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Adventures in Oz

It was a mammoth task – visiting five key Australian regions – but I was really excited to be back down under.

As well as negotiating floods and power cuts, hunting wild orchids, finding out about a boozy cat and having the best fish and chips, this trip was also eventful for all the right reasons: getting the low-down on the 2016 vintage and finding some great wines for our offer and Exhibition range.

Sarah Knowles

Sarah Knowles MW
Society Buyer

  • date October 2016
  • location Australia
  • people Sarah Knowles MW

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Adventures in Oz

Australia 2016

Adventures in Oz

Buyer Sarah Knowles MW embarked on a whirlwind tour of Australia, discovering the jewels of the 2016 vintage and scoping out exciting additions to the Exhibition range, overcoming floods, blackouts and hunting down wild orchids along the way.

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