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CE7961 CE7961 Koyle Don Cande Itata Muscat 2014

Chosen to accompany a seafood salad recipe. - Jamie Oliver

( Jamie Magazine 25th Nov 2015 )

FC28651 FC28651 Faugères ‘Nos Racines', Château de la Liquière 2013

Historic wine made from vines planted before WW1. Dark as liquorice, powerfully focused. - Olly Smith

( The Mail on Sunday 25th Nov 2015 )

IT19691 IT19691 Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Torre del Falasco 2013

Dried cherries. Bit of rich sweet cherry fruit. Lovely cinnamon note running through. Soft tannins. Juicy. Bit of anise. Good value. - Tamlyn Currin

( JancisRobinson.com 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT19791 IT19791 Lugana, Cà dei Frati 2014

This smells of sweet lemons and spice, much more luxurious than the last few wine tasted, more indulgent. An oily minerality that I get on some Austrian whites. Seems to be some oak rounding out the citrus, which is ripe but very crisp. Terrific concentration and length, just a touch of sour apricot on the finish. - Julia Harding MW

( JancisRobinson.com 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT20111 IT20111 Cirò Rosso Gaglioppo, Santa Venere 2013

Impressive depth of blackish ruby. Heady – yes, I can see how it could have been taken for a Nebbiolo. But it’s much sweeter on the palate – really rather soft. It’s the nose that’s so captivating – especially for the money. Then it finishes dry, dusty and rather appetising. Brilliant amount of personality for the money. Voluptuous. Very very good value. - Jancis Robinson

( Jancis Robinson MW 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT20121 IT20121 Vescovado Guardavalle Calabria Bianco Santa Venere 2014

Really perfumed rose-petal stuff with an underlying touch of granadilla and guava. Pungent and punchy and vigorous. Tropical fruit yet there's an edge. Some mango sweetness. Brash in a fun, playful way. - Tamlyn Currin 

( JancisRobinson.com 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT20141 IT20141 Feudo Arancio Rosso Sicilia Riserva 2012

Deep colour. Dark-fruited smokiness. Rich but fresh fruit, strapping acidity and good intensity for the price. Plums sculpted with acidity and a streak of green. Very good value. - Tamlyn Currin

( Jancis Robinson MW 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT20151 IT20151 Pinot Bianco, Hofstätter, 2014

Leaps out the glass with the exuberance (and candy-shop sucking-sweetie fruitiness) of youth. Sharp, saliva-drawingly so, yet sweet fruited - not unlike those lemon and lime sherbet sweets. Callow for now, but with structure and length that makes me think this wine will probably be even more enjoyable in 2016 than right now. Good value. - Tamlyn Currin

( JancisRobinson.com 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT20171 IT20171 Chianti Classico, Isole e Olena, 2013

Still relatively closed on the nose. A little nutty. More red fruit as it opens. Gorgeous yet subtle on the palate. Brisk red fruit, fine texture, dry fresh finish. - Julia Harding MW

( JancisRobinson.com 23rd Nov 2015 )

IT20191 IT20191 Vermentino Sicilia Mandrarossa 2014

Lightly floral, dried apricots on the nose. Light in the mouth with a really lovely acidic bite. Bit of apricot and peach. Very pretty. Very good value. - Tamlyn Currin

( JancisRobinson.com 23rd Nov 2015 )