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NZ12131 NZ12131 Zephyr 6 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020

"This is one of the best Sav’s I have tasted for a very long time . It’s a favourite for us ,highly recommend."

Mrs Bernadette Burke ( 06-Mar-2021 )

NZ12341 NZ12341 Anna's Way Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2020

"Came across this whilst looking for the excellent Sauvignon Gris from AW -Some Sauvignon Blancs I've had recently from the WS have been poor this is more like a proper Kiwi sauvignon Blanc with a softer finish and none of that puckering unripe gooseberryness that I've sampled recently - excellent"

Dr Nigel Grunshaw ( 06-Mar-2021 )

SG2191 SG2191 Prosecco Brut I Duecento

"Great fizz great vaLue. A DELIGHT."

Mr Paul Shepherd ( 06-Mar-2021 )

NZ12331 NZ12331 Anna's Way Nelson Grüner Veltliner 2020

"Gruner is pretty trendy and there are some disappointing examples around but not this. The WS description of this being the best non Austrian Gruner may well be correct its also better than many Austrian examples - a little more opulent and rounder with just a hint of residual sweetness- - definite re order"

Dr Nigel Grunshaw ( 06-Mar-2021 )

RH57531 RH57531 Viognier Grès du Trias, Coteaux de l'Ardèche, Vignerons Ardéchois 2019

"As others have said, like a viognier should be. Good with fish and no doubt spicy things. "

Mr Robert Purry ( 06-Mar-2021 )

IT30521 IT30521 Etna Bianco, Cottanera 2019

"Clean, crisp, mineral and reminds of a long seafood lunch on an Italian holiday. Highly recommended. "

Mr Mirza Delibegovic ( 06-Mar-2021 )

LO12811 LO12811 Savennières 'Fidès', Eric Morgat 2012

"First acquaintance: strong, minerally nose; powerful acid backbone; intense and refreshing. Nicely integrated with plenty of bottle age. Still going strong March 2021. Will order more"

Mr Paul Greatbatch ( 06-Mar-2021 )

CM23481 CM23481 Château des Moulins, Médoc 2018

"Rather coming down on the side of Mark Taylor here. More acidic and tannic than I would have hoped for in a predominantly Merlot cuvee, if that is what it is. I left half the bottle for 24 hours to see if it would redeem itself but not a lot of help there and the fruit never unraveled. It's not really dreadful or close to that but it lacks traits I am more preferential towards, like ripe and fruit forward. Living a bit in the past here then, rather traditional and for sure more a food wine than others merlot's can be, even in Bordeaux. Unfortunately I have another bottle!"

Mr Edward Walker ( 06-Mar-2021 )

GR1871 GR1871 The Society's Greek White 2020

"Utterly outstanding and good value white which fully deserves to wear the Society label. Very versatile as an aperitif or with fish, seafood and poultry. Drank superbly with a chicken, brandy, mushrooms and creme fraiche main course. Another great discovery by the Wine Society. Now reordering for the third time."

Mr David A Murdoch ( 06-Mar-2021 )

RH57501 RH57501 Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge, Guigal 2017

"Crunchy black fruit and black spice, slight 'leafiness', savoury tannins, peppery, a bit light and just about medium body, tannins a bit too firm for the rather lean fruit. Perfectly acceptable though I wouldn't rush to buy again. The 2016 vintage was better"

Mr Christos Ioannou ( 06-Mar-2021 )

WY861 WY861 Glenfarclas Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 Years Old

"Wow, a really lovely smooth malt that we are glad to have tried. Certainly one of the best at a reasonable price and now one of our a firm favourites. Only one problem: Pity it;s not in a ltr bottle, as I can't see this one lasting that long!!"

Mr John Keith Millns ( 06-Mar-2021 )

PW8101 PW8101 The Society's Portuguese Red, Península de Setúbal 2019

"Lovely wine. with or without food, plus being excellent value for money. Decanted a couple of hours before drinking"

Mr John Keith Millns ( 06-Mar-2021 )

SP16181 SP16181 The Society's Rioja Crianza 2017

"This is not ‘light oak’. I have a house in Spain and the Crianza is my favourite style of red. I would describe this bottle as ‘heavily oaked’ and not at all to my taste. I used it in stews to good effect though"

Mr Steve Bryce ( 06-Mar-2021 )

RH53781 RH53781 Costières de Nîmes, Cuvée Excellence Blanc, Mas des Bressades 2018

"Truly delicious and full of character. Flowery yet not sweet. Great texture. Really good for the price. Hope TWS bring this back."

Mr Colman Stephenson ( 06-Mar-2021 )

SP15761 SP15761 Fefiñanes Albariño, Rías Baixas 2019

"Excellent wine smooth enough after taste that you could drink very easily and yet doesn’t lose any flavour, acidity or fruitiness as it first hits your pallet. Would definitely buy again and is better than similar Albariño around this price "

Mr Ross Newell ( 06-Mar-2021 )

NZ12321 NZ12321 Martinborough Vineyards Te Tera Martinborough Pinot Noir 2019

"Fab kiwi pinot, juicy, well-rounded with subtle spicy notes"

Ms Kate Bines ( 06-Mar-2021 )

RH57071 RH57071 Domaine Camp Galhan, Les Frigouliers, IGP Cévennes 2019

"Red fruit but a little tart as it was dominated by redcurrant and cranberry. "

Dr Andre Gilburn ( 06-Mar-2021 )

FC39821 FC39821 Bin #008 Manseng Noir 2019

"Bought a bottle of to see what the old vine was like. Recommended to drink chilled was a bit of a warning, but was better than expected. I’d give it 3.5/5. Fairly light and fruity - not particularly distinctive - but interesting. "

Mr Justin Hill ( 06-Mar-2021 )

PW8101 PW8101 The Society's Portuguese Red, Península de Setúbal 2019

"Lots of ripe berry fruit balanced by smooth tannins make a very drinkable quaffer. Some complexity makes this a steal at the price. Will definitely but again."

Mr Glen Mills ( 05-Mar-2021 )

IT31101 IT31101 Gattinara, Torraccia del Piantavigna 2016

"Intrigued by Mr. Komoneski's review, and keen to learn a little more about Italian wine, I bought a couple of bottles of this wine. On pouring it I was immediately struck by the unusual colour, it looked very light, almost yellowish. Much like a 30+ year old vintage port might be. Anyhow it is indeed very light bodied, given I prefer full bodied wines I probably should have read the description. It has a complex taste that surprised me and was pleasant but the finish reminded me of a friend's homemade cider. Once I thought of that I couldn't forget it. I think this is just a bit too acidic for me, but Nebbiolo is known for its acidity so this is not a negative, just my preference. I sucked the air out and polished the bottle off the next evening and enjoyed it more, so worth decanting. I'll probably try some Barolo now, see how it compares. I don't think I'll be buying any more but I'll keep the second bottle to compare with the Barolo."

Mr Rupert Mayhew ( 05-Mar-2021 )

FC39821 FC39821 Bin #008 Manseng Noir 2019

"for all the disappointed reviewers of the wine they didn't get to sample - i'm not sure you are missing all that much if my first bottle was anything to go buy - light yes but thin and edgy cf low grade chinon . I was disappointed with Bin 007 too I'll probably give the next one a miss. If the next bottle is better I'll update"

Dr Nigel Grunshaw ( 05-Mar-2021 )

FC39961 FC39961 Gamay, Jacques Dépagneux, Vin de France 2020

"Unpretentious, simple, fruity, cheap. Lacking the structure of a good cru beaujolais but then it's half the price..."

Mr Peter Saxon ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SA16421 SA16421 Miles Mossop The Introduction Chenin Blanc, Coastal Region 2019

"Not a fan. For me it lacked the smoothness of a Chenin blanc and tasted sharp and bitter."

Mrs Kathy Scott ( 05-Mar-2021 )

IT29571 IT29571 Bardolino Le Fraghe 2019

"This is one of the very few wines from the WS in which I am actively disappointed. There was nothing wrong with the bottle, I just didn't like it. If you want a light but enjoyable Italian red, buy the Baccolo. If you want a lighter and tasty red with lots of fruit and some well-managed tannins, which comes alive with seafood and pasta, try the Society Beaujolais Villages or something similar. Both of these are almost half the price of this bottle. It's been a long lockdown week and I was looking forward to some nice red on a Friday evening. Will have to delay my anticipation to the well-trodden path of Lary-Tagot tomorrow night. If there was a sad face emoticon available, I would be using it."

Mr Matthew Sprange ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SP15911 SP15911 Tobelos Crianza, Rioja 2016

"Uninspiring. Rather dull. "

Mr Conor Campbell ( 05-Mar-2021 )

FC39821 FC39821 Bin #008 Manseng Noir 2019

"Too redolent of the Bin #002 Zweigelt, for my taste, being dominated by sweet malt vinegar aromas & flavours Off dry, M+ acidity, m+, soft tannins, med alcohol, M(-) body and medium finish Trying to taste through the malt vinegar there’s a little red plum, strawberry and cherry. Starting to suspect TWS is trying to create hype to sell below par wines"

Mr Simon Heape ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SA16631 SA16631 Boekenhoutskloof 'The Chocolate Block', Swartland 2019

"Awesome. First drank this in Cape town a few years ago. Never disappoints! interesting mix of grapes that just produces a lovely balanced wine. Great with steaks or bbq. Best to decant / leave for 40 mins on opening to breathe / develop."

Mr Scott Wade ( 05-Mar-2021 )

RH50561 RH50561 The Society's Exhibition Gigondas 2016

"Great value gigondas. Powerful yet smooth. Easy drinking for 15% ABV. Classic Rhone, but not too heavy. Lunch / dinner guests would not be disappointed."

Mr Scott Wade ( 05-Mar-2021 )

GE13781 GE13781 Ruppertsberger Hoheburg Riesling Kabinett 2020

"Lovely Reisling, great balance .Not too sweet, kick of citrus and apricot. If you blind tasted you would believe it should be double the price. Great with spicy food or as a spring / summer aperitif."

Mr Scott Wade ( 05-Mar-2021 )

PW8101 PW8101 The Society's Portuguese Red, Península de Setúbal 2019

"Really enjoyed this wine. Nice easy drinking , with or without food . Good “legs” on the glass. Well worth the price. "

Mr David Gifford ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SA15571 SA15571 A Fistful of Schist Reserve Cinsault-Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2019

"This is the 2019. Not sure about the other reviews Fruity Shiraz on the nose for me Big mouthful of fruit on the palate with balanced tannins. No oak as far as I can tell. I really like this at this this price point. Great in a barbecue setting. "

Mr Martin Price ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SA15571 SA15571 A Fistful of Schist Reserve Cinsault-Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2019

"This is the 2019. Not sure about the other reviews Fruity Shiraz on the nose for me Big mouthful of fruit on the palate with balanced tannins. No oak as far as I can tell. I really like this at this this price point. Great in a barbecue setting. "

Mr Martin Price ( 05-Mar-2021 )

AU23251 AU23251 Blind Spot Riverland Montepulciano 2020

"This is a perfectly acceptable £10 bottle of wine for Friday pizza night. "

Mr Colin Wilkes ( 05-Mar-2021 )

BU76001 BU76001 Domaine de la Rochette Montagne de Cra, Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine 2019

"Really pleased to have bagged 6 of these when I could - only wish I'd bought more. Mid-priced white Burgundies can disappoint when compared to the Society's own excellent offering, but this was excellent and a bargain."

Mr N M G Bromfield ( 05-Mar-2021 )

HU1631 HU1631 Szekszárd Bikavér, Sebestyén 2016

"A light/medium bodied wine from the Szekszárd region which typically produces a lighter version of Bikavér than the Bikavér produced in the Eger region. Both wines have a significant Kekfrankos content but this wine displays much more Kekfrankos character than found in the Áldás Egri Bikavér also sold by the society. If you like lighter bodied wine than you will probably enjoy this wine but if you are a fan of the more full bodied wines then the Egri Bikavér is likely to be more to your taste. I personally like both, but you should be aware if you are exploring Hungarian wines for the first time that although these wines are both labelled Bikavér they are very different wines in style."

Dr Michael Csukai ( 05-Mar-2021 )

CH4231 CH4231 Champagne Lilbert Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Perlé NV

"Lovely taste But loses its fizz too quickly for an expensive champagne....nowhere near the Pol Roger I had at Xmas "

Mr Mark Bates ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SP14411 SP14411 Navajas Crianza, Rioja 2015

"Very dry but fruity Rioja. Very pleasant Friday night wine."

Mr James Bowkett ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SA16311 SA16311 Percheron Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2020

"As others have said. Well-balanced and great for the price. Will order more when it is back in. "

Mr Simon Bacsich ( 05-Mar-2021 )

AU23251 AU23251 Blind Spot Riverland Montepulciano 2020

"Very dry smells dried heat and dark dried fruit raisins figs star anise Certainly doesn’t warrant the above reviews "

Dr Patrick Eavis ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SA17231 SA17231 Crystallum 'Peter Max' Pinot Noir, Western Cape 2020

" Agree with Adam top quality fruit driven but with a nice grip. It will improve and drink well up to 2030 I think. A really nice Pinot for a good price much better value than French Burgundy which have gone very over the top in price."

Mr Lawrence Marshom ( 05-Mar-2021 )

NZ12381 NZ12381 Dog Point Section 94 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018

"An interesting and different Sauvignon . The freshness is there but so is something else I difficult to define. Citrus, herb and toasty maybe . For those of us who are not Sauvignon lovers this is a wine worth tasting and for me will drink again. "

Mr Stephen C B Tinton ( 05-Mar-2021 )

AU23051A AU23051A Mac Forbes Spring Riesling 2019

" Bloody delicious, it is more like a Kabinett riesling by way of Australia. A modern style, less austere that others, also the low alcohol is perfect for one-person-as-aperetif-over-a-weekend. "

Mr Joseph Gluck ( 05-Mar-2021 )

CM23391 CM23391 Château La Garricq, Moulis 2010

"This was really very good indeed. I have tended to avoid Bordeaux as I have been disappointed by many of its (lower-price) wines over the years. But this was excellent on its own and with food. £26 is a lot for me to pay for a bottle but when dealing with a region of over-priced reds this was very good value. We had it on a Friday when usually we would open a second bottle, but the flavour and subtlety of this required no addition. "

Mr Steven Bagshaw ( 05-Mar-2021 )

SP16131 SP16131 Salvaje del Moncayo Garnacha 2018

"Gosh I love this wine"

Mr Greg Miall ( 05-Mar-2021 )

RH56981 RH56981 The Society's Côtes-du-Rhône 2019

"Nice fruit and balance, medium-bodied, regulation Cotes du Rhone. I've probably been spoilt by other offerings from the Wine Society, but whilst there was absolutely nothing wrong with this enjoyable wine, there are plenty out there at this price point that have made a greater impression."

Mr John Lay ( 05-Mar-2021 )

PW7711 PW7711 Casa Ermelinda Freitas Moscatel de Setúbal

"Straightforward dessert wine, orange and honey on the palate but not much complexity. Enjoyable without being that exciting or memorable. It has a sherry stopper cork and the blurb says keeps well in the fridge, but mine was undrinkable two days after opening, having acquired a rather vile blue cheese taint."

Mr John Lay ( 05-Mar-2021 )

PW8101 PW8101 The Society's Portuguese Red, Península de Setúbal 2019

"An absolute steal at the price. Dark colour, dark fruit, quite full-bodied, good structure and some complexity. Benefits from a bit of breathing, but approachable without. On a par with significantly more expensive wine, I will buy again. "

Mr John Lay ( 05-Mar-2021 )

FC31751 FC31751 Minervois La Livinière Grand Vin, Château Sainte-Eulalie 2015

"Well made, balanced, full bodied, fruit-forward wine. I decanted an hour and a half before drinking and the cassis flavours opened up and the tannins, already balanced, smoothed out. The only reason I give four rather than five stars is because other Chateau Sainte Eulalie offerings are almost as good but cheaper. Recommended."

Mr John Lay ( 05-Mar-2021 )

BJ8491 BJ8491 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2019

"What a lovely surprise I thought that Morgan and Regnie was the best but this is superb At at 8.95 it’s a steal!"

Mr Andrew R McGhee ( 05-Mar-2021 )

PW8111A PW8111A Esporao Monte Velho Branco, Alentejano 2019

"High alcohol content but as I love the red version I thought I would give it a try. Too heavy for a midweek glass or two but quite palatable with garlic chicken. Would not be one of favourites and will probably not buy again. I have bought a couple of other Portuguese whites so it will be interesting to see how they turn out."

Mr David Gifford ( 05-Mar-2021 )


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