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FC34181 FC34181 The Society's French Dry White 2017

"Had friends pop in yesterday opened a bottle of dry white out of a mixed case .Loved by all four of us that we opened another bottle . Sadly on 2 in mixed case but will be ordering a case very shortly"

Mr Mel Reed ( 20-Jun-2018 )

BJ6691 BJ6691 Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Côte du Py 2014

"I bought this as it was flagged in the Wine Society newssheet as being good with duck. I must say that the wine was very disappointing, weak flavoured and quite unpleasant to drink, and certainly did no favours to a duck dinner. I don’t normally go for Beaujolais, but even so I thought that at the price this would be a good drink and perhaps convert me. Sadly not, and the additional bottles that I had bought were returned for a refund. This is the first time I have ever done this, and I should add that there was no problem obtaining the refund."

Mr John Warrack ( 20-Jun-2018 )

RH47061 RH47061 Côtes-du-Rhône Rive Droite, Rive Gauche 2016

"We love this wine - crunchy, mouth watering fruit that develops some real depth if drunk second day (not usually any left though). I have re-ordered this wine every month since first trying it - you simply will not find this kind of value on the shelves. "

Mr David Szachno-Hodgkinson ( 20-Jun-2018 )

CE9561 CE9561 Concha y Toro Corte Marcelo Limarí Pinot Noir 2016

"Not as "sweet" as some of the cheaper Pinot Noirs from Chile, a bit more to it than those, lightish cherry colour, more berry and mineral than strawberry and some length, good value for the grape and a decent drink on its own or with food."

Mr John Wigglesworth ( 20-Jun-2018 )

PT1261 PT1261 Taylor's 1985

"Star bright ruby purple. Crystal clear, this looks more like a 5yr old Burgundy in the glass than a VP. Sweet red fruit on the nose, like red bootlace sweets. Very light and deft on the palate, more like a slightly sweet and viscous table wine but this belies the hidden power under the surface. Peppery alcoholic kick on the finish. Silky smooth and suave but with an inner strength and firmness. Daniel Craig in a dinner jacket. Not really port sweet. Delicious."

Philip Harvey Esq ( 19-Jun-2018 )

BE1681 BE1681 Patrimoine Barrel-Aged Saison, Northern Monk Brew Co, Leeds (7.2%, 750ml)

"Strong apple on the nose, certainly closer to wine than most saisons I've had but with the familiar taste that beer drinkers would recognise. Very easy drinking. Lovely!"

Mr Will Hakon ( 18-Jun-2018 )

FC33461 FC33461 Tannat-Syrah ‘Aramis', Laplace, Vin de France 2016

"We really liked this wine, having been to the Madiran area last year. For an easy drinking wine it is lively yet mellow, not serious and yet with an engaging character. Will buy it again. Terence Gaussen"

Mr T H Gaussen ( 18-Jun-2018 )

IT24811 IT24811 Isola della Fiamma Nero d'Avola 2017

"Really lovely little find, lots of plum and other red fruits, deep flavours and gentle tanins. Surprisingly robust for only 12.5%, and a great bargain at that. Will be buying more as an every day quaffable red, or one for the end of an evening when you want something good, compares well, but not too heavy."

Ms Vanessa Newman ( 18-Jun-2018 )

JU1201 JU1201 Arbin Vin de Savoie Mondeuse ‘La Belle Romaine' Château de Merande 2015

"Soft round over-ripe cherry and blackberries that develops into a very dry but long and reasonably complex finish. Needs chilling. Clearly well made, and an interesting diversion for any fans of the society's Marcilliac "

Mr Alan Guy ( 17-Jun-2018 )

AR3751 AR3751 Weinert Carrascal Corte Clasico Mendoza 2013

"Dense dark food wine. Enjoyable."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 17-Jun-2018 )

PW6581 PW6581 DFJ Vinhos Gran D'Arte Alicante Bouschet, Estremadura 2006

"If you bought a claret at twice this price you wouldn't be disappointed. Real mature wine flavours. Will sell out fast... "

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 17-Jun-2018 )

SP12191 SP12191 Navajas Crianza, Rioja 2013

"TWS's notes seem optimistic here. It's quite astringent and only improves a little after some contact with the air. Hard to tell where the legitimate pepper/red spice of tempranillo ends and the rather coarse features of the wine begin. This is decent table wine for drinking with robust and rustic foods; it's not as (or at all) sophisticated as the notes suggest."

Mr Tom Lavercombe ( 17-Jun-2018 )

RH47081 RH47081 Grignan-les-Adhémar, Delas 2016

"Pleasant fruity wine No exciting characteristics but good value though there are better wines in the Society range at similar prices. "

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 17-Jun-2018 )

SG1071 SG1071 The Society's Saumur Rosé Brut NV

"This is very much our house fizz in the summer. Light, dry and delicious; perfect for summer days in the garden and almost as soon as a case has arrived, it's time to reorder!"

Mr Kevin A Mosedale ( 17-Jun-2018 )

FC34221 FC34221 Chardonnay, Pays d'Oc, Domaine de Pennautier, 2017

"Really enjoyed this.A lovely balanced wine with plenty of flavour.Very good value."

Dr J R Norman ( 17-Jun-2018 )

FC33861 FC33861 Rosé Duo des Plages, Vin de France 2017

"For a summer garden party, this was perfect; light and yet tasty"

Mrs Judy Byrne ( 17-Jun-2018 )

RH37751 RH37751 Massif d'Uchaux Vieilles Vignes, Château de Saint-Estève 2010

"Decanted for a couple of hours, could not detect much on the nose but pleasant mild berries, in the mouth smooth as others have said with an understated southern Rhone taste , well made wine but in the end I found it difficult to get excited about it there was nothing that would be remembered other than a decent drink, for the money there are better options."

Mr John Wigglesworth ( 17-Jun-2018 )

RH19601 RH19601 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Etienne Gonnet, Domaine Font de Michelle 2006

"The most expensive wine I’ve bought from the Wine Society and by far the most disappointing. Not up to their usual standards. I purchased two. First was extremely cloudy and malodorous, also sharp to taste lots of black residue in the bottle - probably corked and the Wine Society were good enough to refund. The second bottle was an improvement, but very disappointing. Nose damp mushroom, more fruit and spice coming to the fore as it aired. Semi clear and oily/gloopy appearance. Unbalanced with very high tannins dominating. Stick to the Dom Font de Michelle 2012/13/15 CNDP £27, which is superb."

Mr Neil Bayley ( 16-Jun-2018 )

GE10901 GE10901 Weissburgunder, Weingut Jülg 2016

"Found this a run of the mill offering. German UK sales almost zero and this wine will not encourage wine lovers to take a risk into such waters. Frankly very average and over priced!"

Mr Terence Eastham ( 16-Jun-2018 )

FC32561 FC32561 Domaine de l'Arjolle Equilibre, Merlot-Cabernet, Côtes de Thongue 2015

"Colour: Polished cherry. Aroma: Plump black and red fruit, blackcurrant, raspberry, plum, liquorice, dark chocolate, menthol, tobacco leaf, clove, vanilla and pepper, alcohol is evident. Taste: Full bodied, rich and succulent all fruit palate and the soft fine grained tannin give a nice texture. Good menthol fuelled finish. Overall: Not memorable but not much to complain about, perhaps a little unbalanced as the alcohol and fruitiness seem to dominate. However it is not heavy and quite easy drinking. Good value and I would recommend if you are looking for something rich and dense"

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 16-Jun-2018 )

SP12761 SP12761 Sabina Tempranillo, Navarra 2016

".....been drinking this for ever – that is, ever since the Society found it years ago. 100A1+ and the simple label tells the whole story. I'd better replenish stocks as one day, I'm sure, it will vanish; all good things must come to an end! "

Mr John W Prescott ( 16-Jun-2018 )

GE9241 GE9241 Niedermenniger Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt 2015

"Colour: Straw yellow with tinges of green. Aroma: Rich, petrol, oil, wax, smoke, jasmine, honeysuckle and apricot. Taste: Off-dry, fresh acidity with a sweet cherry, marzipan/almond mid-palate. Round creamy texture and the ripe apple and apricot flavours end with a medium finish. Overall: Very pleasant wine, an unmistakable Riesling nose, quite sweet yet light and fresh, very moreish. Maybe a little overripe and lacking a little acidity but minor complaint. Very good value for money and I would recommend. "

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 16-Jun-2018 )

GR1361 GR1361 Black Kalavryta, Tetramythos 2017

"I like Greek wine and this one is a real gem. Not too heavy, an easy drinking red."

Mr John Lucas ( 16-Jun-2018 )

BU66751 BU66751 Domaine Jacques Saumaize, Saint-Véran En Crêches 2016

"Very nice Chardonnay and just as good as the 2015 vintage. Soft and buttery with a full finish. Great value"

Mr Tom Rodger ( 15-Jun-2018 )

SH571 SH571 The Society's Fino

"After two weeks travelling around Andalucia and having fallen in love with finos, I ordered four bottles of this particular one to accompany a jamon iberico. Compared to the ones I had been drinking in Spain, I found this disappointingly thin, acidic and totally lacking depth or finesse. Relegated to paella dousing! "

Mr Paul De Quincey ( 15-Jun-2018 )

GE11371 GE11371 The Society's Ruppertsberg 2017

"I confess to being wary of German wine due to the cheap sickly whites of the distant past. However, we took a chance on this and it is lovely. There is a lovely subtle flavour and a delightful tiny hint of effervescence. Our problem is that it is too quaffable and so hard to resist having just one more glass!"

Reverend Nicholas McKee ( 15-Jun-2018 )

CM16731 CM16731 Château La Tour Haut-Caussan, Médoc 2010

"3.5 stars if I could give it, The wine is good but I’ll give it the the benefit of the doubt and rate it very good on the basis of what it might become in the next 3~5 years. Certainly full on fruit predominantly black fruit with a little red, certainly some vanilla, cedar and a touch of cigar box but a bit light on tertiary flavours, there might be a little prune a faint of bretty farmyard and a touch earth. The wine will either develop or fade but only time will tell. At the end of the day a quite nice wine for the money."

Mr Simon Heape ( 14-Jun-2018 )

BJ7331 BJ7331 Domaine Coudert Clos de la Roilette, Fleurie 2016

"Delicious, just as Fleurie should be. Recommended. "

Mr Mark R Smith ( 14-Jun-2018 )

SP13661 SP13661 Tras La Yesca, Toro

"Don't be put off by the odd name and the quirky label. This is a fantastic value wine, bold and full of character with the delectable dry finish that's the hallmark of underrated Toro. Wonderful aroma and just the right amount of oak. Scrumptious."

Mr Charles Skinner ( 14-Jun-2018 )

CE9871 CE9871 Lascar Classic Carmenère 2017

"No complaints. Good value for an every day wine."

Mr Dave Symington ( 14-Jun-2018 )

SH571 SH571 The Society's Fino

"Lovely Smooth fino! "

Ms Clare Turner ( 14-Jun-2018 )

PW6281 PW6281 Quinta de Azevedo, Vinho Verde 2016

"I don't know if I got a duff bottle, but this was a disappointment. An anonymous medium dry white with little of the expected crispness and zing, and no detectable pétillance. "

Mr John Lay ( 14-Jun-2018 )

AL13311 AL13311 Pinot Blanc, Cave de Turckheim 2016

"Smooth, balanced wine. On the dry side with pleasant pear tones. Simple but elegant and very drinkable."

Mr Patrick Vickers ( 13-Jun-2018 )

RH47561 RH47561 Rasteau Cuvée Prestige, Domaine la Soumade 2014

"One of those wines that did little initially to warrant the cost, air and time did improve the wine and it was well made, but there was never any nose other than damp, cellar , wood, and forest floor, and nothing obvious in the mouth, smooth decent, but utterly well nothing, the WS have many wines at much lower price ranges that are better value and offer a lot more."

Mr John Wigglesworth ( 13-Jun-2018 )

EN1119 EN1119 Sixteen Ridges Vineyard Bacchus 2015

"This came with the original 'Summer savings exploration dozen' case, and I rather wish it hadn't. Very unusual combination of flowery but quite thin and sour tasting - beyond bone dry. It was like I imagine a wine made of the ornamental flowering currant might taste, not entirely unpleasant but with a decided whiff of cat pee on the nose and lemon pith on the palate. It is of course the joy of wine drinking that the other reviewer absolutely loved it! It is not a bad wine in the way that cheap plonk can be, but probably for my taste the least enjoyable wine I have ever had from the WS."

Mr Alan James ( 13-Jun-2018 )

RH49971 RH49971 The Society's French Syrah 2016

"I thought this wine was very pleasant for the money. It's not the most sophisticated wine I've had, but it's very drinkable and fruity without being too sweet. Will definitely buy again."

Mr Jon Connorton ( 13-Jun-2018 )

SG2421 SG2421 Blanquette de Limoux Reserve, Antech 2015

"I bought a bottle as your Cava was out of stock. Aplley flavours. Moderate bubbles on opening faded quite quickly."

Mr Frederick Matthews ( 13-Jun-2018 )

SP13791 SP13791 Muga Rosado, Rioja 2017

"Pleasant and fruity and easy drinking"

Mr Frederick Matthews ( 13-Jun-2018 )

US7571 US7571 Shebang! California White Field Blend NV

"Great expectations were borne out by an explosion of fragrant bouquet, followed by lovely buttery, rounded and well-balanced taste. But oh dear, we left it in the fridge to finish the next day. On reopening it smelled foul and tasted worse - and ended up being used as drain cleaner. Extraordinary. So the message is obvious."

Mr Robert Medland ( 13-Jun-2018 )

RH47582 RH47582 Half bottle of Ventoux Les Traverses, Paul Jaboulet Aine 2016

"After 14 hours journeying by divers trains and taxis I finally collapsed at home. A ham salad with biscuits all in the fridge for relief. Then I opened this black ink marvel. Wondrous. Maybe not high class by the standards of some but I've just ordered another four each the halves and full bottles. Proper quaffing stuff but so well suited with any food to my mind. "

Mr Peter Cresswell ( 13-Jun-2018 )

FC34181 FC34181 The Society's French Dry White 2017

"The society sent me 2 bottles of this in error. I opened one on Sunday, sat outside with a salad lunch and was surprised how drinkable it was. Perfect as an aperitif the bottle disappeared remarkably quickly. Hard to see how anyone could be disappointed at this price point."

Mr Christopher Taylor ( 12-Jun-2018 )

GN211 GN211 Kew London Dry Gin

"Excellent Gin at a very good price. Crisp, well balanced combines well with fever tree to give a very satisfying G&T (haven’t tried it in a negroni or cocktail combo). Has become one of our ‘go to’ gins alongside Hendricks and Millers. Highly recommended!"

Mr Rashid Jussa ( 12-Jun-2018 )

SP12561 SP12561 La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Reserva, Rioja 2009

"I thought this was an excellent wine. It is at the top end of my budget and its rare that I touch £20 for a bottle. Didn't have a great start when a bone dry cork came out after three attempts. However the lack of nose and garnet appearance appealed and after a couple of hours I got stuck in. The wine is silky smooth, rich and sophisticated. Notice I didn't say complex or layered. It is just a real piece of quality. If there is some left I will be putting it on the Christmas list. "

Mr Colin Lewis ( 11-Jun-2018 )

FC33451 FC33451 Merlot-Syrah, Côtes de Gascogne, Domaine du Mage 2016

"On the strength of the member’s reviews,I tried half a case and they were right,a very pleasant glass.Nice and light to go with anything you are eating,or not."

Mrs Susan Sewell ( 11-Jun-2018 )

CB5351 CB5351 Château Haut Branda, Bordeaux 2016

"Fantastic for the money. Full of flavour without dominating alcohol. A great everyday wine that surprised me in its quality"

Mr Bruce Middleton ( 11-Jun-2018 )

BJ7561 BJ7561 Château de Lacarelle, Beaujolais-Villages 2017

"Disappointed. This is certainly a reasonable wine however it lacks the lightness and fresh taste on the palette for a Beaujolais. "

Miss Helen Percicoe ( 11-Jun-2018 )

MX17241 MX17241 Bloody Mary Mixed Case

"Excellent! Great tasting Vodka and you with Big Tom it takes out the hassle of mixing a Bloody Mary. For my taste just add a decent squeeze of lemon and a stick of celery and it tastes very close to how I make them from scratch. I would say if you are a little shy on the livelier ingredients in this cocktail you may find Big Tom a little too peppery but I would recommend giving this a go anyway."

Miss Helen Percicoe ( 11-Jun-2018 )

PW6661 PW6661 The Society's Vinho Verde 2017

"Excellent example of everything a Vinho Verde should taste like. Accurately described."

Miss Helen Percicoe ( 11-Jun-2018 )

SH571 SH571 The Society's Fino

"Absolutely atrocious! Worst Fino I have ever tasted. Completely incompatible with smoked salmon, crab or Spanish cured ham as suggested and does not relate to the description on the bottle whatsoever. "

Miss Helen Percicoe ( 11-Jun-2018 )

FC31701 FC31701 Sauvignon de l'Arjolle, Côtes de Thongue 2016

"This is not a session Sauvignon... it is rich and sophisticated in taste and evokes the image of haystacks and rustic French living. You can imagine yourself sitting on a haystack with an easy meal of pork and russet apples on a long table ready for eating! Definitely a wine to be drunk with pork and apple - it is a dry wine that would complete a sweet meat. Quite a heavy wine that needs a few nibbles before savouring! "

Mrs Lynne Braby-Pavitt ( 10-Jun-2018 )

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