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Wine Plans - Convenient, flexible and fun

Let your Society's experts take the hassle out of choosing by joining one of our wine plans, which provide regular selections of delicious wines, whether for everyday enjoyment or for laying down to age further.

Wine Without Fuss


Brand new Wine Without Fuss

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Vintage Cellar Plan

The simple, affordable way to create a cellar of fine wine

Drinking fine wine at its mature peak is one of life's great pleasures, and Vintage Cellar Plan uses our buyers' expertise to create a cellar for your future enjoyment.

We'll even store the wines for you in our purpose-built Members' Reserves cellars if you like, and your allocations come with information on the growers, vintages and when to enjoy your wines.

  • Number of plans: Five
  • Price range: £28–£200 per month
  • Frequency: Four or eight different six-bottle cases per year per plan.

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