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Revisiting the Rhône

The romantic wineland of the Rhône brings to mind sun-ripened fruits and glorious landscapes. Here, buyer Marcel Orford-Williams reminisces about witnessing and helping to bring in the 2016 harvest.

It's especially pleasing when an underrated wine region grows into a force to be reckoned with, and the wonderful Jaume family have certainly made this the case in Vinsobres. Marcel stays with this maverick winemaking clan to see in the harvest along with some colleagues who also made the trip from Stevenage.

Marcel Orford-Williams

Marcel Orford-Williams
Society Buyer

  • date June/September 2016
  • location Rhône 2016
  • people Marcel Orford-Williams

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Revisiting the Rhône

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Revisiting the Rhône

Buyer Marcel Williams reminisces about witnessing and helping to bring in the 2016 harvest.

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