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Below is an explanation of how to convert the UK sterling dozen prices printed in the List and other offers into the Irish delivered price that you pay. This converted price includes delivery to any one address in the Republic of Ireland. The minimum order size is one unmixed case; we regret we are unable to offer mixed cases as part of this service.

Payment can be made by credit card or sterling/Euro cheque. If choosing to pay by credit card, the total sterling value on your invoice will be charged to your credit card account and your credit card company will make the conversion to Euros. If paying with a Euro cheque, please convert the Irish delivered price using an exchange rate of 1.14.

If you would like to place an order please telephone the Export department on +44(1438)741177 or email us at; alternatively post your order to The Wine Society. Shipments are made monthly and orders received by the 15th of each month are delivered by the first half of the following month. The only exception is the month of November, when we extend the order deadline until the end of the month to allow for your orders to be delivered in time for Christmas.

Conversion Procedures:

1: Deduct UK Duty & VAT:
Take the dozen price and divide by 1.20 to deduct the VAT.

Remove UK Duty by deducting the following:

  • £26.78 per dozen (75cl) bottles of wine
  • £34.30 per dozen (75cl) for Champagne/sparkling wine
  • £35.70 per dozen (75cl) for fortified wine (exceeding 15% vol.)
  • £129.33 per dozen (100cl) for Gin/Vodka of 37.5% strength
  • £137.95 per dozen (100cl) for Whisky of 40% strength

2. Add shipment charge

£5.18 per case for delivery to any single address in The Republic of Ireland.

3. Add Irish excise duty (already converted to sterling) as follows:

  • £33.55 per dozen (75cl) bottles of wine
  • £67.11 per dozen (75cl) for Champagne /sparkling wines
  • £48.68 per dozen (75cl) for fortified wines (Port/Sherry)
  • £168.04 per dozen (100cl) for spirits of 37.5% strength
  • £179.25 per dozen (100cl) for spirits of 40% strength

4. Then add 23% Irish VAT to total.

These calculations also apply if wines purchased from En Primeur Offers are delivered to the Republic of Ireland.

Please note: The Wine Society reserves the right to change taxes immediately in line with any government review of charges.

Collection in Northern Ireland

If you wish to take advantage of the UK rates of duty and VAT, you may pick up your wine from our shippers' collection point in Newry (details below). Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements for us to deliver to any other address in NI

Citywest Transport
11 Chancellors Road
BT35 8PR

Tel: 02830 837500

We hope you find this information useful. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 00 44 1438 741 177 or alternatively e-mail us at

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