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IT31401 IT31401 The Society's Exhibition Langhe Nebbiolo 2018

"Interesting how this wine divides opinions - and that WS tasters are so enthusiastic. I bought a Rizzi Langhe Nebbiolo before, and if I'd known this was a Rizzi I'd have given it a wide berth. It's colour is pale - garnet red - like a deep rose. Not much nose. Almost zero fruit. Very dry palate and slightly acid. How this ever got on the list I don't know, let alone being Exhibition . I've been drinking wine for about 55 years, and I really can't see what others do in this particular wine. I bought two of 6 of the Champion Italian Reds bottles to try. I bought two cases of the Volpaia Chianti and a case of the Vallone Salento - two lovely wines worth the money. I would buy future vintages of both. But the other Rizzi is going into cooking. Sorry, guys."

Mr P W G Beuttell ( 31-Jul-2021 )

FC39531 FC39531 Bergerac Blanc La Cuvée des Conti, Château Tour des Gendres 2019

"A great combination, the apricot sweetness of Semillon off-setting the refreshing grassy acidity of the Sauvignon. Delicious. "

Mr Paul Bevan ( 31-Jul-2021 )

AL15901 AL15901 Moselle ‘Les Hautes-Bassières' Pinot Noir, Château de Vaux 2019

"Very interesting to try red wine from the Moselle; a cool climate Pinot Noir, biodynamic to boot. Light and fruity, delicate nose; very pleasant indeed. Will buy again."

Mr Paul Bevan ( 31-Jul-2021 )

LO16291 LO16291 Fiefs Vendéens Mareuil Collection Rosé, J Mourat 2020

"Colour: Peach skin pink. Aroma: Fresh distinct red fruit, strawberry, melon and pink grapefruit with a sweet floral touch and just a hint of celery. Taste: Light, juicy acidity with a palate that reflects the nose and not in a good way, that sickly sweet element lingers into the finish. Overall: Errr!!! scores on the light and refreshing mark but I personally can't get past that fake sweet tone. Like being in a sweet shop but I'm not six years old and this isn't a dolly mixture. A lot better out there."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 31-Jul-2021 )

BW6731 BW6731 Château Thieuley Blanc, Bordeaux 2019

"Utterly delicious. Grapefruit, lemon and orange; dry without being in the least bit tart. Creamy texture and a lingering finish. Seriously, I'd happily pay a lot more for this wonderful wine. Under a tenner a bottle, it's an absolute steal."

Mr Rob Rue ( 31-Jul-2021 )

SP16391 SP16391 El Pacto, Rioja 2018

"Smooth dry tasty easy drinking delicious Rioja."

Mr James Bowkett ( 31-Jul-2021 )

IT30761 IT30761 Baccolo Appassimento Rosso Veneto 2019

"Nice light red, not complex as said by others and good with pizza. Good social drinking wine for mid week and any other day at the price"

Mr John Lintott ( 31-Jul-2021 )

GR1691 GR1691 Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2019

"Definitely leaning towards a USA Pinot Noir. Was surprised on first glass but learned to thoroughly enjoy. Better value that alot of pinots out there if that's the style you like then a great value bottle."

Miss Gail E Torbet ( 31-Jul-2021 )

NZ12621 NZ12621 Sacred Hill Riflemans Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2019

"I opened one of my bottles to see what stage it's at and it is extremely taut upon opening. This is full with some of the smokiness in the Society description mentioned, but very refreshing, with both steeliness and oak texture present. A day later it was much more open and absolutely delicious, approaching room temperature. I'll leave my other bottles to age, but if I open one sooner I will definitely decant, like top white burgundy, for a couple of hours. Don't expect an immediately approachable easy Chardonnay, but it's potential is unlimited."

Mr Kris Haddow ( 31-Jul-2021 )

IT31591 IT31591 Barbera del Piemonte, Amonte 2020

"Yes it has a cherry flavour but the overall impression is clouded and drab. I could not think of a food to which it would be a suitable accompaniment. It is not unpleasant but I would not choose to drink it again."

Mr Martin Johnson ( 31-Jul-2021 )

AU23521 AU23521 Three Bunches Australian Shiraz 2019

"Soft, jammy, fruit-driven and fairly priced. Maybe it's a bit lacking in bite and Shiraz character but pleasant enough."

Mr Martin Johnson ( 31-Jul-2021 )

MX2166 MX2166 Tapas Case

"Was a present for my brother and he loved it. All of it. Delivered at his home at the time I was given. Another good reason to keep buying from TWS"

Mr Eric Brooks ( 31-Jul-2021 )

SP16271 SP16271 Sabina Tempranillo, Navarra 2019

"An ordinary everyday glugger made more palatable by chilling."

Mr Martin Johnson ( 31-Jul-2021 )

FC41041 FC41041 Grenache Gris, Côtes Catalanes, Domaine Jones 2019

"I've never had Grenache Gris so the buyer supported case price of £59.50 made it worth a try. I don't recognise the Society tasting notes as being the same wine "A Lovely, full-flavoured dry white from sun-kissed slopes in the Roussillon. Herby with just a hint of roundness.". No, it tastes somewhere between a Sauvignon Blanc without the nose and a Chenin Blanc but without fruit. A basic dry white wine, a bit thin and a bit sharp for an aperitif and didn't improve with food. Disappointing and wouldn't buy again"

Mr Steven E O'Hara ( 31-Jul-2021 )

FC29471 FC29471 Madiran Cuvée Auguste Vigneau, Domaine Pichard 2004

"Deep garnet colour, medium nose with some black-berry fruit and spice. Medium acidity, tannins integrated, little oak perception remaining. Medium finish, nice mature cuvee, good to very good for a £10 wine."

Mr Joseph Kleijnen ( 31-Jul-2021 )

CM23691 CM23691 Château Cap L'Ousteau, Haut-Médoc 2016

"Pretty good value at £8.50 - it's very smooth, round, well integrated and opens up nicely after a little bit of time in the decanter - but it's a bit 'ordinary' - perfectly drinkable, has all the claret notes one might expect, but there's nothing especially remarkable about it. However when I drank it I was under the impression that it was a more expensive wine - it stands up to competition from a slightly higher price bracket. Certainly not a Margaux though but a good everyday claret with everything in the right place..."

Mr Graham Jeffery ( 31-Jul-2021 )

BW6711 BW6711 Dourthe No 1 Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux 2019

"Nice wine, fresh and light on the palate, and on the basis of price worth long listing among the sauv blancs. Maybe the kiwi ones tend to have more fruit, and you have to go a bit above a tenner for a white with greater depth, but this is very likeable."

Mr Russell Watling ( 31-Jul-2021 )

IT31231 IT31231 Sangiovese-Primitivo Cielo Via Mare, Puglia 2020

"On reading all the positive reviews I can only conclude we got a duff bottle, but this is thin fruitless stuff and I could only drink a few mouthfuls. Perhaps the combination of price, screwtop and alcohol content was a warning sign, but next time I'd sooner look at the Loire cab francs for a lunchtime summer red."

Mr Russell Watling ( 31-Jul-2021 )

SP15941 SP15941 Lopez de Haro Classica Gran Reserva, Rioja 2001

"Fully mature with wonderful balance and depth of flavour. A bargain at £28 and I will be buying more."

Mr Jeremy D Hunt ( 31-Jul-2021 )

BU75671 BU75671 Julien Brocard, Chablis Boissonneuse 2019

"Well rounded mineral wine, lots to savour and enjoy."

Mr John Cunningham ( 30-Jul-2021 )

FC40241 FC40241 Syrah-Mourvèdre, Côtes de Thongue, Domaine La Condamine L'Evêque 2020

"Medium to full bodied, savoury with black fruits. Some tannins but well integrated. I really liked this one. Quite amazed when I checked the price- what great value. "

Mr Bernard Feeney ( 30-Jul-2021 )

PW8491 PW8491 Casa Ermelinda Freitas Vinha do Torrão Rosé, Península de Setúbal 2020

"Dry, pleasant Portuguese Rose. Ideal lunchtime quaff. Better than you will find elsewhere at this price."

Mr Stuart C Clark ( 30-Jul-2021 )

AA3421 AA3421 Geyerhof StockWerk Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal 2020

"Bags of flavour and freshness. At this price point, superb. "

Mr Jeremy D Hunt ( 30-Jul-2021 )

US9281 US9281 Bogle Vineyard California Chardonnay 2019

"Lots of peach and a bit of oak. Typical old style buttery chardonnay. Won't be rebuying."

Mr Jeremy D Hunt ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SA17271 SA17271 Iona Chardonnay, Elgin 2019

"Ripe citrus/green notes on the nose, combined with medium oak. Followed with rich flavours of lime and exotics fruits on the palate, a touch of oiliness and a really nice balancing acidity. This wine evolves into a good quality chardonnay after it's been open for a while. Can definitely be mistaken for a good white Burgundy from a warm vintage."

Mr Marcus Goodwin ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SP16271 SP16271 Sabina Tempranillo, Navarra 2019

"Enjoyed this with a meat pasta dish. Then finished off the bottle after the meal, very pleasant."

Mr Peter Jones ( 30-Jul-2021 )

IT29811 IT29811 Castel Serranova, Salento, Vallone 2016

"Loving this… rich jam and almonds on the nose (think Bakewell Tart) and equally nutty on the palate; soft finish, gorgeous."

Mr Matthew Bennett ( 30-Jul-2021 )

FC40871 FC40871 Saint Mont Rosé, Les Bois Mathieu, Plaimont 2020

"Provence in style. Light delicate and lovely. Excellent value. "

Mr Simon Bourke ( 30-Jul-2021 )

PW8421 PW8421 Ponte de Lima Loureiro, Vinho Verde 2020

"Fresh, crisp, slightly spritzy and the perfect match for current hot, sweaty weather and a platter of lemony garlic crab claws and Dublin Bay prawns. "

Mr Laurence Veale ( 30-Jul-2021 )

CM20041A CM20041A Château Beaumont, Haut-Médoc 2016

"I find it hard to believe that this wine is from the same stable, and the same year, as the Society’s Haut Medoc, or for that matter it is even a Haut Medoc – to me it tastes like the most basic rough Bordeaux, and at this level it is grossly overpriced. I would recommend Chateau Massieu Boutet at less than half the price which (in my opinion) is a better wine and better value."

Mr Nigel Cory ( 30-Jul-2021 )

IT31951 IT31951 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Gran Sasso 2019

"Thoroughly enjoyed this Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, loads of deep fruits and dark leather on the nose, bit of peppery spice in the flavour and a clean finish but not so much that it ruined that earthy tannin kick that you get with good MDAs. Will order more very soon."

Mr Matthew Bennett ( 30-Jul-2021 )

PW8631 PW8631 Quinta do Lagoalva Rosé, Tejo 2020

"Best rose I’ve had this summer so far. Well-balanced, moreish. Floral, peachy nose. Served not-too-cold, after an hour in the fridge."

Mrs Nicola Hill ( 30-Jul-2021 )

PW8591 PW8591 Old Vines in Young Hands Tinto 2019

"Nice drinkable friday night red"

Mr Luke de Marco ( 30-Jul-2021 )

CE11401 CE11401 The Society's Chilean Limarí Chardonnay 2020


Mr Piers Beckley ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SA17421 SA17421 Percheron Old-Vine Cinsault, Western Cape 2020

"Really enjoyed this… Certainly not a heavy red - light, fruity and refreshing! "

Mr Leslie Rosedale ( 30-Jul-2021 )

IT31951 IT31951 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Gran Sasso 2019

"I can’t agree with the previous reviews. We thought it was one of the best Montepulciano d’Abruzzo’s we have tasted, especially bearing in mind the price. It has a good depth and colour, and whilst we agree the label is dreadful we are happy to hide the bottle and concentrate on drinking the wine! "

Mr Geoff Costin ( 30-Jul-2021 )

US9281 US9281 Bogle Vineyard California Chardonnay 2019

"Had this round a friends house. Really not a fan. Clunky fruit & over oaked. No wonder it only costs $8 in the USA !!"

Mr Martyn Simmons ( 30-Jul-2021 )

LE1211 LE1211 Domaine des Tourelles Rouge, Lebanon 2019

"This is very good indeed. Typical notes of cedar, cigar box and leather almost straight from the opening. Leave it a while and that aroma increases and the taste deepens. Very good value for money."

Mr Terry Deamer ( 30-Jul-2021 )

NZ12341 NZ12341 Anna's Way Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2020

"Rather poor SB Not at all a rounded example as described. "

Dr Ian Marshall ( 30-Jul-2021 )

CB5961 CB5961 Château Lary Tagot, Bordeaux 2018

"Nice enough. However a little unremarkable. Held up to the Bison Burger but was a little one dimensional. "

Mr Simon Bourke ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SP16781 SP16781 Salvaje del Moncayo Garnacha 2019

"Fantastic as in previous vintages, delicate, ripped but not overdone. It has a hint of summer fruits that mingle with herbs and spices. Refreshing and satisfying, great partner for Mediterranean cuisine. "

Mr Juan Trujillo Andrades ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SA17541 SA17541 Cape Heights Shiraz, Western Cape 2020

"Got this as part of the mixed case - lovely easy drinking but not lightweight. Well vinified."

David C Partridge Esq ( 30-Jul-2021 )

RH60201 RH60201 Cairanne, Domaine Roche 2019

"Yet another superb value Rhone from those currently available. This is brimming with exuberant ripe fruit so characteristic of both the 2018 and 2019 vintages and amply sufficient to disguise the 15% alcohol. This is full and rich on the palate with added interest from herbal overtones and has a satisfying complexity on the finish which suggests it will evolve in interest over time. Therein lies the dilemma, however, drink now or wait? The resolution of this conundrum does become simpler with advancing age, one of very few advantages I might add! "

Mr Barry Cottam ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SP16241 SP16241 Navajas Blanco Crianza, Rioja 2017

"Bought a bottle as part of a selection to go with some summer evenings with food. Nothing too spectacular when opened but pleasant enough with some nibbly bits of food. However, after a night in the fridge, the improvement and flavours shone through to a quite different wine. Very nice. "

Mr James Williams ( 30-Jul-2021 )

BU64161 BU64161 Domaine Remi Rollin, Pernand-Vergelesses 'Les Cloux' 2015

"very reasonable price for Burgundy like this. Worth a try"

Mr Adam Dziamarski ( 30-Jul-2021 )

HU1491 HU1491 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2018

"I concur with several other opinions here - a light, well-balanced Pinot Noir, not much like most Aussie or New World versions, perhaps more like a Malbec in style if not in taste. Pleasant, very drinkable, if not particularly memorable. Decent value for this variety."

Mr Stephen Butler ( 30-Jul-2021 )

SG2571 SG2571 Hortas do Caseirinho White Frisante

"It's OK but nothing particularly distinctive about it. I don't think I'll get this one again."

Mr Timothy Almond ( 29-Jul-2021 )

BU75681 BU75681 Jean-Marc Brocard, Vignobles Sainte Claire Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2019

"Disappointing. Brocard chablis have rarely been less than reliably Chablisesque over many years. But this is sadly a bit too fruity and flabby. 13.5% may be an indication of struggling with overripe grapes? Nowhere near as good as many previous years. "

Dr Barry Cooper ( 29-Jul-2021 )

PW8661 PW8661 Carvalhais Grão Vasco, Dão 2020

" I think this is a fantastic wine for the summer. Refreshing acidity whilst not bland. Aromatic - I get hubba bubba (yes I'm that old) on the nose, a little peach, and on the palate citrus, lemon pith, white waxy florals. It's going back in the basket for next month. Really delicious and perfect to take to any party - or back garden! "

Mrs Sarah Crombie ( 29-Jul-2021 )

CM19211 CM19211 Château Caronne Sainte Gemme, Haut-Médoc 2015

"Will give this wine the benefit of the doubt... really looking forward to opening with my family from overseas after lockdown .. mmm tasted like the wine had gone slightly over the top a little tangy and musty .... so not sure... hopefully the rest of the batch is ok"

Mr Clive Wolfenden ( 29-Jul-2021 )


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