Starting at just 8%, these wines are naturally lower in alcohol (and calories, for those counting!).

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Showing 6 results

The Society's Beaujolais Les Pierres Dorées 2021

France Gamay
2.57143 star rating 14 Reviews
A soft, fresh and fruity wine from the acclaimed Pierres Dorées region of sou...
Price:£9.50 Bottle
Price:£114.00 Case of 12

Val de Loire Malbec, Domaine des Rochelles, J. Lebreton 2020

France Malbec/Cot
3 star rating 7 Reviews
A grape associated more with Argentina these days than with its origins in Fr...
Price:£10.95 Bottle
Price:£131.00 Case of 12

The Winery of Good Hope Full Berry Fermentation Pinotage, Coastal 2021

South Africa Pinotage
3.66667 star rating 3 Reviews
Modern South African pinotage in a refreshingly lighter style, made a bit lik...
Price:£8.95 Bottle
Price:£107.00 Case of 12

Domaine Tariquet L'Imprevu, Vin de France 2021

France Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
The innovative Grassa brothers have produced a low-alcohol wine from an origi...
Price:£9.50 Bottle
Price:£57.00 Case of 6

Domäne Wachau 'Gneis + Löss' Grüner Veltliner 2021

Austria Gruner Veltliner
4 star rating 2 Reviews
Light, crisp and fresh grüner veltliner from the outstanding Wachau co-operat...
Price:£9.95 Bottle
Price:£59.50 Case of 6

Saar Riesling Kabinett, von Hövel 2020

Germany Riesling
0 star rating 0 Reviews
Fromm a region famed for some of the world's finest naturally low-alcohol win...
Price:£14.95 Bottle
Price:£179.00 Case of 12
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