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Gratien & Meyer Festillant Sparkling Sans Alcool

Gratien & Meyer Festillant Sparkling Sans Alcool

Beat the breathalyser! If fizz must be de-alcoholised, it's reassuring to know that it started life in the expert hands of Gratien & Meyer, makers of The Society's best sparklers. The fruit is from Gascony, there is just one fermentation, in the bottle, and the alcohol is eliminated by a process of vacuum distillation. Serve well chilled on its own or complement its lemony, appley notes with a dash of fruit cordial.

Gratien & Meyer

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Gratien & Meyer – a jewel in the Loire Valley’s Anjou-Saumur region – was founded by Alfred Gratien in 1864, then aged just 23, and in the same year he established the well-respected Champagne house that is his namesake. The ‘Meyer’ refers to Albert Jean Meyer, an enthusiastic wine expert from Alsace with whom Alfred Gratien joined forces ten years later in 1874, the same year of course in which The Society was founded. When Alfred died in 1885, the Meyer family was entrusted with the company and has continued to uphold its excellent traditions.

The Society first discovered the wines of Gratien & Meyer in 1906 when some Saumur was shipped to our cellars in London. The company quickly became The Society’s choice for our sparkling wines, and today Gratien & Meyer are still responsible The Society’s Saumur and Saumur Rosé as well as The Society’s Celebration Crémant de Loire, all of which are bestsellers.

The Gratien & Meyer house is based near Saumur, in the heart of the Loire’s Anjou region. The river helps to moderate the climate, which is similar to that of Champagne, while the region’s hillsides store daytime heat and the cool nights provide moisture. Gratien & Meyer buy their grapes from carefully selected growers from Anjou – here, the region’s famous ‘tuffeau’ (limestone) soils are ideal for sparkling wine production as they provide brilliant acidity. Show More...
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Low/No Alcohol
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No oak flavour
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Within one year of purchase
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Cork, Plastic

"At every gathering there are always no alcohol drinkers or those who are driving. This is a must for every party it is pleasant to drink inexpensive and tastes of wine. All can now feel part of the celebration. "

Mr Alistair E Niven (08-Jul-2013)

"I just love this alcohol free wine. I have tried quite a few different types of alcohol free wines over the years. If you have had the bottle in a very cold fridge just let it warm a little before you drink it and then you'll get the full benefit of it flavour. The Wine Society alcohol wines are the best I have ever had."

Miss Alexandra Wootton (14-Sep-2011)

"We have enjoyed this non-alcoholic "fizz" very much. It's good value too, and enabled drivers, expectant mothers and others who don't want alcohol to join in celebratory drinks without feeling they are relegated to fruit juice."

Mr David R Wynn (05-Apr-2011)

"I agree that the nose of the Festillant is not the most pleasant but as a non-alcohol drink, its good value for money and not too sweet. It's a handy stand-by to have to abide by the drink/drive rules."

Ms Antoinette Traynor (02-Jan-2011)

"A real disappointment. My wife hit the nail on the head by likening the nose to "disinfectant." Just about OK mixed with elderflower cordial."

Clive T Couzens Esq (10-Jun-2010)