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NZ10491 NZ10491 Kumeu Village Hand-Harvested Chardonnay 2017

"Like most of the cheaper Kumeu's abit flabby and past it at two years old . Do not buy again ."

Mr Gavin Fulton ( 18-Oct-2019 )

IT27951 IT27951 Foresco Umbria, Barberani 2017

"Bemused that the label is completely different to that shown and I am pretty sure that was the case for the previous vintage as well. Anyway, label aside, this is a great wine, if you like your wines full bodied (the notes describe this as medium bodied, I don't think so). Lots going on, plummy with a dry, slightly tannic edge, so excellent with meat dishes. I would say this is probably better with food than on its own. If I were hosting a dinner party or barbeque with guests who appreciated great wine, a couple of bottles of this would definitely be cracked open. This is actually one of the more expensive wines that I've ordered recently and I think it is with every penny. Highly recommended."

Mr Steven Naylor ( 18-Oct-2019 )

SA11301 SA11301 Radford Dale 'Nudity' Syrah, Voor Paardeberg 2014

"Very rarely would I complain about a bottle sourced from TWS. This is nothing more than offensive though- 12 of us tried it last night at a structured tasting and the wine yielded an average score of 1.1 The very little fruit that is evident is strangled by the severe tannins. There is no balance, no structure or weight. The acidity is all over the place- sorry , this is one of the worst wines I`ve ever tasted- and £16 ???. I`m not interested in any money back because the WS is an outstanding retailer and sometimes a wine is just well, rubbish. Can only assume your buyers had a very, very different experience when tasting it . julian "

Mr Julian Lewis ( 18-Oct-2019 )

CE9931 CE9931 Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenère 2016

"A rare treat at the level of £16 but worth every Brexit-reduced penny. Subtle, full, long flavours in excellent balance that made a smooth and yet delicately stimulating mouthful. Can't fault it."

Anton Edwards Esq ( 17-Oct-2019 )

PW7381 PW7381 The Society's Vinho Verde 2018

"easy to drink nice light white "

Mrs Mary King ( 17-Oct-2019 )

UR501 UR501 Atlántico Sur Garzón Vineyard Maldonado Marselan 2018

"Avoid "

Mr Neville Clifford ( 17-Oct-2019 )

PW7381 PW7381 The Society's Vinho Verde 2018

"Typical vino verde, great value at this price, enjoyed and would at to my my buy again list "

Mr Neville Clifford ( 17-Oct-2019 )

IT26291 IT26291 Baccolo Appassimento Rosso Veneto 2017

"Recommend by a friend a nice wine, but a tad acid in the after taste, worth trying at a reasonable price "

Mr Neville Clifford ( 17-Oct-2019 )

SP14261 SP14261 Cruz de Piedra Garnacha, Calatayud 2017

"Lived up to the reviews offers value at a good price and hits the mark"

Mr Neville Clifford ( 17-Oct-2019 )

PW7751 PW7751 Adega de Redondo Real Lavrador, Alentejano 2018

"Nice uncomplicated wine showing typical character of the region at a good value price "

Mr Neville Clifford ( 17-Oct-2019 )

PW7751 PW7751 Adega de Redondo Real Lavrador, Alentejano 2018

"Nice uncomplicated wine showing typical character of the region at a good value price "

Mr Neville Clifford ( 17-Oct-2019 )

PW7281 PW7281 Old Vines in Young Hands Tinto 2016

"Unbeatable value for a easy drinking, palate pleasing glass of fruity red! Family and friends were happy to drink this too. Have ordered more."

Mrs Carla Noden ( 17-Oct-2019 )

HU1421 HU1421 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2017

"I have never tasted dishwater, but I imagine that this is what it tastes like. After decades of relying on the Society's characterisation of its wines, I am very disappointed."

Mr Adrian J Fisher ( 17-Oct-2019 )

SA11301 SA11301 Radford Dale 'Nudity' Syrah, Voor Paardeberg 2014

"The screw cap did not come out as designed, the outer cap parted company with the inner plastic screw seal and I ended up cutting the screw plug off using a sharp knife. Actually - apart from the inconvenience - it was a compliment to the cap that I was able to remove it with no traces of cork in the wine. However that's where the compliments stop. The wine is thin, tasteless, acidic, and undrinkable. I tried leaving it in a warm room for 24 hours to drive off the nasty sharp taste and .... it's still undrinkable. "

Mr Nick Parkin ( 17-Oct-2019 )

US8481 US8481 Peltier Ranch Lodi Reserve Pinot Noir 2018

"Well we really enjoy this and have ordered a case today. Plenty of fruit and an earthiness that I like. Really excellent value and a good "house pinot" for us. "

Mr Stephen J Harris ( 17-Oct-2019 )

NZ11141 NZ11141 SoBo New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2018

"Well this wine seems to split the reviewers! "I'm in the too good to miss" camp. Really enjoyed it. A little less obvious than many NZSBs in this price category. I'm reordering today!"

Mr Stephen J Harris ( 17-Oct-2019 )

EN1391 EN1391 Three Choirs Payford Bridge Gloucestershire 2018

"When I first sipped I thought a nice dryish apple cider. But it softened and warmed a bit and became more fruity less dry and more pearish rather than apple. The notes say gooseberry well that's a bit fine for me I'll stick with pearish. Good pleasant drink enjoyed. I wouldn't buy again but I think pleasant summer garden fare with some fresh fruit and soft cheese maybe?"

Mr Anthony Johnson ( 17-Oct-2019 )

HU1421 HU1421 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2017

"We enjoyed this wine earlier this year and found it good value. But the two bottles I bought this month went down the sink - quite unpleasant. Well past its best?"

Mr James M Milne ( 17-Oct-2019 )

GE12041 GE12041 Riesling Trocken, Schloss Lieser 2017

"Straw yellow colour. Fresh lemon citrus, nectarine and minerals on the nose. Similar on tasting with some lime flavour too. Steely acidity, lots of minerality, sharply juicy fruit flavours and a refreshing salty finish. I very much enjoyed it, others might struggle though."

Mr Mark Barton ( 17-Oct-2019 )

IT26771 IT26771 Barbera d'Alba Superiore Conca del Grillo, Silvano Bolmida 2016

"I don't keep a note of where I pick up my wines but as soon as I tasted this I wanted to stock more so I found it was from The Wine Society. Full bodied and a perfume that lingers - just wonderful. Although as it is £12.99 my best value red is still the Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi which is available for the Society at £12.50 or when on offer from [a supermarket] at £10.74."

Mr Nick Davis ( 17-Oct-2019 )

IT26821 IT26821 Valpolicella Valpantena, Torre del Falasco 2018

"Mr Andrews must be drinking a different wine! I had this (2018 vintage) in a tasting of a dozen Valpolicellas going all the way up to £45 a bottle and it stood up very well indeed as a 'polli at the young and lower end of the complexity scale. It has reasonable weight, body and very good balance, ending with that faintest hint of bitterness in the finish which enhances flavour. In fact I preferred it to some others costing 50% more. I would not call it 'thin' unless comparing it to an Amarone. Very drinkable now and good value at £8.50."

Dr Eugene Hui ( 17-Oct-2019 )

HU1421 HU1421 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2017

"This is very ordinary. It looks like pinot noir but you can't identify it from the taste. It is thin. It is not flawed, not undrinkable and not expensive, but that is all one can say in its favour. One cannot have high expectations of pinot noir for under £7 but I think your buyer is seriously over-hyping this wine. I would appreciate a more accurate description of the wine's quality, so that I might make a better choice. I give it 2 stars rather than one because it is drinkable and not expensive. But it is disappointing, even at the price. I have bought better and more characterful red wine from European co-operatives, loose (bag in box or vrac) for less than 2 euros/litre."

Mr Chris Grove ( 16-Oct-2019 )

SA14611 SA14611 Percheron Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2018

"one of the best bargains on this list"

Mr Anthony Gatling ( 16-Oct-2019 )

SA14734 SA14734 Magnum of Rustenberg Chardonnay, Stellenbosch 2018

"Fantastic Chardonnay. Oaked (but not too much!)."

Mr Guy Robson ( 16-Oct-2019 )

BU72302 BU72302 Half bottle of The Society's Chablis 2018

"I am afraid I was not impressed by this wine which I thought was uninspiring and lacking in any special quality; indeed I was initially minded to give it only 2 stars. But I do not pretend to be any sort of expert in relation to Chablis and I hope that more knowledgeable members will express a favourable view. In the meanwhile I don’t think I can recommend it."

Mr Neil Butter ( 16-Oct-2019 )

NZ11201 NZ11201 The Society's New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

"I thought the Society’s ‘17 & ‘18 vintages were both excellent, so I was looking forward to tasting 2019 which is being billed as an excellent year for New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. I was disappointed. 2019 lacked the crispness and cleanliness of it’s predecessors, making it only just passable, but not good. One has grown to expect better from this best seller - Shame!"

Mr Peter Austen ( 16-Oct-2019 )

GR1461 GR1461 Rapsani Single Vineyard Karavas, Thymiopoulos 2016

"Very good, love the distinctiveness of this. Would make a good talking point at dinner - reminds me of good quality southern Italy or Sicily wines - intense and fruit forward"

Prof Michael Simmons ( 16-Oct-2019 )

GE8231 GE8231 Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese, Joh Jos Prüm 2012

"Wonderful typical Spatlese. Lovely balance of acidity and sweetness with a refreshing zing. "

Prof Michael Simmons ( 16-Oct-2019 )

BW5871 BW5871 The Society's Exhibition Sauternes 2015

"At this price, must be 5 stars. Authentic Sauternes with lovely apricot jam flavours. Not as long and intense as top quality Sauternes or Barsac but these will be many times the price. Would not disappoint anybody you served this to. "

Prof Michael Simmons ( 16-Oct-2019 )

SP14821 SP14821 The Society's Southern Spanish Red, Jumilla 2018

"Yumm - this is a lovely midweek autumn wine. Punches well above its price tag."

Ms Kate Bines ( 15-Oct-2019 )

FC35401 FC35401 Cabardès Terroirs d'Altitude, Château de Pennautier 2015

"Crisp and full bodied with strong cherry notes"

Mr Alex Vaystikh ( 15-Oct-2019 )

IT27161 IT27161 Incanto Merlot-Nero d'Avola Terre Siciliane 2018

"This wine was a surprise package. Lovely simple wine with a fabulous hit of rich, semi dried Nero d'Avola. An unexpected bargain which, while not to everyone's taste, is a lovely little find. Far too easy to drink."

Mr Gary Delbridge ( 15-Oct-2019 )

SP14411 SP14411 Navajas Crianza Rioja 2015

"Blew my absolute mind. Strong oaky but the dark fruity notes hold their ground. Defo one to try. "

Mr Matthew Lewis ( 15-Oct-2019 )

PW7421 PW7421 Azevedo Loureiro-Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2018

"This vinho verde is one of the best. A deliciously light and tasty lunchtime wine. James Chapman"

Mr James D Chapman ( 15-Oct-2019 )

SG2741 SG2741 The Society's Exhibition English Sparkling Wine NV

"I,ve just tasted this for the first time i also agree with the other comment it offers nothing definitley not worth the money or the label. its easy drinking with a very bland taste first bottle in my 12 months with the society that,s been over priced . Not a re purchase from me."

Mr Paul Matthews ( 15-Oct-2019 )

IT27511 IT27511 Vermentino Sicilia, Mandrarossa 2018

"Sadly this does not taste good at all. Almost as it if has gone off. I thought I'd try a different wine from my usual variety/grapes and I'll certainly not be buying this again."

Miss Judith Finch ( 15-Oct-2019 )

SP14321 SP14321 Urbina Gran Reserva, Rioja 2004

"Bought this on the basis of 15yrs age in the bank already and generally finding the WS's success rate at this type of thing to be quite high. Wouldn't however recommend this one - for £20 there's plenty better on the list to engage with and the age of the wines and the hype around this don't equate to a wholly pleasurable wine experience. Again - nothing wrong with this (not faulty) but just utterly forgettable and rather disappointing."

Mr Christopher Stark ( 15-Oct-2019 )

SP14551 SP14551 Finca Muñoz Barrel-Aged Tempranillo, Castilla 2015

"Smooth, rich wine with just the right amount of oak. Exceptional value for money."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 15-Oct-2019 )

AA2691 AA2691 Domäne Wachau Grüner Veltliner Terrassen Federspiel 2018

"Citric nose, sherbet, lemon and herby flavours with great length. Highly recommended."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 15-Oct-2019 )

BG291 BG291 Soli Pinot Noir, Edoardo Miroglio 2016

"As an avid consumer of Burgundy I thought I would work my way through some budget Pinot Noir wines to see what they have to offer. Obviously they should taste of Pinot Noir and for me should ideally display a hint of the characteristics of a low end Bourgogne. I have to admit I was somewhat sceptical that Bulgaria would rise to the occasion, but despite not being very good at football (Bulgaria 0 England 6) they certainly know how to turn out an excellent PN. Elegant, lovely gentle flavours of red fruits, and deliciously fresh; it slides down rather easily! I wouldn't particularly rate this as a budget wine, because it clearly isn't, but quality wise it competes strongly with a good quality Cru Beaujolais at around the same price and is considerably cheaper than a basic Bourgogne from a top Burgundy grower, so to this extent it is reasonable value. My rating of 3 stars seems a bit harsh, but I didn't feel I could quite stretch to 4. It is best served lightly chilled, 20-30 mins in the fridge is ideal. I would highly recommend this and will buy again."

Mr Nigel Skelsey ( 15-Oct-2019 )

AU21931 AU21931 Peter Lehmann Margaret Barossa Semillon 2012

"I am not sure what lemongrass, lime-peel and especially candle wax taste like, but this is a very nice wine, which is indeed rich, full bodied, and with a lingering , very pleasant after-taste. Will certainly order more!"

Mr Joseph Kleijnen ( 15-Oct-2019 )

US8481 US8481 Peltier Ranch Lodi Reserve Pinot Noir 2018

"Worst bottle I have ever had from TWS"

Mr Simon Harris ( 15-Oct-2019 )

IT28141 IT28141 Bin #003 Ribolla Gialla 2018

"Deserves to be snapped up as an excellent example of a lesser-known wine. The rich fruit reminded me of Viognier but it has bright herb notes that stop it being cloying. Will appeal if you like structured whites like marsanne/roussane. Great find. "

Mr Simon Milner ( 14-Oct-2019 )

HU1361 HU1361 Szolo Tempo Tokaj Furmint 2017

"Very, very nice. Nose is a sort of stale smoke, formaldehyde note (but in a good way) - not sure if this is from skin contact? But very attractive. Palate is long and complex with apples, peaches, greengages, notes of yeast. Rich and oily texture. Had better dry Tokaj but not at this price."

Dr Richard Tunnard ( 14-Oct-2019 )

HU1421 HU1421 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2017

"This is my first review and I’m sad to say a disappointing one (I’ll start writing some good ones too!). When we opened the Ostoros Egri Pinot Noir 2017 we were hit with a strong vinegary smell and a sulphite odour. It didn’t change once it had breathed a little and the four of us drinking it all gave it the thumbs down. I don’t know enough to know if just needs time but the simple mixed cases have always been a winner with us and this was a surprise. I do not recommend choosing this one. Everything else in the mixed case we love!"

Revd Rick Thorpe ( 14-Oct-2019 )

BJ7981 BJ7981 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2018

"A light drinkable wine with a little tannin when I opened it that dispersed during the first hour. I wouldn't buy it again preferring other wines, but as an experience it was interesting. We bought the case called best of 2019 and although their have been disappointments there have also been some really excellent wines in areas I would not normally delve such as the Grillo white. We are trying to broaden our palate from Tuscany and Rhone but I must say its not easy."

Mr Anthony Johnson ( 14-Oct-2019 )

AU21701A AU21701A Wakefield Promised Land Shiraz Cabernet 2016

"I could drink it but I didn't really enjoy it. I read the tasting note which hint that this has another grape added to reduce the robustness. But for me it just another big loud Australian wine, heavy on fruit. The word "giant bold" in the description tell you all. I know some people like that but not me."

Mr Anthony Johnson ( 14-Oct-2019 )

SP14441 SP14441 Viña Zorzal Graciano, Navarra 2016

"One of our regular favourites. For when we want something a little stronger and punchier than the "everyday" Cantoiseau."

Mr Bryan Pready ( 14-Oct-2019 )

NZ10301 NZ10301 Wither Hills Marlborough Chardonnay 2016

"We found this wine to be too acid. I love dry white and I can drink and enjoy a good fruity white. But strong acidity not for me. The sour acid taste overrode any good qualities and we found ourselves leaving it back"

Mr Anthony Johnson ( 14-Oct-2019 )

FC36061 FC36061 Cantoiseau Rouge, Vin de France 2018

"Good everyday red; we always include a few bottles in our order. We've tried a few since we joined the Wine Society a couple of years ago and this is the one we prefer. May not suit everyone, but we like it. Better than anything you'll find in the supermarket at this price."

Mr Bryan Pready ( 14-Oct-2019 )

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