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IT25171 IT25171 Rosso di Montalcino, Canalicchio di Sopra 2016

"Review of the 2013 vintage - drinking very well right now - dried cherries ,leather ,a little smoke, medium acidity and soft tannins A great Rosso "

Mr Martyn Simmons ( 18-Jun-2019 )

BU63811 BU63811 Domaine Coche-Bizouard, Meursault 2015

"Mr Finch is correct, this is delicious. We enjoyed it with sea bass, and the flavours of apples, and subtle sweet oak worked very well with the fish. As the WS description notes, it is quite buttery, but this isn't over done, and the wine's gentle acidity balances it out superbly."

Mr Peter Minns ( 18-Jun-2019 )

BU63781 BU63781 Domaine Coche-Bizouard, Meursault Rouge 2015

"This is such a beautiful wine. It's fresh, delicate and fragrant, and the lovely cherry fruit combines oh so well with the gentle sweet tannins. My only criticism is that this is very much in the treat price range for me!"

Mr Peter Minns ( 18-Jun-2019 )

IT20551 IT20551 Brunello di Montalcino, Gianni Brunelli 2010

"£60 - Outrageous . Originally released at £24.50 . If you want a lovely BDM try the Canalicchio di Sopra 2010 . This is a lovely wine but i'm sorry its the wrong price "

Mr Martyn Simmons ( 18-Jun-2019 )

CM22331 CM22331 The Society's Exhibition Margaux 2016

"Opened a bottle of the 2015 version and it was very poor. Probably opened it too soon so have laid my other few down for a few years and hopefully they will be better. Maybe this 2016 version will be better - I hope so. "

Mr Lawrence Watts ( 18-Jun-2019 )

CE9741 CE9741 Maycas del Limarί San Julian Pinot Noir 2016

"I agree with Mr Cockbairn, having just tried the 2014 from a mixed case. I will be buying the 2016. "

Mr Roger Geoffrey Cocks ( 18-Jun-2019 )

NZ10621 NZ10621 The Society's Exhibition Central Otago Pinot Noir 2017

"It's a perfectly adequate pinot noir, with a good colour and reasonable on the nose with good acidity. Nothing special in any department, and there's nothing in particular to criticise, it's just decent all around. I know they say it's impossible to make good pinot noir for less than £15/bottle, and so this is acceptable value I suppose. But it has nothing to brag about that warrants inclusion in the usually fantastic exhibition range. "

Mr Alfred Perkins ( 17-Jun-2019 )

US8361 US8361 Peltier Ranch Lodi Reserve Pinot Noir 2017

"This is a lovely easy drinking, young, quaffable USA PN... at a damm good price....!! A great everyday example... but do try some of its more illustrious bretheren too ...!! Love the Zin these days..."

Thomas P Clarke Esq ( 17-Jun-2019 )

CM16151 CM16151 Château Angludet, Margaux 2011

"As one might hope - truly excellent and lovely to drink right now. TWS description is spot on, really drinkable with none of the stalky austerity one sometimes encounters with Bordeaux. Throws a light sediment & benefits hugely from a 2hr decant. With shoulder of lamb, Dauphinoise potatoes. Bit pricey but seriously worth it."

Mr Tim Potts ( 17-Jun-2019 )

US7891 US7891 Shenandoah Amador County Zinfandel 2016

"I really liked the 2015, which unfortunately has almost run out, worth keeping though! I have already tried the 2016, and although it is fruity, it is a bit too sweet, maybe this needs keeping as well. But for drinking now I will look for something different"

Mr Doug Denny ( 17-Jun-2019 )

LO14781 LO14781 Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard 2018

"If I remember correctly (not always the case) my wife and I were at a tasting in the Town Hall in Hesdin when you had just discovered this wine and were trying it out on us. Many hands were raised in approval, and I think it has been in your list ever since. We certainly still like it after all these years as, apparently, do others. An ideal balance of cost and quality at its level."

Mr Keith M Diment ( 17-Jun-2019 )

BU66891 BU66891 Joseph Burrier, Mâcon-Verzé 2016

"Not yet opened but serving in July for 90th. birthday lunch."

Mr John Hart ( 17-Jun-2019 )

NZ10631 NZ10631 Seresin Leah Marlborough Pinot Noir 2016

"Seriously underwhelmed by this wine. It seemed rather tart, slightly sour, lacking in charm. Not a pleasant drink. Peltier and Zarcillo are better, imho. Dare I say this, but rather like a cheap Burgundy (which would probably cost about the same). Just my opinion."

Mr Bill Davy ( 17-Jun-2019 )

NZ10961 NZ10961 Kumeu River Sauvignon Blanc 2018

"NZ SB filtered through the Kumeu River house style which is in itself enough to make this enjoyable. Just not very inspiring though since it drinks a little like NZ SB for those that don't really like NZ SB. Pretty good value however given this less brazen style from NZ is normally considerably more expensive."

Mr Colin Goldin ( 17-Jun-2019 )

SP14521 SP14521 Cuevas de Arom Garnacha-Syrah, Campo de Borja 2016

"Delicious fruit, smooth tannins, very versatile summer red; Showcases the strength and value for money of Spanish garnacha so well. A real bargain."

Mr Colin Goldin ( 17-Jun-2019 )

SP14641 SP14641 Contino Reserva, Rioja 2003

"Very ripe as expected from this vintage but also savoury and nicely developed. Not the most sophisticated Contino reserva of all time, but very tasty and drinking very well right now."

Mr Joseph Mansfield ( 16-Jun-2019 )

RH53471 RH53471 Tavel Cuvée Prima Donna Rosé, Domaine Maby 2018

"I love off white Provence style Rosés as much as the next person but also enjoy deeper pink, more food friendly, wines and this is lovely: Mid pink, pronounced on the nose, full bodied with a long finish. Ripe strawberry, raspberry, cranberry with lemon and grapefruit crisp acidity there’s also a little creaminess. High alcohol at 14.5% but really well integrated."

Mr Simon Heape ( 16-Jun-2019 )

AL14461 AL14461 Riesling Grande Réserve, Pierre Sparr 2016

"I have to say that this first bottle was underwhelming; it promised much on the nose, with crisp citrus aromas and typical Riesling petrol later notes, but on the palate the "ripe, rich, but lively" citrus character was, to me, so lively as to be verging on thin and acidic, and not what I expect from Riesling of this price and provenance. I very much hope that I have been unlucky with this bottle; I have another which, if I find to be different, will lead me to qualify this review, but at present it is not a wine I could recommend."

Mr Martin H Morse ( 16-Jun-2019 )

FC35191 FC35191 Domaine de Gournier, Cévennes Rouge 2017

"Not nice at all tasted off maybe I should have aired it for a few hours virtually undrinkable "

Mrs Janice Gallon ( 16-Jun-2019 )

SP14641 SP14641 Contino Reserva, Rioja 2003

"OK but didn't wow, probably past its peak"

Mr Richard Simon ( 16-Jun-2019 )

RH51531 RH51531 Beaumes-de-Venise Grangeneuve, Domaine de Saint Amant 2017

"A sort of mini Gigondas in every way, the area abuts Gigondas, typical spice aromas and taste of the Grenache, full fruit, some finish, a good drink nothing to complicated but decent enough to hold your interest, just about worth the price. "

Mr John Wigglesworth ( 16-Jun-2019 )

BU72251 BU72251 Domaine Mallory et Benjamin Talmard, Mâcon-Villages 2018

"Ordered this as my wedding wine thanks to the Wine Society. It was delicious and we've had so many compliments on it. Perfect for a summer day!"

Miss Birgit Ullrich ( 16-Jun-2019 )

IT26481 IT26481 Orvieto Classico Superiore Castagnolo, Barberani 2017

"Had a bottle this weekend . Not impressed not a very strong flavor. A nondescript white wine.Had a better bottle from [a supermarket] at a lesser price. Wont buy this again."

Mr Ken Smith ( 16-Jun-2019 )

SP14571 SP14571 Cepa Gavilán Crianza, Ribera del Duero 2016

"Rich, tempranillo fruit, good tanins..I enjoyed this wine and much better in my view than the Exhibition Rioja which costs more."

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Jun-2019 )

IT27301 IT27301 The Society's Exhibition Chianti Classico 2016

"Good example of Chianti Classico..good fruit and tannins...we liked this and will re-order."

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Jun-2019 )

SP13281 SP13281 The Society's Exhibition Rioja Reserva 2011

"Sorry but I like Rioja but this was too sharp and lacking body...another reviewer used the term thin and I agree. My first try and agree with others it would benefit from being open a couple of hours probably. I will not be trying it again though...better Rioja's elsewhere."

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Jun-2019 )

IT24971 IT24971 The Society's Valpolicella Ripasso 2016

"Very pleasant wine, smooth, fruit and well balanced"

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Jun-2019 )

FC35481 FC35481 Fitou, Domaine Jones 2016

"Great example of a Fitou, carries the strength well - will re-order."

Mr David Henderson ( 16-Jun-2019 )

IT26641 IT26641 Piemonte Cortese 2018

"Light and elegant, with a hint of peach to offset the dryness. Excellent value."

S Scutt Esq ( 16-Jun-2019 )

FC36041 FC36041 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2018

"I have bought this time (and its previous vintages consistently for years for choir concert intervals and local village film nights. It has always outperformed all other wines I have tried for these events and now I buy nothing else. Am always being asked "what is this red, its lovely" and none can believe the price when I tell them, it represents such good value. Full and mellow, the perfect interval wine."

S Scutt Esq ( 16-Jun-2019 )

HU1301 HU1301 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2016

"Right now I'm pleased I bought six of these a couple of months ago. Light fruity, easy red drinking for the summer months, possessing few vices. It's not Burgundy. Nor is it one of those cloying New World annoyances either. Will probably buy another six next spring."

Mr Frederick Matthews ( 15-Jun-2019 )

SP13861 SP13861 Navajas Blanco Crianza, Rioja 2015

"Slight nuttiness and lactic buttery-ness in the nose. Barrel comes through strongly with oak, vanilla and a touch of earthy brett to finish. Would purchase again."

Mr James Horrocks ( 15-Jun-2019 )

LO14871 LO14871 Rosé d'Anjou Gamay-Grolleau, Famille Bougrier 2018

"Medium dry. Fruity. Good Value "

Mr Frederick Matthews ( 15-Jun-2019 )

SP12561 SP12561 La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Reserva, Rioja 2009

"A beautiful soft and spicy Rioja. Lovely deep and powerful flavour, old fashioned fabulous wine. Wish I had bought a case!"

Mr John Heighway ( 15-Jun-2019 )

CE9891 CE9891 Koyle Costa Rapel Coastal Pinot Noir 2015

"Both my wife and I enjoyed this. Will be buying again. "

Mr Stephen Lawrence ( 15-Jun-2019 )

PW7521 PW7521 Anselmo Mendes Contacto Alvarinho, Vinho Verde 2018

"Crisp citrus and just ripe stone fruit with some wet stone and a little struck match. Not overly complex but very well defined and linear with a medium (+) finish A short time on lees would have added just a little more interest"

Mr Simon Heape ( 15-Jun-2019 )

SP14541 SP14541 Bin #001 Bobal 2017

"A very good bottle for the price. Fruit and soft tannins, rather dry and rich, you can taste it was grown in warmer climes with a fairly hefty 14.0. It worked well with pasta alla Norma so would also work with melanzane parmigiana. Definitely a bottle for sharing. Only pity is sold out already!"

Mr David Walker ( 15-Jun-2019 )

AA2611 AA2611 Geyerhof StockWerk Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal 2018

"Aromatic nose of orchard fruits, lemons and minerals. On tasting, the purity of the wine is striking, similar flavours to the nose, fresh acidity seems to provide a tingling sherbet note, its slight oiliness, texture. More generosity than the lean and chiselled GV's I usually come across at this price point. Very satisfying."

Mr Mark Barton ( 15-Jun-2019 )

AA2651 AA2651 Geyerhof StockWerk Zweigelt, Kremstal 2017

"A lovely chillable summer red ideal for summer drinking. Simple flavours of red cherry and blackcurrant have both purity and depth. Fresh acidity, not tannin, provides the structure to balance and to keep one coming back for more. A thoroughly enjoyable wine but maybe not the best value in comparison to a similarly styled Beaujolais"

Mr Mark Barton ( 15-Jun-2019 )

FC36481 FC36481 Minervois Rosé, Château Sainte Eulalie 2018

"Didnt like it at all! I normally like most rose, but this was not nice. This was rather bitter and 'parafinny'!"

Mr Martyn Bowes ( 15-Jun-2019 )

SP14361 SP14361 Parcelas Ecológico Monastrell, Yecla 2017

"Can only presume that everyone else got a different batch, as the bottles I had were thin, acidic and tannic."

Mr Chris Ebenezer ( 14-Jun-2019 )

BU63131 BU63131 Olivier Leflaive, Bourgogne Oncle Vincent 2015

"Excellent tasting wine. I tasted it on a drab day and would love to try it again on a hot sunny day."

Mr Ray Mount ( 14-Jun-2019 )

CB5561 CB5561 Château Malbat, Bordeaux 2016

"Does absolutley nothing for me this wine. Lacks complexity, length. Totally unbalanced. Keep trying it hoping it may have opened up a little...but its destined for a coq au vin. Poor chicken."

Mr Daniel Stansfield ( 14-Jun-2019 )

SP13281 SP13281 The Society's Exhibition Rioja Reserva 2011

"Very smooth and although it is classed as medium bodied it is a little disappointing.... a little thin and not that much depth to it "

Mr Alfred Baldwin ( 14-Jun-2019 )

CL211 CL211 The Society's Claret 2017

"Personally don’t feel this is good value, not that enjoyable and quite a thin wine without much taste to it"

Mr Alfred Baldwin ( 14-Jun-2019 )

LE1031 LE1031 Château Ksara, Bekaa Valley 2015

"I had high hopes of this wine having read good things and being a huge fan of Musar I was keen to try another Lebanese offering. So disappointing and at £16 you don't want to be disappointed, non desceipt, little to no nose or flavour. I only bought one bottle so hope I didn't just get a bad one but based on this I won't be buying again"

Mr Scott Charalambous ( 14-Jun-2019 )

IT25491 IT25491 Soave Classico Castel Cerino, Coffele 2017

"Lovely Soave. Subtle delicate but rounded flavour and none of that sharpness. Good value"

Mrs Christine Bennett ( 14-Jun-2019 )

SP14541 SP14541 Bin #001 Bobal 2017

"The Society needs to find some more of this wine ."

Dr Iain Melvin ( 14-Jun-2019 )

GR1511 GR1511 Seméli Mantinia Nassiakos 2018

"I have known Mantinia for at least twenty years, but in the past it has been difficult to find. I like to keep it in my racks as a favourite white wine to be drunk slightly chilled to accentuate its delightful floral fragrance. It is in my opinion the nicest of all Greek white wines and can hold its head high amongst those of the rest of Europe. Especially nice in the summer - just sit in the garden and enoy it by itself!!"

Mr Graham Slater ( 14-Jun-2019 )

CH2871 CH2871 Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve NV

"On the strength of the lovely singe bottle from a Christmas fizz case I grabbed 6 when next on offer. 1st one was taken on holiday... ...and disappointed. A bit harsh and unappetising. I may return when we do the next :)"

Mr Colin P Smith ( 13-Jun-2019 )

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