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Recent Reviews

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IT29311 IT29311 Montefalco Rosso, Scacciadiavoli 2017

"Excellent wine with reminders of Brunello and other great Tuscan Sangiovese at a fraction of the price. Dry, complex, old cupboard aromas, stylish. Great value."

Mr Charles Stokes ( 09-Apr-2020 )

FC37541 FC37541 Minervois, Plaisir d'Eulalie, Château Sainte-Eulalie 2018

"The reviewer who said this needs at least an hour to breathe is absolutely right and I wish I'd seen that before I opened mine! The first glass was very closed and I couldn't taste much more than some black pepper. Given more time and air it opened up into a really lovely wine - fruity (mostly plum and black fruits) and substantial with a nicely savoury finish. I'd definitely order again, if for no other reason than to make up for the first two 'lost' glasses from this bottle."

Ms Rachel Sloan ( 09-Apr-2020 )

CE11081 CE11081 Koyle Reserve Rosado Flor de Laberinto 2019

"Decent, dry, crisp Rose. Good with or without food, but sunshine essential "

Mr Robert Clark ( 09-Apr-2020 )

RH54621 RH54621 Viognier La Combe Pilate, Collines Rhodaniennes, Chapoutier 2017

"Absolutely gorgeous Viognier with textbook aromas of apricot, white peach and jasmine. The palate has rich fruit with depth of flavour and perfect balance. If I had to use one word to describe this wine it is (as another member noted) 'opulent'. But this without any sense of 'blowsiness'. And, what a pleasant surprise, it's 'only' 12% alcohol. Very highly recommended. Kudos to the Rhone buyer."

Mr Christos Ioannou ( 09-Apr-2020 )

IT28641 IT28641 The Society's Falanghina 2018

"Very nice refreshing wine. I think some Falanginas are frizzante ..this is not. Delicous on a summers day, but also with fish especially. We keep coming back to it. I love the rather tall elegant bottle."

Dr Tom Bell ( 08-Apr-2020 )

CS10621 CS10621 Château Carteau Côtes Daugay, Saint-Emilion 2014

"Wow!............. Bonjour! "

Mr James D S Mackenzie ( 08-Apr-2020 )

BW6641 BW6641 Château Thieuley Blanc, Bordeaux 2018

"Please note this review is for the 2017 vintage. A truly pleasurable wine and great value. A light green colour with a fruity and full nose, lemon and melon were dominant. Tasted quite luscious, minerally, fresh fruit with a sound and good aftertaste. Would recommend it."

Mr Derek Saul ( 08-Apr-2020 )

SP15351 SP15351 Cruz de Piedra Garnacha, Calatayud 2018

"The wine presents aromas of bramble and blackberry with a light spice and herbaceous quality. Taste - tart cherry, ripe blackberry, with an almost peppery finish. Alcohol is noticeable but well-integrated. Gentle tannins. "

Mr Will Barry ( 08-Apr-2020 )

FC37161 FC37161 Niellucciu, Corse Rouge, Terra Nostra 2017

"The best thing I can say about this wine is that it's challenging. Quite grippy, noticeable acidity and tannins. Body a bit on the thin side. Perhaps it does need to go with food as an earlier reviewer suggested."

Ms Louise Everatt ( 07-Apr-2020 )

AL11561 AL11561 Gewurztraminer, Grand Cru Kitterlé, Domaines Schlumberger 2010

"This is much more than a 3 out of 9 for sweetness - more like 6 - even the bottle says medium sweet on it ! I think someone was not checking the details. Nice wine, but sweeter than I was expecting based on WS write up ...."

Dr Michael R King ( 07-Apr-2020 )

LE1081 LE1081 Domaine des Tourelles Rouge, Lebanon 2016

"Yet another delicious Lebanese red. Red berry fruits, leather, plenty of soft tannins and good balance. The terroir in the Bekaa valley is ideal for wine making and I would urge members who haven't visited to go there. The soil is incredibly fertile, added to mediterranean sunshine and French wine-making expertise the results are really quite superb. "

Mr Timothy Parsons ( 07-Apr-2020 )

RH53381 RH53381 Lirac Blanc La Fermade, Domaine Maby 2018

"Really lovely wine. Smooth and full flavoured on the palette initially, tempering to a crisper finish. Will be a firm favourite going forward. "

Mr Terence P Ace ( 07-Apr-2020 )

SP15011 SP15011 Casa La Rad Solarce, Rioja 2017

"I found this a delicious wine, added to my wish list for the next time I order. "

Mr J M Adams ( 07-Apr-2020 )

FC38041 FC38041 Cahors, Clos Triguedina 2016

"Deep inky bramble fruit on the nose. Smooth and rich in the mouth but not much length. Had with duck cassoulet and didn’t work, may be better with a bit of roast beef with less fat but even then wouldn’t be particularly interesting. Not a bad wine but would not try it again. "

Dr Matthew Davies ( 06-Apr-2020 )

BW6441 BW6441 La Perrière, Bordeaux Blanc 2018

"Disappointing. "

Miss Marion Caldwell ( 06-Apr-2020 )

RH53881 RH53881 Grignan-les-Adhémar, Delas 2018

"I read that the Society's Rhone buyer thinks the Jaboulet at £8.95 is the best value in his range. I have bought both: I'm no expert but for me this is better when comparing 2018's. Just lovely. "

Mr Martin Burgess ( 06-Apr-2020 )

SG871A SG871A Bleasdale Langhorne Creek Sparkling Shiraz

"Delicious sparkling red from this Australian producer. I'm not often given to Australian wines, there's plenty to choose from closer to our shores and I find they tend to lack finesse, and while this isn't the most delicate wine it's such an enjoyable indulgence. Beautiful bubbles, brooding deep dark robe, cassis and branbles on the nose and moreish damson fruit and spice on the palate. Hard to beat at a barbecue and alwayus a talking point with friends who just want to get their hands on it. "

Mr Jean Perrochon ( 06-Apr-2020 )

SA13271 SA13271 Meerlust Estate Rubicon, Stellenbosch 2015

"In the current circumstances I felt we deserved a treat on our Wedding Anniversary (31st Mar.2020) and the Rubicon certainly provided that. Drinking beautifully now with balanced fruit versus tannins, the first of my case of 6 bought en primeur (Thank you Jo Locke). Full and rounded with no unfinished edges. IMHO will certainly drink well for many years, not sure about 'until 2040' as quoted, that is a very long window, I doubt I'll still be around then and my Rubicon certainly wont be. Will essay again this time next year and report!"

Mr Simon A Willbourn ( 06-Apr-2020 )

CB5811 CB5811 Château Bel Air Perponcher Rouge Réserve, Bordeaux 2017

"Have been searching on here for a good value every day drinker (ordered 30 different bottles whilst in self-isolation - well you've got to keep yourself busy) and so far this is a serious contender. OK, it's never going to blow the doors off but as a decent mid-weeker is ticks the boxes. Seriously smooth up front with just enough length to keep it interesting. Would be great with a steak and salad on the terrace at the Bel Air in Courchevel."

Mr James Hayr ( 06-Apr-2020 )

BJ7981 BJ7981 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2018

"I hesitate to give five stars but I think this wine is truly scrumptious. A dark red medium to full bodied wine with mild tannins equally at home with food or on its own. I will definitely buy again."

Mr Timothy Snelgar ( 06-Apr-2020 )

GR1591 GR1591 Black Kalavryta, Tetramythos 2018

"I had expected something a bit more robust from southern Greece. The wine is very pale red, almost pink, very light bodied. Smell of bostick. Taste strawberries, cherries, violets. Pinot Noire esque. Maybe good chilled? I will not buy again, not my kind of wine."

Mr Timothy Snelgar ( 06-Apr-2020 )

US8681 US8681 The Society's California Old-Vine Zinfandel 2018

"Dark red full bodied wine. Taste of bramble fruits, slightly acidic, say rustic, still a pleasant glass of wine, might buy again. If you like Zinfandel this will not disappoint. Imported and bottled in Germany."

Mr Timothy Snelgar ( 06-Apr-2020 )

RH51191 RH51191 Côtes-du-Rhône, Château Courac 2015

"A medium to full bodied wine dark red in colour which seemed to me to be edging towards brown. Maybe its age showing through. Very pleasant to drink, mild tannins, not much pepper and plenty of dark berries."

Mr Timothy Snelgar ( 06-Apr-2020 )

FC38701 FC38701 Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Félines Jourdan 2019

"Purchased as part of an experimental "fun" case, we found this to be very enjoyable. Lovely "lychee" bouquet, rounded fruit without being complex and certainly not acidic. We enjoyed it very much with baked salmon and will certainly consider ordering again."

Dr Paul Stockbridge ( 05-Apr-2020 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"For it's price was a cracking wine. Can age well. But at it's current price, when I can buy the producers own label from a local merchant. It's an easy pass noe. "

Mr Sean Hardon ( 05-Apr-2020 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"For it's price was a cracking wine. Can age well. But at it's current price, when I can buy the producers own label from a local merchant. It's an easy pass noe. "

Mr Sean Hardon ( 05-Apr-2020 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"For it's price was a cracking wine. Can age well. But at it's current price, when I can buy the producers own label from a local merchant. It's an easy pass noe. "

Mr Sean Hardon ( 05-Apr-2020 )

CH331 CH331 The Society's Champagne Brut Non Vintage

"For it's price was a cracking wine. Can age well. But at it's current price, when I can buy the producers own label from a local merchant. It's an easy pass noe. "

Mr Sean Hardon ( 05-Apr-2020 )

RH53581 RH53581 Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge, Guigal 2016

"My first bottle of this well reviewed and promoted wine - Enjoyed the same! In summary, very upfront wine, with strong aftertaste! "

Mr Peter O'Connor ( 05-Apr-2020 )

FC36901 FC36901 Terre de Mes Ancêtres, Cité de Carcassonne 2018

"Cheating a bit as this review refers to the 2017 vintage which I bought as a bin end for £5.95. At that price it compared very favourably with the Society's other inexpensive offerings. Fruity, plummy, not subtle but went well with venison and keeps well overnight. If the 2018 is similar (as other reviews suggest) it's still fair value at the higher price."

Dr Christopher Currie ( 05-Apr-2020 )

SP15131 SP15131 Aranleón Sólo Bobal, Utiel Requena 2017

"Tried this wine for the first time last night. We experienced a slight odour similar to oxidization. Not sure if this is normal or due to the wine being corked? Having mentioned the above, the wine was quite pleasurable to taste, however, a little spoilt by the slightly foist odour. "

Mr Peter O'Connor ( 05-Apr-2020 )

LO15651 LO15651 Cheverny, Domaine du Salvard 2019

"I usually drink white french, alabrino or Eastern European. Samur is the standard summer quaff, so am thrilled I have found something on par. An unsual Chardonnay blend works well. Adds subtle weight with an overwhelming lemon flavour drank semi chilled, which dilutes the colder it is served. Drinkable alone in spring or summer sun, chilled is best, otherwise serve with a dleicate fish. Enjoy for £9! Defo a reorder be here "

Mr Andrew Hickson ( 04-Apr-2020 )

SP14251 SP14251 Bohórquez, Ribera del Duero 2009

"Excellent wine. Smooth vanilla, oaky tones. Will be stocking up post Covid!"

Mr Jack Evans ( 04-Apr-2020 )

FC37821 FC37821 Irouléguy, Domaine Brana Rouge 2016

"This is the good stuff. Full bodied with leathery tannins, it will improve with age. Lots of black fruit front palate, with lingering woody notes. This is a very fine wine that will bear years in a cellar. The cabernet franc seems to have been overwhelmed by the Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat, but produces a wine that is has the character of a decent claret rather than an earthy southern French inkpot. Would recommend."

Mr Keith Jordan ( 04-Apr-2020 )

BJ7981 BJ7981 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2018

"As a great fan of the savoury, less ripe and lighter style of Loire Cabernet Francs, I was really impressed by this wine. I have found some Beaujolais too fruity, mono-dimensional and sweet but this one hits the spot with a lovely combination of pure red fruits, good acidity and a savoury raspiness of light tannins that make the wine a pleasurable drinking experience. It wears its 13.5% alcohol level well and would make an excellent summer quaffer slightly chilled or a good accompaniment to patés, charcuterie and lighter BBQ dishes. It's not a blockbuster but at £8.50 I consider it a bargain. I think this was one of the Wine Champions of 2019 and justifiably so. For me it would be a 4 star on taste alone but with the price factored in, this is a 5 star for me."

Mr Richard Bailey ( 04-Apr-2020 )

GE13001 GE13001 Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Kabinett, Kees Kieren 2018

"Rich sweetness with a fine line of lemon acidity. Very quaffable and very good value for money"

Mr Alan Guy ( 03-Apr-2020 )

PW7851 PW7851 Adega de Colares Chão Rijo, Lisboa 2016

"Rather disappointing. I had been looking forward to this, as I very much like the Colares from the same source. Initially it's a reasonably likeable, if somewhat neutral, medium-bodied wine, but it finishes on a rather sour, unintegrated note of new oak. (Oak chippings, oak extract even?) Presumably this was done to enhance the wine's 'international' appeal, but I think it adulterates an otherwise decent bottle. "

Mr Peter J Brennan ( 03-Apr-2020 )

PW7141 PW7141 Vadio Branco, Bairrada 2017

"Pale yellow. Slightly cheesy nose, herby. Strong lemon citrus attack, light peach tone. Good finish, light almond, slightly yeasty-biscuity. Felt well made. Great with roast chicken."

Mr Chris Groom ( 03-Apr-2020 )

BW6461 BW6461 Château Bel Air Perponcher Réserve, Bordeaux Blanc 2018

"We have purchased these wine for many years. The reason is that it has taste and is great with white fish, e.g. plaice plus it is a respectable price. There are other good wines of course but they do tend to be more expensive. So in summary a wine that is good with any white fish, has real taste and is a reasonable price"

Mr Stewart Mills ( 03-Apr-2020 )

SP15121 SP15121 Blau, Montsant 2018

"Very smooth and fruity flavoured wine - Attractive bottle looks impressive!"

Mr Peter O'Connor ( 03-Apr-2020 )

IT28041 IT28041 Tarantino Primitivo Segnavento, Pervini 2018

"Very approachable, full flavoured and great with meaty pasta"

Mr Peter O'Connor ( 03-Apr-2020 )

FC38021 FC38021 Pinot Noir, Puy de Dôme, Cave Saint-Verny 2018

"It is certainly not Burgundy, but it is a very satisfying French country wine. Plenty of fruit and character."

Mr Christopher W F James ( 03-Apr-2020 )

GR1591 GR1591 Black Kalavryta, Tetramythos 2018

"Two bottles ordered were old and had to be thrown out. Thanks though to the society for the quick credit note!"

Mr Andrew Northcott ( 03-Apr-2020 )

SA15221 SA15221 Perdebee Shiraz, Darling 2015

"This is one heavy wine. Definitely let it breathe for a while. Like a meal in a glass. All a bit too much for me and I like full bodied wines!"

Mr Greig P Godfrey ( 02-Apr-2020 )

NZ11211 NZ11211 Mission Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2019

"Try the Rata for a better sharper NZ SB if you enjoy sharp acidity and more power. Disappointed with this wine, maybe ok for those wanting a smoother finish"

Mr Greig P Godfrey ( 02-Apr-2020 )

IT28201 IT28201 Roma Malvasia Puntinata, Pallavicini 2018


Mr Malcolm Padgett ( 02-Apr-2020 )

RH54761 RH54761 Château Sainte Estève, Rondoletto, IGP Méditerranée 2018

"I echo the views of the previous reviewers. Soft, round and approachable, and would be good, undemanding and quite classy at a reception. As a food wine, it lacked the depth to give real satisfaction."

Dr David Rickeard ( 02-Apr-2020 )

AU21901 AU21901 Victory Hotel Australian Chardonnay-Semillon 2018

"Currently in self isolation - just conjured up a home made smoked salmon pate! Cracked open a bottle of this wine - it was a marriage made in heaven. Great rounded fresh Chardonnay underpinned with a ‘dollop’ of Semillon. Great Value for money! I even shared a glass with my wife at a ‘safe distance’ of course. We hope the Wine Society opens for business soon. Enjoy the Wine - Highly Recommended.!!"

Mr Malcolm J Davies ( 02-Apr-2020 )

RH54161 RH54161 Vacqueyras Blanc Les Clefs d'Or, Clos des Cazaux 2018

"Found this quite delicious - agree with previous reviewer not to serve too cold. Dry, little evidence of oak, but brimming with flavour. Although I am still wary of white wines of 13.5% or over as I feel that level of alcohol tends to cloak the taste, making it blowsy, perhaps the grape varieties here can take 13.5%. Loved it. Will order again"

Mr John Landaw ( 02-Apr-2020 )

BJ7951 BJ7951 Domaine des Joséphins, Beaujolais 2018

"Very drinkable but really does lack any real character . However it is fairly cheap so I have marked it up a bit as it is still good value. However for a few pennies more go for Château de Lacarelle, Beaujolais-Villages 2018 which is just immense. Unfortunately out of stock at moment"

Mr Paul Anderson ( 02-Apr-2020 )


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