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CE10101 CE10101 Zarcillo Bío-Bío Gewürztraminer 2017

"This wine is described as 2/9 (dry). It is not dry. Period."

Mr Robert P Hickling ( 15-Feb-2019 )

CE10211 CE10211 Lascar Classic Merlot 2018

"I was slightly heartbroken when I saw the 2017 had run out and hoped this would live up to it. It almost does but not quite. Slightly less acidity and more sweet fruit. Some will love that but I thought the 2017 was better balanced with more finesse. But let's be honest...I'm critiquing a wine that cost £5.95! You'll still struggle to find bettter at the price."

Mr Ben Stringer ( 15-Feb-2019 )

IT26851 IT26851 Grillo Sicilia, Isola della Fiamma, Cantine Rallo 2018

"Great value for money. Well worth trying if you like dry, tangy but fruity wines (e.g. new many world Rieslings), "

Mr Gordon Best ( 15-Feb-2019 )

FC34321 FC34321 Chartreuse de Mougères, Pèlerin Blanc, Pays de Caux 2017

"Excellent. The society classes this as bone dry; my wife and I are only humble amateurs but we both though it a few degrees sweeter than that. Perhaps that's only because it has so much to offer in terms of fragrance and complexity. Great value – I'd definitely order this again."

Mr Patrick Vickers ( 15-Feb-2019 )

IT25321 IT25321 Vermentino Sicilia, Mandrarossa 2017

"Bought this because we loved the Mandrarossa Fiano that sadly is no longer available. This is nowhere near as good. Certainly peach on the palate but a bit thin and uninspiring. Pleasant but unremarkable."

Mr Jeremy Pletts ( 15-Feb-2019 )

FC34161 FC34161 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2017

"Quite honestly for next to no money this is not a bad liitle wine . I normally associate Languedoc with fairly hefty ,meaty reds so this is very different. It is light but pleasing on the palate and at 12.5% makes one feel a tad less guilty when glugging it on a week night."

Mr Trevor Charlesworth ( 15-Feb-2019 )

IT25571 IT25571 Lagrein Alto Adige, Hofstätter, 2016

"Very dark in colour, slight marker pen on the nose, can't identify other smell, sour cherry, grips tannins and acidic but not in a bad way. Very enjoyable, thought it was better without the pizza !!. Can recommend"

Mr Gordon Allan ( 15-Feb-2019 )

CB5581 CB5581 Château Savariaud, Bordeaux 2016

"An excellent wine and very good value for the price. A nice fruity bouquet. Will be ordering more before it sells out."

Mr Lim Kong Bok ( 15-Feb-2019 )

FC34531 FC34531 Saint-Chinian, Domaine Raynier 2017

"very drinkable"

Mr Keith Gibson ( 15-Feb-2019 )

IT26041 IT26041 Valpolicella, Coffele 2017

"very poor quality .Would not purchase again"

Mr Keith Gibson ( 15-Feb-2019 )

SP13761 SP13761 Muga Reserva, Rioja 2014

"Consistently excellent "

Mr Vojtech Horna ( 15-Feb-2019 )

GE12331 GE12331 Spätburgunder Markgräflerland, Martin Wassmer 2016

"Gorgeous fruity nose, ripe cherry, Mrs A says red sports mixtures !!!, tannins and acid nicely balanced. Very enjoyable, and a definite buy again."

Mr Gordon Allan ( 15-Feb-2019 )

GR1421 GR1421 Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra 2016

"Proven incorrect..It's a completely different, youthful wine by the second glass. Fruit and structure. I love this. Super interesting. "

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 14-Feb-2019 )

AL13811 AL13811 Cuvée Léo, Domaine Frédéric Mochel 2015

"This wine has good potential to be a fine sweet Riesling but it needs several years to mature. There is a very pleasant and rich taste with a fine level of acidity. However, there is also a strong "mineral taste" that does not really match the component of sweet richness. No doubt that in a few years time when the wine has matured the balance will come. However, the refinement is not there yet and I would recommend much patience before drinking."

Mr Colin Neal ( 14-Feb-2019 )

GR1421 GR1421 Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra 2016

"There aren't many wines where the critic-mooted phrase "haunting bouquet" hits home. It absolutely does here. Amazingly, the closest comparison is aged Nebbiolo. Savoury, dried roses, but with brilliant freshness. It's a bit of a cheesy comment, but it absolutely, to me, smells like the end if summer. One of those rare wines that immediately takes you somewhere. I do wonder whether it has the structure to age as per the drinking window (it's clearly developing quickly), but I'd be happy to be proven wrong. Classy, unique stuff."

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 14-Feb-2019 )

UR501 UR501 Atlántico Sur Garzón Vineyard Maldonado Marselan 2018

"Has a very asparagus/smoky nose and taste. Couldn’t finish a glass."

Mr Vojtech Horna ( 14-Feb-2019 )

IT24241 IT24241 The Society's Primitivo di Manduria 2016

"A wonderful Primitivo with real depth and powerful fruit. As with other Wine Society own labels it really does punch above ots weight and is a great advert for Italian Primitivo."

Mr Kevin Hewitt ( 14-Feb-2019 )

SA13611 SA13611 The Society's Cabernet Sauvignon-Cinsaut Cape Heritage Blend, Coastal 2016

"This is a remarkably nice addition to the Society range. It has an immediately attractive fresh taste, with good body, and surprising complexity for the price. An excellent everyday drinker, which I shall be buying again."

Dr Christopher J H Ingoldby ( 14-Feb-2019 )

CB5581 CB5581 Château Savariaud, Bordeaux 2016

"Nicely balanced and very drinkable every day claret with some body to it. Really excellent value at the offer price and very good at list price!"

Mr William Long ( 14-Feb-2019 )

NZ10671 NZ10671 Left Field Gisborne Albariño 2018

"This NZ Albariño was excellent and I would rate it for consideration in the Society’s Exhibition class. I served the wine lightly chilled with a pea and smoked salmon rissotto with Dill and Parsley and finished with shaved Parmesan. Forget NZ Sauvignon Blanc at twice the price and try this wine at a very competitive price point. I’ll be ordering another six bottles before it runs out. CJ "

Mr Christopher Hayward ( 14-Feb-2019 )

CM16731 CM16731 Château La Tour Haut-Caussan, Médoc 2010

"excellent value for money and an easily accessible claret of some character"

Mr Paul Duncanson ( 14-Feb-2019 )

SH1131 SH1131 Cayetano del Pino Palo Cortado 1/10 (50cl bottle, gift boxed)

"Quite simply, this has to be one of the best value wines in the world (IMO its hard to argue that sherry isn't). Impeccable stuff from start to finish. Pino's "basic" Palo is great, amazing value. This is in an another league. I'm not sure this is clear, but I quite like it..."

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 13-Feb-2019 )

US8161 US8161 The Eyrie Vineyards Willamette Valley Pinot Blanc 2016

"I did like this. It's everything the description says about it and I will be ordering more."

Mr Terry McAuliffe ( 13-Feb-2019 )

AU21171 AU21171 Wakefield Promised Land Shiraz 2017

"Good value gluggable bottle to socialise with over cooking the supper!"

Mr Martin Tolhurst ( 13-Feb-2019 )

BU54251 BU54251 Domaine de Bellene, Savigny-lès-Beaune Premier Cru Haut-Jarrons 2012

"Very complex sophisticated red, changing every half an hour of decanting. Pale ruby in the glass. Opens with aromas of animals farm, fig, smokey barrel. Later develops into truffle, leather, cherry, red fruit. Superbly diverse palate, notes of red fruit, vanilla, prunes, cherry, a hint of oak. Long satisfying finish with some spicy bitterness on the tail. Tannin M+, Alcohol M"

Mr Oleg Shaulko ( 13-Feb-2019 )

US8071 US8071 Lemelson Thea's Selection Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

"Great wine for the price! Clear ruby colour. Delicate aromas of black cherry, prunes, figs jam, tobacco leaf. Refined and smooth palate please you with fruity noted of forest berries, strawberry, mushroom, pepper. Long elegant finish. Tannin M, Alcohol M+ Probably the best US wine I have tried so far"

Mr Oleg Shaulko ( 13-Feb-2019 )

LO13741 LO13741 Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine sur Lie, Château L'Oiselinière de la Ramée, Chéreau-Carré 2015

"Ditto the very words of the last reviewer."

Mr Stephen Solley ( 13-Feb-2019 )

FC35341 FC35341 Domaine Richeaume, Rouge Tradition 2015

"Enjoyed with duck at Gauthier Soho. Pretty full on. Clearly Mediterranean. Developing nicely. Should improve with age. "

Mr Chris Sheppard ( 13-Feb-2019 )

SA13551 SA13551 A Fistful of Schist Reserve Shiraz-Cinsault-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2017

"A good house red at a very good price."

Brig M S Rutter-Jerome ( 13-Feb-2019 )

SP14451 SP14451 El Inquilino Crianza, Rioja 2015

"Having enjoyed all the other wines from Zorzal I thought I would give this a go, even though oaky Rioja isn't normally to my taste. My verdict? This is a really well balanced wine where nothing, neither oak, nor tannin, dominates. Not a Rioja for the traditionalist but I enjoyed it."

Mr Richard Holmes ( 13-Feb-2019 )

SA13611 SA13611 The Society's Cabernet Sauvignon-Cinsaut Cape Heritage Blend, Coastal 2016

"Nice enough, provided you enjoy the slight greenness of inexpensive SA reds. I'm ambivalent about South African wines in general but particularly the reds - there seems more value in the sub-£10 whites (Chenin Blanc mainly). Still, had no problem polishing off the bottle between two of us."

Mr Richard Holmes ( 13-Feb-2019 )

SH952 SH952 Half bottle of Romate Amontillado Olvidado

"Politely, I presume the previous reviewer doesn't have experience of high quality sherry. For dry sherry lover, in my opinion, this is brilliant. And, as always, with Romate, unbelievable value, relative to what else is out there for the same price/quality. Amazing balance of coffee, almonds, caramel, saltiness and acidity. Great finish. Nothing negative for me, given the QPR. 5 stars is a given."

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 12-Feb-2019 )

IT26441 IT26441 Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucera, Alberto Longo 2015

"Very much enjoyed this hefty, complex wine with pasta plus tomato ragu plus parmesan. It was more than able to hold its own. If you are a fan of the muscular and powerful, I recommend. "

Mrs Amanda J Joyce ( 12-Feb-2019 )

NZ10421 NZ10421 Greywacke Marlborough Riesling 2016

"Classic riesling flavours with plenty of lime and some kerosene notes. A wine to be enjoyed on its own, or with mild spicy dishes. For me the primary fruit aromas dominate too much and the fresh acidity one expects from riesling is overwhelmed by the residual sugar. A well made wine but it lacks the necessary finesse at this price point."

Mr Peter Ford ( 12-Feb-2019 )

UR491 UR491 Juanicó Teru Teru Tannat Reserve 2018

"Uncomplicated, lots of black fruit, blackberry. A fruit-forward, approachable version of the Tannat grape, tasty and good with sausages!"

Mr Simon Wragg ( 12-Feb-2019 )

FC35481 FC35481 Fitou, Domaine Jones 2016

"Rich, dark and powerful, smooth with real weight on the palate. Complex and long, this raises Fitou to a whole new level. Worth every penny and i'm glad I bought more than one bottle!"

Mr Michael J Webber ( 12-Feb-2019 )

LO13911 LO13911 Fiefs Vendéens Mareuil, Château Marie du Fou 2017

"This owes more to its coastal terroir than it does to the varietals in the blend. With a clear line of salinity, it's more like a good Muscadet than a central Loire Chenin Blanc. But right at the end there comes that honeyed note to remind one that this is a Chenin blend. Perfect with grilled fish and excellent value. (No hint of oak for me)"

Mr Chris Sheppard ( 12-Feb-2019 )

GR1441 GR1441 Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2017

"Whilst not as enthusiastic as Mssrs Dodds & Barton we thoroughly enjoyed our first bottle of Xinomavro last night, excellent value for money. I will reserve final judgement until we have tried some of the other Greek reds we have just bought to try. I have given it 3* but it's actually 3*+"

Mr Ian Day ( 12-Feb-2019 )

IT25531 IT25531 Orvieto Classico Amabile, Barberani 2017

"This is probably the worst wine I have ever tasted. After one glass the rest of the bottle went down the drain - it was ruining a good meal. It tastes like a mixture of grape juice and sugar water unfermented! I have spent several weeks in Orvieto and the local wines I drank there tasted nothing like this!"

Mr Mike Morgan ( 12-Feb-2019 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"Glad to see this on sale. Bought a 6 pack 5 years or so ago and have enjoyed every bottle, the last being on Xmas day. It's evolution has been seemless. Was going to buy another pack but put off by the pricetag of £33 a bottle. Think I bought the original pack for £120. £22 a bottle is a decent enough price for it and glad to see it at this price so have just bought a pack. It's a good aperitf wine in it's youth, but will stand up to creamy dishes like Coquille St Jacques as it evolves. There is a depth that comes about through evolution and the fruit comes through to counter balance a dish like that."

Mr Sean Hardon ( 12-Feb-2019 )

US7671 US7671 The Society's California Old-Vine Zinfandel 2016

"Great example of a good Californian Zinfandel. Big and bold fruit, easily enjoyed with or without food."

Mrs Harriet Barr ( 12-Feb-2019 )

IT25131 IT25131 The Society's Sicilian Reserve Red 2014

"Even convinced an adamant non-red-wine-drinker to love this wine. Easy drinking smoothness."

Mrs Harriet Barr ( 12-Feb-2019 )

FC31941 FC31941 Pinot Noir, Pays d'Oc, Jacques Dépagneux 2016

"Outstanding Pinot at this price"

Mr Nigel L Smith ( 12-Feb-2019 )

SP14371 SP14371 Massani Dry Muscat 2017

"Simply delicious. Immensely drinkable. Lots of peach as described. I get lime on the finish which lasts a long time too."

Mr Phil Armson ( 11-Feb-2019 )

BK101 BK101 Fodor Orange Wine, Maurer 2016

"Pretty out there wine - not your usual WS juice Freshly creosoated fence . Quince and marmalade. Great min and acidity Very good with pork stuffed kohlrabi"

Mr Andrew Buurman ( 11-Feb-2019 )

FC29471 FC29471 Madiran Cuvée Auguste Vigneau, Domaine Pichard 2004

"Having spent many a happy evening in Toulouse I think I know a good Madiran. The first bottle was just great and delivered on the promise. We've now drunk a further three and they have not been good. Taste is thin and sour.. almost undrinkable. Not corked as far as I could tell. I tend to follow the Marcel recommendations ...all have been excellent in the past. Looking at some of the other reviews it appears that there may be a bottle to bottle quality problem. I'm not looking for a refund ...but this was an expensive mistake !!!"

Mr Robert Summers ( 11-Feb-2019 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"Master Class!"

Mr Randle C Theobald ( 11-Feb-2019 )

SA10181 SA10181 De Morgenzon Maestro 'Blue Label', Stellenbosch 2013

"This wine was drinkable, but we found it somewhat disappointing as it did not loose the high tannin flavour, even after airing it for several hours. We will not buy this wine again, but it would go with venison or beef."

Dr John W Ismay ( 11-Feb-2019 )

BU66761 BU66761 Domaine Guillemot-Michel, Viré-Clessé Quintaine 2016

"Simply stunning. Mango, pineapple, peach, baking spice, and a loooooong finish"

Mr Steffan T White ( 11-Feb-2019 )

NZ10491 NZ10491 Kumeu Village Hand-Harvested Chardonnay 2017

"Delicious, and tremendous value for money. A wine to order by the case."

Mr Will Smale ( 11-Feb-2019 )

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