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SA16491 SA16491 Botanica Mary Delany Collection Chenin Blanc, Citrusdal Mountain 2018

"This is what modern South African Chenin is all about. Rich, complex, with a balanced seam of acidity. I couldn’t disagree more with the other review. Up there with Chris Alheit’s Cartology and on the occasion I tried this, possibly even better. "

Mr Philip Christie ( 05-May-2021 )

FC39841 FC39841 Monbazillac, Château Pech la Calevie 2018

"Great value, perfect for warmer-weather outdoor eating when you don't necessarily want something super-sticky. Will buy again."

Mr Richard J Morse ( 05-May-2021 )

BJ8531 BJ8531 Stéphane Aviron, Beaujolais Quincié 2019

"This is a star (four actually). Not your father’s Beaujolais. A pleasant soft medium-bodied wine without the traditional acidity. Complements a light everyday meal superbly. Punches well above its weight. I’ll certainly buy it again when it is in stock. "

Mr David P Leader ( 05-May-2021 )

CB6151 CB6151 Château La Grave de Bertin Réserve, Bordeaux 2019

"Some nice black fruit plus some vanilla. The tannins were a little harsh despite aerating and decanting for a day. Quaffable but not one we'll return to."

Dr Andre Gilburn ( 05-May-2021 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"Excellent champagne and remarkably consistent. Love the sharpness derived from the malic acid. Such a treat when so many champagne houses have now succumbed to the modern desire for softer, dare I say blander, champagnes, which simply can’t age so well. Highly recommended "

Mr Brian Back ( 05-May-2021 )

AU22601 AU22601 The Society’s Exhibition Victoria Shiraz 2018

"We have tried many, many Shiraz, as its my wifes favourite style. We always come back to this as value and quality we struggle to match elsewhere. "

Mr Simon Featherstone ( 05-May-2021 )

SP14681 SP14681 Finca Antigua Unico Crianza, La Mancha 2013

"More complexity than I expected at this price. Lots of flavour, with blackcurrant dominating (from the Cabernet I guess). Quite a dry tannic finish, which is less noticeable with food. I wouldn't say the oak flavour is pronounced; just enough to soften the wine. For me, not a wine to drink on its own, but it's really good with tomato based pasta dishes. I had the 2015 vintage. "

Mr Rob Rue ( 05-May-2021 )

FC39981 FC39981 The Society's Picpoul de Pinet 2020

"Always a risk buying wine at this price, even under the Society's label. But very pleasantly surprised. Had a curry delivered and my go to wine for a curry is Sancerre but I hooked this out of the wine rack. Very impressed. Didn't try and fight the curry at all. Very pleasant yellow colour (the wine not the curry) but I certainly wouldn't call it 2 on the 'dry' scale."

Mr Roy Bell ( 05-May-2021 )

RH56981 RH56981 The Society's Côtes-du-Rhône 2019

"Each to his own. Lot's of 5* reviews which I do not understand. I don't expect too much from £8.50 a bottle but it is the Society's own label. Very harsh. Very acidic. No discernible fruit. Very close to 'pour down the sink' classification."

Mr Roy Bell ( 05-May-2021 )

BJ8841 BJ8841 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2020

"Wow. Loved this wine. Great example of Beaujolais-Villages. Nice balance, plenty of fruit, not too jammy, bit of leanness to it. Good aftertaste. We are trying all of the good value Gamays. This is our favourite so far. However the Saint Pourcain Gamay/Pinot blend slightly chilled was also excellent, albeit different. Very good value for money (both)."

Mr Richard Bowler ( 05-May-2021 )

NZ12141 NZ12141 Spy Valley Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020

"Have just ordered a second case. Spousal approval of this wine, which typifies a decent Marlborough SB, confirms its qualities. The WS tasting notes are fair and sensible ( I can't always say that ) . Just the thing for summer. "

Mr Simon Hammerton ( 05-May-2021 )

FC38541 FC38541 The Society's Corbières 2018

"I've only tried one bottle, from a mixed case, but that was a lovely wine - just what you hope for from a South of France red. "

Mr Steven Bliss ( 05-May-2021 )

CE11241 CE11241 Marqués de Casa Concha Etiqueta Negra DO Puente Alto Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

"Always thought highly of Concha Y Toro wines from Diablo right up to Don Melchor. Loved this one and will buy more"

Mr Lawrence Clephane ( 05-May-2021 )

RH57171 RH57171 Lirac Rouge La Fermade, Domaine Maby 2018

"Very nice grown up wine. Seemed to get better towards the end of the bottle so I will try decanting the next one. Delicious"

Mr Lawrence Clephane ( 05-May-2021 )

GR2031 GR2031 Nomas Assyrtiko, Karavitakis 2020

"Keep the Greek wine coming! Opened as only had french and really couldn't given it was to steady the nerves during City vs PSG. I feel Albarino fans would absolutely love this. I'd carry on singing its praises but I need to take another steadying glass."

Ms Katy Benson ( 04-May-2021 )

GR1871 GR1871 The Society's Greek White 2020

"Lovely, lovely stuff. Very floral (jasmine?) yet very dry, very moreish. Fans of viognier and Sauv blanc should love this. What a refreshing change from the norm. "

Ms Katy Benson ( 04-May-2021 )

SA16821 SA16821 Lubanzi Chenin Blanc, Swartland 2020

"I must've got a different batch to the other two reviewers. I found this a lovely example of a dry, unoaked Chenin, clean and crisp but plenty of flavour. A funky little cork as well! I would happily buy again and think it's good value. "

Ms Katy Benson ( 04-May-2021 )

CM19371 CM19371 Château Lanessan, Haut Médoc 2015

"A strange wine. Dry, dusty (tannic) and lacking in anything very much on opening, then (after 1 hour decant) suddenly delicious when washing down steak and peppercorn sauce, then the last glass after food suddenly a bit thin and uninteresting again. Maybe needs a few more years to develop, but definitely not great on its own just now."

Mr Matthew Tom ( 04-May-2021 )

IT30071 IT30071 Primitivo di Manduria Archidamo 2018

"Wonderful wine, I can only hope that the 2019 is as good as the 2018"

Mr Mark Davies ( 04-May-2021 )

PW8131 PW8131 Adega de Redondo Real Lavrador, Alentejano 2019

"Nothing special about this wine. Very basic. On opening it was sharp and it did not improve. I will not buy this again"

Mr Stuart Humphries ( 04-May-2021 )

FC39871 FC39871 Rosé Duo des Plages, Pays d'Oc 2020

"A top class Rose. Onion skin colour, delicious flavour....light and fragrant. Highly recommended and good value. The perfect patio wine in summer and one of our favourite pre dinner aperitifs to titilate the taste buds. Highly recommended."

Mr David A Murdoch ( 04-May-2021 )

NZ12031 NZ12031 Stoneburn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020

"Excellent dry Sauvignon Blanc. Went well with salmon"

Mr Keith Mantell ( 04-May-2021 )

BJ8391 BJ8391 Domaine des Coteaux de Font Curé, Brouilly 2018

"I had to do a double check that this was not a more expensive wine. It tasted much better than one twice the price!"

Mr Mark Bowden ( 04-May-2021 )

AL15751 AL15751 Muscat Réserve, Joseph Cattin 2019

"Contrary to the previous member's review, I and all my family found this Muscat to be an absolute delight, and just as it should be."

Mr Robert Butler ( 04-May-2021 )

HU1671 HU1671 Rosé Cuvée Villány, Heumann 2020

"Pleasantly surprised, this is tangy, sherbert-style, with strawberries, redcurrants, a hint of bubblegum. Very drinkable; not sure what food you'd drink it with, but we had it as an apperitif and it went down very nicely. "

Mr Roger Emmens ( 04-May-2021 )

RH57841 RH57841 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Collection Privée Lucien Diffonty, Domaine du Haut des Terres Blanches 1971

"Like David Bonehill, my cork also disintegrated and the wine was undrinkable. I hope the remaining bottles in the case are better as otherwise this will prove a very expensive disappointment."

Mr Stephen J Clifford ( 04-May-2021 )

CM23281 CM23281 The Society's Exhibition Saint-Julien 2018

"I know some prefer their claret when the tannins are still astringently youthful, but not me. It is possible to see passed the tannin (just) and glimpse a delicate wine of some finesse that may well become enjoyable in the years to come. I'm tempted to take the gamgle - buy a case, leave it for 5 years and see what we have at that point. Having read the debate about this wine & Chateau Peyrabon 2009, and having bough both, I would choose neither to drink today. To my taste the Peyrabon is way passed its best and the St-Julian still too young. I would go for the Chateau Charmail 2012 and pocket a fiver."

Mr Andrew Lawman ( 04-May-2021 )

CM23191 CM23191 Château Peyrabon, Haut-Médoc 2009

"I know that some prefer their claret to be a little passed its peak and enjoy the nuances and subtleties that can emerge once the fruit has faded away. I can understand that view when applied to truly great wine, but more oridinary claret doesn't, in my view, repay this with enjoyment. Sadly, to my taste, the 2009 is way passed its best with little fruit and a dried out dusty character that I didn't care for. This was particularly disappointing after being recommended for Christmas lunch, and should have been drunk up years ago. I'm not saying that this is bad wine, just not to my taste."

Mr Andrew Lawman ( 04-May-2021 )

CM16811 CM16811 Château Charmail, Haut-Médoc 2012

"Delicious claret, silky smooth tannins, plenty of fruit, lovely nose. At its peak right now to my taste."

Mr Andrew Lawman ( 04-May-2021 )

BU74221 BU74221 Domaine Coche-Bizouard, Meursault Rouge 2018

"Lovely fresh / light pretty pinot noir. I used to buy this en primeur many moons ago, and then stopped for some reason (perhaps one year might not have been as good). So 2 years ago in 2018 - staying with a friend we raided his cellar and came across a 2006 bottle of this that I'd obviously given him and it had laid forgotten for many years. I warned that it would probably be well past it -- but no it was still fantastic! Since when I have been re-buying. Oh fir the days when this was £69 for 6 en primeur!! This is a perfect wine to bring out with Epoisses."

Mr T Penn ( 04-May-2021 )

CB4661 CB4661 Château Ampélia, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2014

"Underwhelming nose, lacking in fruit with just some subtle spice aromas. Some volatile acidity too (under ripeness?) Simple mouth feel too. From a wet vintage and a cool vineyard spot as far as I know. Sadly it hasn't aged well to this point. "

Mr Juan Trujillo Andrades ( 04-May-2021 )

BE2311 BE2311 Cidre Bouche de Normandie 2020 5.5%

"Drank the 2019 vintage with a roast pork dinner and I cannot add to what my wife had to say about it - 'fabulous!'"

Mr Peter D Evans ( 04-May-2021 )

LO15601 LO15601 Saint-Pourçain La Réserve Spéciale 2018

"Pleasant easy drinking Gamay Pinot noir blend. Lighter style, good with lighter foods. Good value for money."

Mr Richard Bowler ( 04-May-2021 )

RH51671 RH51671 Crozes-Hermitage, Maison les Alexandrins Nicolas Perrin 2017

"Very interesting wine. Complexity is the name of the game here - it needed 2 days to open out fully. I suggest the longest decant you can achieve. Very pure syrah expression. Not fruit-dominant, mineral, stemmy. Very well-made."

Mr Will Barry ( 03-May-2021 )

CB5951 CB5951 Château Le Bédat, Bordeaux 2019

"Another one of those awesome £8 clarets that sells out too quickly. "

Mr Edward Bogira ( 03-May-2021 )

IT30911 IT30911 Gambellara Classico 2019

"Clean and crisp - a good accompaniment for chicken dishes"

Mr Douglas B Parkes ( 03-May-2021 )

CB6181 CB6181 Château Thieuley Rouge, Bordeaux 2016

"Not a particularly nice wine, sadly, rough around the edges (to my palate); vaguely bitter aftertaste; not a patch on the 2015."

Professor Peter A Glees ( 03-May-2021 )

GR2031 GR2031 Nomas Assyrtiko, Karavitakis 2020

"Ok it’s not Hatzidakis but then nor is the price. We celebrated Greek Easter with this accompanying olives, courgette and feta fritters and roasted peppers -and it was cracking wine. Enjoy with full flavoured foods -don’t hold back on the garlic -and relax. Well worth every penny. As is Hatzidakis assyrtiko -but that’s a different review"

Mr Chris Smith ( 03-May-2021 )

IT30451 IT30451 Langhe Freisa Kyè, GD Vajra 2016

"I put this wine into a blind tasting (decanted an hour before) with some fellow wine aficionados' all of whom are far more knowledgeable than I - we had tasted several other wines blind and their provenance and age was identified even if all seven grapes in a blend weren't able to be called out. The Freisa had them all perplexed, in a very pleasant way, with only one guessing Italy as the country and getting the region right - the USA was a popular pick as were other new world countries. I think it was perhaps the lovely red fruit crunchiness along with the sweet tannins that shone in front of the earthy notes in the background. With food it shone even more. It's not cheap but it is exceptional value for money in my opinion. I would urge anyone who appreciates the wines of the Langhe to push the boat out and try this at least once. "

Ms Annette McMahon ( 03-May-2021 )

BJ8761 BJ8761 Beaujolais Les Pierres Dorées, Cuvée Louis Dépagneux 2020

"This is a very enjoyable Beaujolais. Plenty of fruit and flavour, short but pleasant aftertaste. Drink now. Will hold up to fuller flavoured meals, drank with chili con carne and it was perfect."

Mr Richard Bowler ( 03-May-2021 )

CB5441 CB5441 Château Pey La Tour Reserve, Bordeaux Supérieur 2017

"This is for the 2016 vintage; purplish red on the colour with a medium intensity, on the nose it has distinct dark cherry tones. In the mouth the tannins are quite noticable and possibly overtake the fruit but there is definite scope for this wine to improve with bottle age. It’s a cracking vintage and I have high hopes for this wine to develop. Good show TWS!."

Mr Ross Marwood ( 03-May-2021 )

AA3151 AA3151 Familie Mantler Zweigelt 2019

"Very nice. Light and fruity. Reminds me of an Italian wine - in a good way. Great value. "

Mr Simon Bourke ( 03-May-2021 )

AL15771 AL15771 Pinot Noir Réserve, Trimbach 2019

"Bright raspberry fruit, light with a pleasant lingering acidity. However, my bottle is pettilant with some bitter notes. I would have to try an unaffected bottle to review it properly."

Mr Keith Jordan ( 03-May-2021 )

CB5961 CB5961 Château Lary Tagot, Bordeaux 2018

"Chose this 2018 Lary Tagot to go with a Lamb Ragu (first time trying, the wine, that is). Doesn't nose like a typical claret, with a rather unusual, though quite pleasant, hint of almonds showing through. Despite that, the majority (if not total) merlot shows immediately on the palate, as does a pleasing balance of tannin to fruit. Nicely presented bottle - looks good on the table, and tastes good in the mouth. Recommended."

Mr Jeremy Mathias ( 03-May-2021 )

FC40271 FC40271 Fitou Origines, Domaine Bertrand-Bergé 2019

"Nothing wrong with this soft French red and nothing amazing either. The sort of wine you might have drunk as a student with a stick of French bread at a bar lunch in Paris."

Dr John Bremner ( 03-May-2021 )

CE11521 CE11521 Lascar Classic Merlot 2020

"The Lascar range of wines is such good value. Another fabulous wine for the money. We just tried a couple of wines ten pounds a bottle more expensive but neither were close to being good. This is smooth, well balanced and full of fruit. A lovely new world merlot. "

Dr Andre Gilburn ( 03-May-2021 )

GR1891 GR1891 Plakoura Mandilari, Domaine Lyrarakis 2017

"One reviewer thought it was great the other poured it down the sink . I agreed with them both ! But wait . First taste too much tannin and lots for mint and spruce .Not much of a nose - i thought its the sink for you . 30 mins later its calmed down a bit no trace of mint . After one hour in the decanter and a couple of swirls around the glass its a different animal . Great nose , my son in law was in raptures ( doesnt get out much ) Didnt get much cherry ( a good thing for me ) but yes blackberry , maybe a plums but certainly some spice and a hint of vanilla . When back in stock will put a few away to see how it ages . For £13 this is definitely worth a try ."

Mr Steve Denny ( 03-May-2021 )

PW8491 PW8491 Casa Ermelinda Freitas Vinha do Torrão Rosé, Península de Setúbal 2020

"Would the Society please answer Mr Stewart's question? Dryness scale of 2, as shown, is not consistent with the description of 'sweet', as he says."

Mr John F Halliday ( 03-May-2021 )

GE13791 GE13791 Weissburgunder, Toni Jost 2019

"This is a beautifully crafted example. It is described as trocken on the back label but it had a distinct Kabinett style element of sweetness in the finish and this was also detected in the bouquet. There is no problem when drinking the wine on its own, but food pairing needs careful consideration."

Mr David Woodcock ( 03-May-2021 )

BJ8361 BJ8361 Domaine de la Plaigne, Régnié 2018

"A very classic Beaujolais with a mass of all the red fruits and freshness you want but I found the finish to be slightly wanting."

Mr Andrew Rome ( 03-May-2021 )


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