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CB5331 CB5331 Château Lamothe Saint Germain, Bordeaux 2016

"2015 Vintage I bought this in 2017 and it has a 2017 Lot Number (L599/2017) so I'm assuming it is a later bottling than those that got poor reviews in 2016. Plus it's got more bottle age. Anyway, its gorgeous: ripe and full bodied, rounded and full of fruit, lovely stuff. Drank 18Apr2019"

Mr Peter May ( 19-Apr-2019 )

BJ7591 BJ7591 Stéphane Aviron, Beaujolais Quincié 2017

"Excellent wine. Manages to be full in the mouth but still light. Usual good Beaujolais attributes, Berry fruit flavours. Strongly recommended for summer with or without food."

Mr Charles Stokes ( 18-Apr-2019 )

IT28301 IT28301 Pecorino Abruzzo, Contesa 2017

"Still enjoying this wine. A little oily richness to cut through some baked seabass. Good acidity and alcohol balance. I have a few bottles of the 2017 left ready for the summer. "

Mr Martin Wingate ( 18-Apr-2019 )

IT23351 IT23351 Nebbiolo d'Alba, Manfredi 2015

"A very solid wine for the price. Dry with soft fine grained tannins that give this wine real character. Classic black cherry flavours with savoury tobacco and cigar box notes developing. Refreshing acidity cuts through the brooding savoury elements and overall there is a long finish! Very enjoyable."

Mr Edward Murphy ( 18-Apr-2019 )

CE9261 CE9261 Koyle Cerro Basalto Alto Colchagua 2014

"Delicious New World red that could just as well come from the Southern Rhone or Languedoc. Intense fruit flavour of damson and blackcurrant with a delicious tarry edge. The oak is perfectly integrated and helps produce a soft, rich, very moreish red. Decanted for a couple of hours before drinking and even better on the next day. "

Mr Rob Rue ( 18-Apr-2019 )

CS10701 CS10701 Château Côtes de Chambeau, Lussac Saint-Emilion 2016

"Perfectly good claret at a reasonable price. Unfortunately drunk at a dinner party with more illustrious names which provided an unfair comparison and probably made me downgrade it."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 18-Apr-2019 )

GR1441 GR1441 Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2017

"Gorgeous, fresh, bright red wine with some tannins but clean fruit and a dry herby edge that differentiates it from other light/medium reds. Ridiculously good value for money. "

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 18-Apr-2019 )

AL13771 AL13771 Riesling, Domaine Frédéric Mochel 2015

"Fabulous Riesling. Golden colour with a slight metallic edge. Clear and pure fruit again with a mineral edge. Not convinced it’s quite bone dry but on that side of dry. Would thoroughly recommend. "

Mr Tom Rodger ( 18-Apr-2019 )

US7731 US7731 Peltier Road Californian Sauvignon Blanc 2017

"A highly quaffable sauvignon with more complexity than I expected. For me, the dominant characteristic is buttery grass. But also lurking just beneath the surface I find lime, green peppers and even a hint of asparagus. Excellent value for money."

Mr Lawrence Bailey ( 18-Apr-2019 )

LO14661 LO14661 Anjou, Domaine des Forges 2017

"Produced by one of the best domaines of the Coteaux du Layon, this is a straightforward, appealing Anjou Rouge that is the perfect 'weekday' red to match with pretty well any red meat dish. If personally you go for Loire cabernet franc wines, you will be delighted with such good quality at a giveaway price. Highly recommended. "

Mr Gregory Lacey ( 18-Apr-2019 )

FC34531 FC34531 Saint-Chinian, Domaine Raynier 2017

"Agree with all the other reviews nice body and lovely to drink especially at £6.75. Probably the best I have had at this price point. "

Mr Owen Duffy ( 17-Apr-2019 )

FC34181 FC34181 The Society's French Dry White 2017

"This is, as honest as Dixon of Dock Green, a non nonsense, drink me quick, everyday gulp and none the poorer for it. Buy in safety."

Mr Andrew Kerslake ( 17-Apr-2019 )

US8311 US8311 Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2016

"This is great value for money. A favourite having had several different years over the last half a decade. All good with lots of fruit. One to site in front of the fire with. Enjoy. "

Mr Jonathon P Rucker ( 17-Apr-2019 )

SA13361 SA13361 The Society's Exhibition Pinotage, Stellenbosch 2016

"I have bought several bottles of this vintage, and I would most certainly buy it again. 5 star"

Derrick J Franks Esq ( 17-Apr-2019 )

FC32531 FC32531 Bergerac Rouge, Château Tour des Gendres 2016

"My wife lobbies for organic wines because she thinks they don't give her a headache, but this one was pretty heavy on the tannins as a previous reviewer said. Pay another £1 and you can get better value wines of this type with a bit more refinement and character. I was also a little surprised by the sediment (not a negative in itself of course)."

Mr Peter Jinks ( 17-Apr-2019 )

SB1557 SB1557 AntiOx Wine Preserver

"I bought one of these with a recent order. I regret that I cannot recommend it. I have tried it with a number of recent bottles both red and white. In my view it has not done what it claims to do. The reds certainly seemed to lack fruit after a day and were not well preserved. I have previously used "Private Preserve" which, actually, I thought worked well. I would ask that the Society restocks this. "

Mr Shaun D Tame ( 17-Apr-2019 )

CH3971 CH3971 Champagne Pierre Paillard Les Parcelles 14 Grand Cru Extra Brut NV

"Bought this as part of a mixed case of Champagne, and it was one of our highlights. Definitely one for the low-dosage fans: it's taut and precise."

Mr William Pooley ( 17-Apr-2019 )

MD141 MD141 Feteascǎ Regalǎ, Château Vartely 2017

"Like other WS members I found this a pleasant crisp wine with an attractive nose and at £6.50 a bottle a real bargain. I will buy again. Andy Barker"

Mr Andrew J Barker ( 17-Apr-2019 )

US8491 US8491 McManis Family Lodi Petite Sirah 2017

"I ordered a case of the 2017 on the basis of finding the 2016 a 'stunning' wine, Unfortunately I am not as impressed with the 2017 vintage which has plenty 'up-front fruit but lacks the interest and complexity of the previous vintage, Would be ideal for a barbecue for friends, if I were feeling particularly generous! "

Mr Paul Kinnear ( 16-Apr-2019 )

FC34321 FC34321 Chartreuse de Mougères, Pèlerin Blanc, Pays de Caux 2017

"Bought two bottles on a bit of a punt. Absolutely delicious. Warning: it is extremely drinkable! Have just ordered another six bottles at the discounted price of £6.25!"

Mr Phil Armson ( 16-Apr-2019 )

RH41271 RH41271 Valréas, Domaine du Val des Rois 2014

"Disappointing, thin and sharp.I'm not quite sure what I would match with this wine."

Mr Bernard Mitchinson ( 16-Apr-2019 )

CB5431 CB5431 Château Bel Air Perponcher Rouge Réserve, Bordeaux 2016

"A well put together merlot, good value"

Mr Peter Jinks ( 16-Apr-2019 )

IT26191 IT26191 Foresco Umbria, Barberani 2016

"A good quality balanced red, leads with cherry flavour as you would expect and decent body. Organic to boot."

Mr Peter Jinks ( 16-Apr-2019 )

GE11391 GE11391 RK Riesling Dry, Von Kesselstatt 2017

"Yes, this one is really good. Compared to most rieslings I've had this has less zing and more fruit."

Mr Peter Jinks ( 16-Apr-2019 )

CH3691 CH3691 Champagne Gosset Grand Réserve Brut NV

"Bought six and underwhelmed by first bottle which just seemed a bit insipid. Not terrible but just not exceptional as hoped. Will try another and send back if not better. Years ago in honour of the Millennium I bought the Grande Millésime 1989 which I remember thinking was just about as good as Champagne gets - so this recent experience is disappointing."

Dr Robert Asher ( 16-Apr-2019 )

SB1117 SB1117 The Wine Society's Apron

"This is an extremely well-made product. It has roomy pockets at the front, an adjustable neck strap and the waist tie is long enough to be fastened at the front - that’s useful and avoids fiddling around trying to tie it behind your back. It oozes quality and offers excellent value for money, particularly at the current reduced price."

Mr David Woodcock ( 16-Apr-2019 )

CS10971 CS10971 Château Destieux, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 1994

"Second bottle was a lot better: classic claret. Maybe the first bottle was off."

Mr David T Meldrum ( 15-Apr-2019 )

AU20331 AU20331 Blind Spot Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2017

"Both of us liked this but probably not as nice as Kamau River. Jo occasionally wasn’t sure."

Mr Alastair Kern ( 15-Apr-2019 )

SA14011A SA14011A Fistful of Schist Reserve Chenin Blanc Swartland 2018

"I think Mr. Stringer's description of this wine is fairly accurate, but I would give it another star. It's really very good value for money."

Mr Gordon Best ( 15-Apr-2019 )

AU21451 AU21451 The Society's Australian Chardonnay 2018

"Lovely - will order again"

Mrs Abi Doring ( 15-Apr-2019 )

FC34131 FC34131 Corse, Terra Nostra Blanc 2017

"Refreshing, enjoyable and very good value"

Mr Michael J Webber ( 15-Apr-2019 )

CS10971 CS10971 Château Destieux, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 1994

"Pretty classical and correct. Blackcurrant, cedar, mint; harmonious and refreshing, enjoyed with roast stuffed loin of lamb. Precisely why I joined the Society. Can't wait to open the next bottle over Easter!"

Dr Tzehow Mok ( 15-Apr-2019 )

SG2231 SG2231 Vecchio Moro Lambrusco Grasparossa Rinaldini

"Belated review; enjoyed over summer 2018. Huge fun; dangerously quaffable. Pity it's out of stock!"

Dr Tzehow Mok ( 15-Apr-2019 )

LO13291 LO13291 Vouvray Demi-Sec 'Le Peu Morier', Domaine Vincent Carême 2015

"Beautiful wine, flavors really open if uncorked an hour before drinking. Heartily recommended. "

Mr Bruce Noble ( 15-Apr-2019 )

SP14361 SP14361 Parcelas Ecológico Monastrell, Yecla 2017

"An absolute find for this price point. Concentrated cherry, blueberry and blackberry with underlying black pepper jump out on the nose, and after a chance to open up a subtle savoury smoked meat aroma began to pop up. While the palate reflects the concentrated fruit flavours they're not quite as pronounced as the aromas unfortunately. The high tannins and alcohol make this a very full bodied wine but the finish is still somewhat elegant, it only scores 3 stars looking at it subjectively but in terms of bang for your buck its a real winner."

Mr Jacob Desai-Proud ( 14-Apr-2019 )

RH50661 RH50661 Costières de Nîmes, Domaine Galus 2017

"Costieres de Nimes is one of my favourites, anywhere. I love Galus’ Grenache blend - bouquet, finish and the way it complements strong flavours including harissa. If there weren’t so many star wines on the Society’s list I’d say send me a year’s supply. "

Mr Martin Yarnit ( 14-Apr-2019 )

BJ7631 BJ7631 Domaine du Carjot, Juliénas Les Capitans 2017

"I have drank 2 bottles of this over the weekend and found the wine unrepresentative of the reviews. I didn't get any of the levels of dark fruit per the description and reviews. I decanted the second bottle but it made no difference. I found it thin, unremarkable and incompatible to the Domaine Durand Brouilly which is the same price, and bottled by the same negotiant."

Mr Martin Wingate ( 14-Apr-2019 )

IT25851 IT25851 Susumaniello Salento Rosso, Vallone 2016

"Colour: Bright clear cherry red. Aroma: Med-intensity, ripe, lots of jammy red and black fruits, raspberry, cherry, blackberries, leather chocolate, cured meat, a hint of smoke and something floral. Taste: Med-bodied, opulent but not heavy, juicy vibrant acidity, generous palate reflecting the nose with firm grippy tannin giving a drying texture ending with a lovely sustained finish. Overall: Very approachable and easy-drinking. A winner on all counts, good nose, palate and length. Not a complex sophisticated wine but ripe and smooth, ticks a lot of boxes and great value."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 14-Apr-2019 )

SA13581 SA13581 The Society's Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch 2018

"The society do many really good whites and this is no exception. South African Chenin can be such a joy. Lovely pale yellow with a slight green tinge. Great mineral finish. Easily drinkable on its own or with food. "

Mr Tom Rodger ( 14-Apr-2019 )

AU20771 AU20771 Australia Felix Swan Hill Victoria Shiraz-Sagrantino 2017

"Slightly dried blackcurrant, blackberry and damson fruit followed by a sharp finish that clearly shows the influence of the Sagrantino. I drank this over two evenings and it was definitely more fruit-forward on the second day, so would recommend decanting. Unlike many Aussie reds, this is best enjoyed with food rather than on its own and the finish will not be to everybody's taste but an Aussie wine with distinctive character available for under a tenner is not something that I see every day. "

Mr Chris Varney ( 14-Apr-2019 )

BJ7621 BJ7621 Domaine Durand, Pisse Vieille Brouilly 2017

"Nice wine. I agree with other recent reviews. Good levels of fruit and well balanced. Enjoyable to drink. "

Mr Martin Wingate ( 14-Apr-2019 )

BJ7891 BJ7891 Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades, Domaine Pavillon de Chavannes 2017

"Very fresh, soft, mellow red fruits to the fore. Good light red wine for early summery days, good Gamay character, delightful and sappy, nice example "

Mr Simon Wragg ( 14-Apr-2019 )

SB1557 SB1557 AntiOx Wine Preserver

"Review of Pulltex AntiOx stopper: I bought a couple of these a month ago. The packaging states that these stoppers will preserve all the organoleptic characteristics of the wine for up to 10 days. They sound great in theory and should save on buying “Private Preserve” gas, which I had been using. I decided to try an experiment to see if they worked. Taking four bottles of identical white wine, I poured out 200 ml of each of three bottles and left them exposed to the air for 30 minutes. These were then stoppered with (i) the AntiOx stopper (ii) a cork and (iii) a cork and “Private Preserve” and refrigerated, upright, with the fourth unopened bottle at the back of the fridge. Before tasting a week later, all four bottles were removed from the refrigerator. The unopened bottle was opened and 200ml was removed. All four wines were blind tasted. There were three tasters, one with 30+ years of tasting fine wine, another who was completing her studies for her WSET level 3 and one other. Each independently voted for each wine. The outcome was: the new bottle and the bottle that had been stored with “Private Preserve” were rated as the best and very similar (interestingly the bottle with the gas slightly better than the newly opened bottle). The bottle with the cork (no gas) and the AntiOx had lost most of their bouquet, had increased acidity and had lost most of the fruit. These were not unpleasant, but they were not well preserved and very similar (i.e. the AntiOx stopper had made no difference). Dismantling the insides of the stopper reveals what looks like a charcoal pellet in the plastic mesh. I showed the AntiOx stopper to colleagues with PhDs in chemistry, who questioned the science of oxygen atoms combining with carbon (to form CO2) without heat, as is shown on the packaging. The packaging has a number of errors (e.g. chemical symbol for oxygen) and there are claims of a patented method, but no patent number (or what part of the stopper is patented). Overall I can’t recommend this stopper. "

Mr Phillip Dixon ( 14-Apr-2019 )

CB5531 CB5531 Château Monconseil Gazin, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux 2015

"Medium body, smooth, well-balanced."

Mr David Beaumont ( 14-Apr-2019 )

FC33561 FC33561 The Society's Corbières 2016

"Very good, dark fruit and chocolate."

Mr David Beaumont ( 14-Apr-2019 )

IT24971 IT24971 The Society's Valpolicella Ripasso 2016

"Complex, medium-bodied. Cherries, tobacco. "

Mr David Beaumont ( 14-Apr-2019 )

IT26291 IT26291 Baccolo Appassimento Rosso Veneto 2017

"Medium body, soft fruit. Good value."

Mr David Beaumont ( 14-Apr-2019 )

SH401 SH401 Romate Don José A Selection of Oloroso Medium Dry

"Colour: Deep dark orange brown. Aroma: Pungent and rich, baking spices/allspice, fruitcake, dried apricots, dates, bruised apple, citrus peel, caramel, toffee, vanilla and a damp dusty note but in a good way. Taste: Dry, full-bodied, viscous with good brisk acidity. Smooth on the palate with flavours of nuts, marzipan and jammy dried fruits with a persistent long after-taste. Overall: Wholly enjoyable. Complex and long might sum it up best and at a bargain of a price. A must buy for anyone who likes this style of Sherry."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 14-Apr-2019 )

PT1871 PT1871 The Society's Exhibition Vintage Port 1985

"Remarkable, despite 34 years in bottle it has everything still going for it and and a few more years to spare - drank this in one session with friends Christmas eve 2018. All the usual superlatives for properly aged vintage port apply. Not cheap, but my goodness it's superb value for money. Will get another to set aside for next Christmas."

Mr Tim Potts ( 14-Apr-2019 )

SP14161 SP14161 Domaines Lupier El Terroir Garnacha, Navarra 2012

"Day 1: a rather average Navarra Grenache, slightly sweet oak, usual fruit - but not exactly a £17.50 bottle. Day 2: very enjoyable, much improved and velvety smooth with a dry tannic finish, almost Chateau 9 du Pape (if it wasnt for the American oak). Still not convinced its a £17+ bottle though. "

Mr Tim Potts ( 14-Apr-2019 )

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