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BU65871 BU65871 Château de Meursault, Meursault Premier Crus Charmes Dessus 2015

"There is a clarity across the palate that makes this wine sumptuous. "

Mr Simon Taylor ( 24-Sep-2020 )

LO15811 LO15811 Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine, Famille Bougrier 2019

"I'm a big fan of Muscadet and was pleased to buy three bottles of this wine to support the Backing Our Best Growers campaign. At £6.95 it seemed good value but I found the wine austere with a lack of fruit and none of the complexity that better examples display. In fact it was quite unpleasant. I'm still glad I bought it but the other two bottles will be used for cooking. Muscadet is still good value but you really do need to pay about £10 or more to get a decent example. I think I'll to stick to the smaller producers and older vintages. The Wine Society has a couple of excellent examples."

Mr Mark Humble ( 24-Sep-2020 )

IT29662 IT29662 Half bottle of Soave, Pieropan 2019

"Such great value. An absolute delight. Fresh, dry. I could drink this all day. "

Mr Thomas Kirby ( 23-Sep-2020 )

GR1571 GR1571 Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes, Thymiopoulos 2018

"Pleasant but not the complexity of the last vintage in my view."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 23-Sep-2020 )

LO15681 LO15681 Saumur Blanc ‘Les Plantagenêts' 2019

"Interesting wine. A little tart and nettley for my taste but grapefruit and melon flavours and unexpected length at this price. Worth a try."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 23-Sep-2020 )

SP15711 SP15711 The Society's Southern Spanish Red, Jumilla 2019

"I totally agree with Mr Pollard. We were spoiled by the 2017 (and 2018) vintages. The first shall remain as one of my favourite wines of all time and of better value than any other wine, but the 2019 vintage although not as delicious, is still excellent value."

Mr Fraser Adam ( 23-Sep-2020 )

AL15581 AL15581 Pinot Blanc, Cave de Turckheim 2019

"A superb example of its type and a real WS winner. Bravo."

Father David Lawrence-March ( 23-Sep-2020 )

RH48161 RH48161 Crozes-Hermitage, Maison les Alexandrins Nicolas Perrin 2016

"I was a bit disappointed, expecting a more vibrant tasty wine - these was a trifle dull and heavy although only 13%"

Mr Paul Bailie ( 23-Sep-2020 )

CS11531 CS11531 Château Saint Pierre, Lussac Saint-Emilion 2018

"Really delicious ‘weekday’ soft merlot based red that will not disappoint. We enjoyed it with a beef madras but it would slip silkily into many a weeknight menu,"

Mrs Elizabeth Hayman ( 23-Sep-2020 )

CE10541 CE10541 Koyle El Peuco Alto Colchagua Tempranillo-Mourvèdre 2015

"Interesting and intriguing blend, tobacco, oak, quite sophisticated at price range, needs food, well made and will age, a good option for a midweek meal with friends"

Mr Simon Wragg ( 23-Sep-2020 )

SA15551 SA15551 A Fistful of Schist Pinotage-Barbera, Swartland 2019

"Smooth, velvet black fruits. Unusual blend, midweek or BBQ win but very drinkable, has a black currant cordial characteristic but easy to drink, would suit any red meat, sausage meal, good value at price and perfectly drinkable, v smooth"

Mr Simon Wragg ( 23-Sep-2020 )

IT28441 IT28441 Rosso Piceno, Saladini Pilastri 2018

"A really nice, easy wine. Had over two nights and markedly improved on night 2; the blend takes the edge off the Sangiovese and the resulting acidity is nicely balanced with red berry flavour. Very refreshing! For the price, strong value and great quality. "

Mr Tom Picton ( 23-Sep-2020 )

AU23051 AU23051 Mac Forbes Spring Riesling 2019

"This is an interesting wine - first taste was a bit too sharp, but it's got oodles of flavour and it really grew on me. It coped very well with Thai fish cakes and would be lovely with crab too. "

Mr Steven Bliss ( 23-Sep-2020 )

BU73631 BU73631 ‘Cuvée Le Levraut', Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2018

"As the Society says, it's a light wine. It went very well with cold chicken on a warm day. It's got nice fruit and is enjoyable, but I'd rather pay a little more for a good beaujolais or a pinot noir from somewhere warmer. "

Mr Steven Bliss ( 23-Sep-2020 )

SP15711 SP15711 The Society's Southern Spanish Red, Jumilla 2019

"Rather raw and harsh - it used to be much better than this. At £5.95 it's hard to complain. But I'll look elsewhere for a bargain red next time."

Mr Kevin Barry ( 23-Sep-2020 )

IT28421 IT28421 La Grola Veronese IGT, Allegrini 2016

"This wine was a bit too heavy and full-bodied for my taste, but that's a personal thing. If you like their Valpolicella (as I do) you are not bound to like this. However, I wish I had taken the Society's advice about decanting it - I'm sure that would have helped. "

Mr Steven Bliss ( 23-Sep-2020 )

PW7941 PW7941 Ponte de Lima Loureiro, Vinho Verde 2019

"An excellent Vinho Verde, with all of the wonderful light, refreshing characteristics you could wish for. At £7.50 it's a steal."

Mr Kevin Barry ( 23-Sep-2020 )

FC38721 FC38721 Duo du Midi, Pays d'Oc 2019

"What a find! As others have said, you wont find better value. I hope the Wine Society keeps this in their list."

Mr Brian Kain ( 23-Sep-2020 )

SA16061 SA16061 The Society's Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch 2020

"Spot on the money, reminds us of our trip to South Africa recently. If only you could add the sunshine..... Good depth of flavour at a great price."

Mr Brian Kain ( 23-Sep-2020 )

FC38371 FC38371 Chardonnay, Pays d'Oc, Domaine de Pennautier 2019

"I usually order our favourite wines but decided to experiment with some new ones recently, this wine being one of them. We thoroughly enjoyed the two bottles of this unoaked Chardonnay which represents excellent value for money. Slightly more fruit than more expensive examples from Burgundy but none the worse for it. Recommended"

Mr Brian Kain ( 23-Sep-2020 )

CH771 CH771 Champagne Jules Camuset Brut NV

"An excellent champagne, and even better considering the price."

Mr Richard Bedford ( 23-Sep-2020 )

AU22331 AU22331 The Society's Australian Shiraz 2018

"A really good Australian Shiraz at a bargain price"

Mr Francis Drasar ( 22-Sep-2020 )

CE11141 CE11141 Undurraga Cauquenes Estate Maule Viognier-Roussanne-Marsanne 2019

"Bought as part of mixed case in the Support the Growers offer. Competent, well balanced version of S Rhone white varieties. Lighter in style than many of them, and none the worse for that as none of the tendency to flabbiness. No oak makes a nice change too. The Marsanne seemed more evident on day 2. A pretty solid 3 stars and decent value particularly at the offer price. "

Mr Mark Colman ( 22-Sep-2020 )

BJ8091 BJ8091 Domaine Condemine, Brouilly Pisse Vieille 2018

"Very disappointing. Doesn’t taste like a Beaujolais. Muddy and tart. Bought in a package of Wine society Beaujolais - the others I’ve drunk were similarly poor. Just drinkable but very poor value. I won’t be repeating!"

Prof Tim Dant ( 22-Sep-2020 )

AR4191 AR4191 Bodega Noemia A. Lisa Malbec Patagonia 2017

"Very good smooth Malbec, with fluid nose and rich berry taste. "

Ms Valerie Focke ( 22-Sep-2020 )

FC36871 FC36871 The Society's French Grenache 2018

"Love the label - very honest & a pretty drawing of flowers and red fruit - I do like the illustrations on the new 'benchmark' TWS bottles. Which also sums up the wine, soft & rounded, some spice (mulled wine), I can see this turning up at Xmas gatherings (no more than 6, so that's a glass each) "

Mr Tim Potts ( 22-Sep-2020 )

SA15581 SA15581 The Liberator 'The Good, The Bad and The Sangiovese', Western Cape 2003

"This is an oddity. It both explodes and creeps out of the glass. The mix is very interesting and it has lots of old wine charm and depth. It is brownish in the glass and has a nice old-wine savoury tang. I both really like and am not quite sure about this wine. It feels like some of the parcels have aged at different rates whcih is both fascinating and sometimes a little annoying as it somewhat ruins the poise of the wine. I'd buy it again, I'd serve it to wine-nerds but probably not to those looking for a straightforward wine. "

Mr Mark Gibson ( 22-Sep-2020 )

FC38711 FC38711 Duo Des Mers Sauvignon-Viognier, Vin de France 2019

"This is my go-to everyday white - I've been buying it regularly ever since it appeared in a Wine Without Fuss selection. Fun, tasty and good value"

Brig R H T Aitken ( 22-Sep-2020 )

BJ7902 BJ7902 Half bottle of The Society’s Beaujolais-Villages 2018

"The first duty of Beaujolais is to be delicious, and this delivers on that beautifully. This is not a complex wine, though, to be fair, the sunny vintage has enabled a bit more body than normal, but it is scrumptious. If it were a pop song, it would be 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift, or whatever three minute crowd-pleaser tickles your fancy. And, for a half bottle that's under a fiver, it's very good value."

Rev Robert Stanier ( 22-Sep-2020 )

GR881 GR881 Ionos Greek White Wine

"A lovely, characterful but easy-drinking Greek wine. Nothing outlandish about the taste, but it isn't ordinary and 'another pinot grigio-a-like' either."

Mr Kevin Barry ( 22-Sep-2020 )

PW7921 PW7921 Vadio Branco, Bairrada 2018

"Delightful, more-ish, fruit led but such freshness that it boosts the's also somewhat of a bargain."

Mr Peter C Carter ( 22-Sep-2020 )

NZ11631 NZ11631 Felton Road Bannockburn Central Otago Pinot Noir 2018

"This is the only wine I've ever said wow to after one sip!"

Mr Paul Dersley ( 22-Sep-2020 )

PW7991 PW7991 Crasto, Douro 2018

"Lile the previous reviewer, I took bought six bottles of the 2018 vintage at about £10 each - big mistake! On opening it gives an excess of a fruity bouquet suggesting sweet wine so it was surprising that the taste is astringent with a bitter aftertaste which is not pleasant at all - the previous described 'grip' is accurate but like a 1950's medication given to children. I had a small glass and, somewhat perplexed, thought that I should leave it a while before tasting another but, sadly, of a similar disappointing outcome. Perhaps a harsh review , but, to be honest , I'm not sure who could like this confusing brew."

Mr Nicholas Demeranville ( 22-Sep-2020 )

MD191 MD191 Feteascǎ Regalǎ, Château Vartely 2019

"Based on the reviews I ordered two bottles for my wife and I to taste as a preliminary to ordering more but sadly we agreed that both were pretty awful. It's always possible that I may have received two bottles from a duff batch but have to say to fellow members - caveat emptor......"

Mr Gerald Kay ( 22-Sep-2020 )

GE13441 GE13441 The Society's Exhibition Rheingau Riesling 2018

"Bought a couple of bottles recently as part of a mixed case. Served it to my other half with pork knuckle and sauerkraut. Absolutely delicious with a lovely depth of flavour that matched the food perfectly. An absolute bargain at this price and will be ordering a case."

Mr Ronald Harley ( 22-Sep-2020 )

CE9951 CE9951 Koyle El Peuco Alto Colchagua Tempranillo-Mourvèdre 2014

"Colour: Rich dark cherry fading to red. No sign of age. Aroma: Lots of oak at first, cedar, dried leaves/herbs, potpourri, sweet vanilla and woodsmoke with a touch of black fruits and coconut coming through at the end. Taste: Med+ body, the mellow well-integrated tannin adds some texture which helps to balance the abundant acidity. The palate is again oak dominated but has a lovely sweet spice finish. Overall: Not a powerful wine by any means, has a bit of everything but it is all subdued and low-key. Not a bad thing as this is very easy-drinking and quite moreish. More oak than fruit so may not suit everyone but good for the price and would recommend."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 22-Sep-2020 )

AL15541 AL15541 Moselle ‘Les Gryphées', Château de Vaux 2019

"Very nice dry and fresh white wine. Very round and fruity with grapefruit notes. Ideal with scallops, fish, pasta, etc."

Mr Ben Carbonnier ( 22-Sep-2020 )

IT25701 IT25701 Gattinara, Torraccia del Piantavigna 2013

"What kind of professor pours Nebbiolo down the sink cos it’s too tannic? A mad professor! All three Torraccia’s I’ve tried from the WS have been excellent, and this is no exception. I’m delighted to see this one is back and will be ordering more. "

Mr Mark Phelan ( 22-Sep-2020 )

BU74031 BU74031 Domaine Cordier, Mâcon Milly-Lamartine Clos du Four 2018

"I agree with Mr Heape, there's a bruised or even cooked apple to this that I can't quite make my mind up on. Outside that it's buttery, citrusy, and some minor honey. It's a complex wine that keeps going for a medium + or even long finish. Would recommend for immediate drinking. "

Mr Daniel Phillips ( 21-Sep-2020 )

PW8011 PW8011 The Society's Vinho Verde 2019

"For the price bracket this wine is fantastic. Perfect for a summer day. Do not expect to only drink half the bottle though! It’s very moreish.... my husband and I have never managed to not finish it in one go!"

Ms Camilla Peters ( 21-Sep-2020 )

CE11151 CE11151 Lascar Classic Central Valley Chardonnay 2019

"5 stars considering its price. Simple but generously fruity. "

Mr Max Cohn ( 21-Sep-2020 )

BU72741 BU72741 Julien Brocard, Chablis Boissonneuse 2018

"Yummy. Just what I was looking for in a Chablis. Rich almost creamy with a nice stripe of acidity keeping it all in check."

Dr Avi Shankar ( 21-Sep-2020 )

SP15531 SP15531 Vino de Pueblo Garnacha, Cebreros 2018

"A good, very well made garnacha on the young side with obvious tannins, drinking well now and will certainly get better given an extra year or two (but no more). Lovely colour: bright redcurrant. "

Mr Tim Potts ( 21-Sep-2020 )

CB5201 CB5201 Château Ampélia, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2016

"Lovely wine. Quite fruit forward with the cabernet franc providing some earthiness and a savoury finish."

Mr Jan Beardkins ( 21-Sep-2020 )

BU75521 BU75521 Domaine Mallory et Benjamin Talmard, Mâcon-Villages 2019

"I have to concur with Mrs McEvoy and Mr Wilders. The Society's White Burgundy has been our every day white wine for some time and has never disappointed. However, the Talmard Macon-Villages has significantly more fruit and depth for a very modest additional outlay and my wife and I both agree that it is more than worth the additional £1 and represents remarkable value for money."

Mr Stephen Priestman ( 20-Sep-2020 )

NZ11581 NZ11581 Kumeu Village Hand-Harvested Pinot Noir 2019

"The first ‘miss’ I have ordered from TWS - thin, watery and acidic. Quite unpleasant. "

Mr Matt Lucas ( 20-Sep-2020 )

IT28721 IT28721 The Society's Sicilian Reserve Red 2016

"We drank 2 bottles with a Sunday roast. Probably better suited to med or lighter style food but agree it's a very pleasant slugger. "

Mr Nigel Meadows ( 20-Sep-2020 )

NZ11241 NZ11241 Stoneburn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

"Really enjoyed this wine. Crisp and fruity. Served nice and chilled on a hot day with chicken... lovely"

Mr Paul Keating ( 20-Sep-2020 )

CM16791 CM16791 Château Beaumont, Haut-Médoc 2012

"Had this as part of a small wonders case and really enjoyed it. Has depth and softness with a long finish. "

Mr Iain Robertson ( 20-Sep-2020 )

IT29951 IT29951 Aglianico del Vulture, Le Ralle 2017

"A gorgeous easy-drinking red, typical of the grape and region. Excellent value for money. I received a bottle of this in the Backing the Growers mixed case, but will definitely be ordering some more as an everyday wine."

Mr Robin M Blaney ( 20-Sep-2020 )


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