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BJ7981 BJ7981 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2018

"Musty, slightly farmyard nose. The wine reveals itself in the mouth - bursting with juicy fruit. Rich and hearty as is typical of Juliénas. Very enjoyable."

Mr Will Barry ( 18-Aug-2019 )

NZ11141 NZ11141 SoBo New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2018

"Really enjoyed this. Tasted it at the Cellar showroom with another member and we both added it to our orders. NZ Sauvignon Blanc can be a bit overpowering, with a strong gooseberry and cat pee nose, but this is more subtle. Certainly not bland, as another reviewer has suggested. "

Mr William Naylor ( 17-Aug-2019 )

LO15131 LO15131 Anjou Rouge 'Confidences', Famille Bougrier 2018

"A classic cabernet franc from the dependable Famille Bougrier. If you like cabernet franc I think you will enjoy this example. Excellent value - I have re-ordered as part of my one-man campaign to get the Society to feature more Loire reds."

Mr John Woodman ( 17-Aug-2019 )

LO15151 LO15151 Touraine Rouge 'La Croix Angier', Alpha Loire 2018

"Fantastic value for an excellent Loire red. The effect of the malbec is quite noticeable. Buy it to encourage the Society to increase its range of Loire reds"

Mr John Woodman ( 17-Aug-2019 )

CH3691 CH3691 Champagne Gosset Grand Réserve Brut NV

"I have to agree with the previous reviewer. At this price I should be singing its praises but I cannot. I have had much better vintage fizz at half the price of this. I will not be buying it again."

Mr Ross Marwood ( 17-Aug-2019 )

FC29451 FC29451 Madiran, Domaine Pichard 2009

"Needs plenty of air to develop, but then turns into a real Darcy of a wine - dark, smouldering, leathery. "

Mr Roger Emmens ( 17-Aug-2019 )

IT27291 IT27291 Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, Contesa 2018

"I'm a bit take it or leave it with rosés as a rule but this was really good. Like a quality rounded white with hints of rosé. Punches well above its weight price wise - I'd happily pay double the price for a wine like this."

Mr Roger Emmens ( 17-Aug-2019 )

RH53471 RH53471 Tavel Cuvée Prima Donna Rosé, Domaine Maby 2018

"Needed plenty of time to breathe, and changed character a lot - unpleasantly woody when first poured, but much improved an hour and a half later. Full bodied and tannic with cherries, bubblegum, cough lozenges (it's better than that sounds!). Decant and have with food and you'll enjoy it."

Mr Roger Emmens ( 17-Aug-2019 )

SP14631 SP14631 Fefiñanes Albariño, Rías Baixas 2018

"Zesty, grapefruit, quite sharp though not unpleasantly so. Not quite a typical Albarino, and not sure it's worth quite this much."

Mr Roger Emmens ( 17-Aug-2019 )

LO14891 LO14891 Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Guénault 2018

"Notning to write hoe about decent pub"

Mr Immanuel von Bennigsen ( 17-Aug-2019 )

PW7361 PW7361 Almeida Garrett Entre Serras, Beira Interior 2016

"I'm afraid I have to go with the majority view. Acidic, hardly any finish, not up to usual WS standards. OK for a glass while cooking, but that's about it..."

Mr James McCall ( 17-Aug-2019 )

LO14911 LO14911 Anjou, Domaine Cady 2018

"Very good white. Full rich creamy flavour Lots of tropical fruit flavour. "

Mr Peter J H Devlin ( 17-Aug-2019 )

BU70801 BU70801 Domaine Cordier, Mâcon Milly Clos du Four 2017

"Good, fresh, creamy burgundy. Not a bargain by any means at this price, but will buy again."

Mr Andrew Sturmey ( 17-Aug-2019 )

PW6961 PW6961 Crasto Superior, Douro 2015

"For me 4.5 stars, java script is playing up and wouldn’t let me give 1/2 marks. More importantly cracking wine. Inky, deep, luscious, tannins in control but there, oak present but subdued. Its a gud un! Approachable and fun but with something to think about."

Mr John Cunningham ( 16-Aug-2019 )

FC34201 FC34201 Minervois, Plaisir d'Eulalie, Château Sainte-Eulalie 2017

"I think the Society has an exceptional portfolio of value wines from south-west France , and a number of them are giving me considerable pleasure. But maybe Plaisir d'Eulalie is the first among equals. Always gets good comments at our table; well flavoured but well balanced too so it doesn't overpower. "

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Aug-2019 )

FC36361 FC36361 Cabardès, Château de Pennautier 2016

"I've been drinking this wine several times a year for ten years, so I guess there must be something about it that I like. And I think the answer lies in the fact it has character that goes beyond what you'd normally get for the price. You can taste the ground its grown in , and its a blend that really works. "

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Aug-2019 )

MX19212 MX19212 The Reds For Cellaring Mystery Case

"Sorry, but I cannot fork out £200 for six bottles of "something". I have done it before now and been severely disappointed. You hope for a gem, of course, but end up with at least a couple of bottles of stuff the WS has been unable to sell. Why can't they sell it? Because nobody wants it. Of course, if you enjoy lotteries then this one is probably one of the best you can go for, but I would advise paying for something you know, and continue supporting the WS that way."

Anthony R Briskham Esq ( 16-Aug-2019 )

AU21891 AU21891 Bleasdale Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2018

"2017 Vintage: Colour: Bright, clean, straw yellow with a green tinge. Aroma: Pronounced and exotic, citrus, melon, apple, honeysuckle, banana, a mushroom earthiness, something very funky (but divine), a smokiness, warm bread and spice. Taste: Dry, med+ bodied, unctuous creamy smooth texture to balance the refreshing acidity. The palate brings citrus, vanilla and apricot that flows into a tingly ripe finish. Overall: Loved this, such a wonderful integration of fruit and oak. Feels fat but still crisp and juicy. Structure, great nose and a good flavoursome mid-palate. Great value, highly recommend."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 16-Aug-2019 )

IT26581 IT26581 Nebbiolo d'Alba, Manfredi 2016

"What a super wine. It has good length with intense smokey dark fruit flavours and went very well with a beef stew. Price wise, it definitely punches above it's weight. Highly recommended. "

Mr Rory Bremner ( 16-Aug-2019 )

IT25611 IT25611 Regaleali Bianco, Tasca d'Almerita 2017

"Aromatic, well balanced and refreshing, Excellent on its own or with food "

Mr Dennis Greenslade ( 16-Aug-2019 )

SA14051 SA14051 Lammershoek 'The Innocent' CVS White Blend, Swartland 2017

"A very pleasant surprise from one of the lesser known ( to me ) Swartland wineries. A delicious everyday drinking wine. A fresh and lively wine, with some depth, which can be drunk with or without food Crisp acidity and some length with Chenin dominating the blend . I would be very interested in seeing the other wines in this range listed by TWS as this offers great value. A winery part owned by the legendary Franz Beckenbauer I understand! "

Mr A B Coren ( 16-Aug-2019 )

RH50681 RH50681 The Society's Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage 2016

"A txt book Syrah. Plenty of black fruit with spice and pepper. "

Mr Tom Rodger ( 16-Aug-2019 )

MX19211 MX19211 The Ready-to-Drink Mystery Mix

"I tend to agree with Mr Coulthard; if I’m going to pay £24 a bottle (albeit at an 18% reduction), I prefer to know what I’m getting. One of the reasons why Wine Without Fuss has never appealed to me."

Mr Stephen J Ramsden ( 16-Aug-2019 )

BU62761 BU62761 Château de Meursault, Meursault Clos des Grands Charrons 2014

"This is drinking beautifully at present (Aug 2019). A little bit of butter and fruit but with a backbone of acidity to keep it all in balance. Quite a long after-taste. A definite step up from generic Meursault. Quite charming really just like its namesake chateau. Good quality decent white burgundy at a "fair" (for sadly, now expensive, white burgundy, that is) price. "

Dr David Lythall ( 16-Aug-2019 )

FC36871 FC36871 The Society's French Grenache 2018

"A nice wine for drinking at any time on it's own or with anything you fancy especially during the summer where a little chilling in the fridge won't go amiss. Could do with being slightly drier for my taste. It does not really replace the Full French it is supposed to be a replacement for as it has lost quite a lot of "fullness" and that quintessential French cafe taste."

Mr Cliff Snelling ( 16-Aug-2019 )

BJ7732 BJ7732 Half bottle of Château de Beauregard, Fleurie Poncié 2017

"Attractive, floral and fresh. Even with two years bottle age this wine has grace and poise and is packed full of cranberry, raspberry and delicate notes of red cherry. Straight to it on the palate, pure and direct flavours, with bright acidity, a medium weight: a wine that does not tire the pallet. Why did I buy a half?! "

Mr Edward Murphy ( 15-Aug-2019 )

FC36141 FC36141 Cabidos Vin Doux, Cuvée Saint Clément, Petit Manseng 2015 50cl

"A sweeter version of a Jurancon Doux. Personally I find it is lacking the minerality to go with cheese, but a fantastic aperitif or if you can make it last until after the meal it goes very nicely with fruit cheesecake."

Mr Neil Lyon ( 15-Aug-2019 )

NZ10291 NZ10291 Wither Hills Marlborough Pinot Noir 2015

"Good vintages of Wither Hills are excellent and I strongly recommend them for taste, quality and good value. However, I should have guessed why there was a big reduction on the recently-delivered mixed case of Wither Hills because I find the 2015 PN a bit lean and slightly bitter, almost with a 'too old already' taste. I shall try the other bottles with interest."

Anthony H B Evans ( 15-Aug-2019 )

IT26561 IT26561 Castel Serranova, Salento, Vallone 2015

"I was initially underwhelmed by this but it really opened up after half an hour or so, presenting round black fruit, leather and spice. I'll try their more expensive wines now! "

Mr Steven Connell ( 15-Aug-2019 )

US8481 US8481 Peltier Ranch Lodi Reserve Pinot Noir 2018

"There can't be many better value Californian pinots than this one. Very pure fruit and lovely silky texture. I tried it at room temperature first, then chilled it for 20 minutes. It's definitely much better chilled. At room temperature, it does taste a bit like alcoholic fruit juice and I imagine would soon become cloying. But chilled it's a revelation, with just enough acidity to cut through the sweet fruit. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a less expensive alternative to NZ or Yarra pinot noir."

Mr Rob Rue ( 15-Aug-2019 )

RH53581 RH53581 Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge, Guigal 2016

"This wine should have a label on it saying " Tastes exactly like it did X years ago". Guigal are one of the best suppliers/producers of quality wines from the Rhone. The style is what I would call " Old School ". Big, bold, black fruit flavours with a tarry, tannic quality that epitomises the southern part of the Rhone Valley. Excellent with roast meats and BBQ food."

Mr Marcus Goodwin ( 15-Aug-2019 )

IT27321 IT27321 Cirò Rosso Gaglioppo, Santa Venere 2017

"Delicious wine, sufficient acidity to be better with food, but very well made and no rough edges. Very pretty colour, if aromatically simple. Not necessarily a keeper, but such good value for money, you won’t want to!"

Mr Nicholas J Coulson ( 15-Aug-2019 )

MX19211 MX19211 The Ready-to-Drink Mystery Mix

"In answer to the last reviewer on here questioning why anyone would want to buy a mystery case; look at the price. 18% off is your answer. I've had mystery offers in the past and they have been excellent. It helps to expand horizons. Wine without fuss AND with a discount!"

Mr Kelly Farrington ( 15-Aug-2019 )

HU1401 HU1401 The Society's Hungarian White 2018

" Over the years I have drunk many wines from all parts of the world but none like this. If you are thinking of buying this Hungarian white please don't as I want to buy as much as I can afford before it is out of stock. For value and something different this is a little cracker."

Mr Lawrence Marshom ( 15-Aug-2019 )

MX19211 MX19211 The Ready-to-Drink Mystery Mix

"I can’t understand why anyone wants to pay a relatively premium price for an unknown product! There are enough outstanding known wines to be ordered."

Mr Nigel T Coulthard ( 15-Aug-2019 )

LO14721 LO14721 Touraine Chenonceaux, Domaine de la Renaudie 2017

"Although I wasn’t ‘bowled over’ as WS said in an August 2019 pamphlet, I regard this as a wine of real quality. It is very dry and is unlike conventional Sauvignon Blancs; in some ways it resembles a Sancerre. It is warmly recommended."

Mr Neil Butter ( 15-Aug-2019 )

LO14511 LO14511 Bourgueil, Domaine de Matabrune 2017

"Looking back at my review of the 2015, I wasn't too struck with that vintage. A bit tart, I thought, but gets slightly better with subsequent glasses. I still think the same of the 2017. I think I will give this one a miss in future. There are better wines available."

Mr Ray Mount ( 15-Aug-2019 )

FC36421 FC36421 The Society's Rosé, Pays d'Oc 2018

"Nothing special. Dry, without much fruit. Disappointing really. For the same price we found the Domaine Félines-Jourdan to be much more enjoyable."

Mr Colin Hewson ( 15-Aug-2019 )

BU69561 BU69561 Domaine de la Rochette, Mâcon-Bussières Mont Sard 2017

"This is indeed a star. My wife and I drink a lot of white Burgundy but this stands out. The perfect balance between Burgundian richness and refreshness. If I could only drink one white wine for the rest of my life, this would be on the short list! "

Mr Gordon Best ( 15-Aug-2019 )

FC36061 FC36061 Cantoiseau Rouge, Vin de France 2018

"Bought a crate of this for our wedding and was the perfect choice - reasonable price and a lovely easy drinker for a summer day! This has since become one of my regular buys as well."

Mr Peter Bowes ( 15-Aug-2019 )

FC36871 FC36871 The Society's French Grenache 2018

"Admittedly my wife and I have only drunk one bottle of this wine so far, but we both found it disappointing. We thought the wine lacked flavour and was not as enjoyable to drink as the Full French Red it is replacing."

Mr Colin C Butcher ( 15-Aug-2019 )

SP14251 SP14251 Bohórquez, Ribera del Duero 2009

"An excellent wine and good value at the price. Lovely floral nose, and on the palate much like a good rioja, long finish, more subtle and varied than an ordinary ribera del duero. Surprised it wasn't a Gran Reserva. It kept well after opening too. Would buy again."

Dr Christopher Currie ( 14-Aug-2019 )

AU21951 AU21951 Grant Burge ‘Benchmark' Shiraz 2018

"Looking back through ‘my wines’ I bought the fantastic 2014 vintage by the case load and a couple of bottles of the 2015. I assume I was less impressed as I have not bought again til this vintage (2018). Nothing wrong with the wine but little to recommend this vintage. Found it overly extracted with huge fruit without enough acidity and tannin to balance. "

Dr Philip Dodd ( 14-Aug-2019 )

SP14651 SP14651 Pazo de Villarei Albariño, Rías Baixas 2018

"Very good for a warm summer day."

Mr Dawid Zielonka ( 14-Aug-2019 )

AA2531 AA2531 Pepp Grüner Veltliner, Weinviertel 2018

"Memory is deceptive, but this vintage seems dull and disappointing compared with the 2015 Pepp which we thoroughly enjoyed. It also seems inferior to the Society’s Grüner Veltliner — and this judgement is based on a direct comparative tasting. On this basis, I won’t be buying the Pepp G V again."

Mr W G R Stevens ( 14-Aug-2019 )

LO14721 LO14721 Touraine Chenonceaux, Domaine de la Renaudie 2017

"A truly delightful wine. Perfectly balanced. An absolute bargain at the price. Will be back for more!"

Mr John Hutton ( 14-Aug-2019 )

IT27711 IT27711 Pinot Bianco, Südtirol-Alto Adige, Hofstätter 2018

"A really excellent white wine for drinking solo or with food - I guess the usual seafood. It's a distinct upgrade on all those other wonderful northern Italian whites from the Veneto etc in terms of the finish and quality of taste. Dry but full of flavour and great value."

Mr Charles Beckett ( 14-Aug-2019 )

CE10161 CE10161 Matetic Corralillo San Antonio Gewürztraminer 2018

"Is it the Chilean take on Gewurztraminer? To me this has a slightly metallic taste and then leaves your mouth a little dry, most unlike other Gewurztraminers. No slight sparkle to this, netter value sticking to European/Australian versions"

Mr Gordon Fox ( 14-Aug-2019 )

RH41541 RH41541 Crozes-Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2014

"Thin, past its best, overpriced, trying to persuade you it has something that the 2016 hasn't. Buy the 2016 which is a much better example of Crozes Hermitage."

Mr Nigel Cory ( 14-Aug-2019 )

SA14371 SA14371 A Fistful of Schist Reserve Shiraz-Cinsault-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2018

"This must be the best value heavy red in the Society's list. It is an approachable full flavoured wine and dangerously easy drinking. I have bought it repeatedly and not been let down. At this price I assume it is shipped in bulk and bottled in Europe, but whatever the origin it is a reliably excellent wine, and well worth a try."

Dr Christopher J H Ingoldby ( 14-Aug-2019 )

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