be honest. Gave me a migraine!"

Mrs Jennifer Williams (28-Jul-2012)

"This is not pretentious and for the price is a good value, easily drinkable quaff. Perhaps the colour is too garish and there is an unnatural but neverthelsss acceptable sweetness to the taste. Its very popular - so we keep running out."

Mr C J Caswell (19-May-2011)

"This is a pretty poor effort. Most of the 'Society Range' makes for decent budget drinking, however, this wine has an unattractive fake rose petal aspect, with some plantain adding to the saccharineness on the finish. It possesses an awkward structure and badly needs some acidity to sharpen things up. Bloated and sickly, this is to be avoided at any price."

Mr William Davies (09-Apr-2011)