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RH51191 RH51191 Côtes-du-Rhône, Château Courac 2015

"Super helpful and fast delivery. A great wine from a great team. Will continue to recommend and to use them for the wines I enjoy. Cheers"

Mr Allan Jones ( 09-Dec-2019 )

SP14251 SP14251 Bohórquez, Ribera del Duero 2009

"Stunning ! I'm a big fan of Spanish wines and this is a cracker ... super smooth and a classic Ribera del Duero"

Mr Simon Davey ( 09-Dec-2019 )

FC36431 FC36431 Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Félines-Jourdan 2018

"Described as being dry (bone dry in the wine notes), we were very disappointed with this wine as it is somewhat sweet"

Dr John P Honeyman ( 09-Dec-2019 )

FC36041 FC36041 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2018

"This is astonishing for the price. I will buying a lot more of this. Deliciously fruity mix of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah. "

Mr Ray Mount ( 09-Dec-2019 )

HU1421 HU1421 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2017

"I bought based on TWC comments, expected to be underwhelmed, however fully agree with Rev. Stanier, believe his review is spot on imo."

Mr Dominic Lacey ( 08-Dec-2019 )

FC36891 FC36891 Faugères Premières, Domaine Alquier 2017

"Baffled by the society's description of this. "NO OAK FLAVOUR"? Did they taste this? It's new barrel oak. No question. Sadly this might be a nice wine but I don't like this heavily oaky confected flavour and so have spent nearly £15 on a wine I don't want to drink. For further notes: there is a richness and some dark berry fruits, but the finish is short with dry tannins and any complexity comes from the oak, the wine itself is washed out. "

Mr Robert Wade ( 08-Dec-2019 )

LO15231 LO15231 Pouilly-Fumé Cuvée de Boisfleury, Domaine Cailbourdin 2018

"Very classy white. Lots of subtle favours."

Dr Ian Stone ( 08-Dec-2019 )

CM16321 CM16321 La Parde de Haut-Bailly, Pessac-Léognan 2011

"I bought a selection of Bordeaux reds across several appellations in this price range and this one is the best so far - very smooth, well-balanced with a long finish. Great value for £25."

Miss Nicola Richards ( 08-Dec-2019 )

FC36671 FC36671 Chardonnay, IGP Pays d'Oc, Jacques Dépagneux 2018

"Fairly standard French Chard. Drinkable but unexciting; as you'd expect for £7."

Ms Louise Everatt ( 08-Dec-2019 )

IT26791 IT26791 The Society's Pinot Grigio 2018

"Rather thin and disappointing for the price"

Mr Jonathan Warner ( 08-Dec-2019 )

BY461 BY461 Château de Tariquet Bas-Armagnac 1995

"Beautifully balanced with a barley sugar finish but not overdone . A truly lovely glass . Perfect for the time of year and worth every penny."

Mr R William C McCann ( 08-Dec-2019 )

LO15131 LO15131 Anjou Rouge 'Confidences', Famille Bougrier 2018

"Full flavoured, ripe Loire red. Good value at £8.50. This can be enjoyed without food, as it has a very smooth flavour and feel, though we selected it to accompany pork chops with roasted turnips and roasted garlic, which was an excellent decision for a slightly oily disk with strong flavours."

Dr Martyn Thomas ( 08-Dec-2019 )

US7981 US7981 First Press Napa Chardonnay 2015

"Sumptuously rich balance of oak, fruit and creamy smooth body. Without a below £12 price tag it would be a four star for me, however, as someone else pointed out there is that slight aftertaste of saccharine bitterness which prevents it reaching the five star mark."

Mrs Heather Carr ( 08-Dec-2019 )

IT26211 IT26211 The Society's Barbera d'Asti Superiore 2016

"On first opening a bottle of this wine, I was very disappointed: it was closed and somewhat tannic. I left it for a day and then tried again. What a difference ! It proved to be fruity with a depth of cherry flavours and some length. I will be buying again. "

Mr Bernard Feeney ( 08-Dec-2019 )

LO15001 LO15001 Coteaux du Vendômois Le Carillon de Vendôme 'Le Cocagne' Chenin Blanc 2018

"Reviews for 2016 & 2017 by WS members are spot on in my view , so just to add the 2018 matches up to previous vintages. Would suggest a slight chill only; overdid mine and wine was better as it warmed up and opened up in the glass. Easy to drink on its own or with most foods."

Mr Terence Eastham ( 08-Dec-2019 )

FC36491 FC36491 Syrah-Viognier L’Orangeraie, Pays d'Oc, Lorgeril 2018

"Very fruity nose, but more measured and balanced on the palate. Medium bodied, Rhone style Syrah with a bit of grip. I couldn't detect a dramatic influence from the Viognier except perhaps in the nose. I enjoyed the wine and would buy it again."

Mr John Lay ( 08-Dec-2019 )

IT27311 IT27311 Isola della Fiamma Nero d'Avola 2018

"This wine is thin and flat with little flavour or depth. I bought it for for everyday drinking and gave it another chance a few weeks later, but another bottle was just as disappointing. I've had better for the price from my local supermarket. "

Mr Giles Dawson ( 08-Dec-2019 )

CE10221 CE10221 Lascar Classic Carmenère 2018

"This is a great wine, very good value, but at the time of writing, out of stock. I will buy more in future. One reviewer, Ms K Harris-Fox complains that this is listed as NO OAK, however, she has misread the listing, as the wine below this one in my winter 2019 list is Vina Santico Carmenere, which does state " made without oak". Operator error and not an error of the Wine Society."

Mr David Rowlands ( 08-Dec-2019 )

IT26661 IT26661 The Society's Sicilian Reserve Red 2015

"Not bad but certainly not as good as the 2014 or 2013. It felt a little light compared to the earlier vintages, lacking the full fruity warmth and body and the touch of spice that I'd really liked. I wouldn't buy another 2015 but hopefully the 2016 will return this one to winning ways."

Mr Peter Hammersley ( 08-Dec-2019 )

IT28011 IT28011 Ciro` Rosso Riserva Federico Scala, Santa Venere 2016

"Interesting and immediately drinkable but I felt there was just too much sweetness so not something I would want more than a glass of with food - therefore disappointing for its price point."

Mr Colin Goldin ( 08-Dec-2019 )

FC37641 FC37641 Fitou, Domaine Jones 2017

"Have followed Katie Jones for years now and great admirer of her wines. This is a lovely easy drinking wine. Cannot understand reviewer who doesn’t like it, can’t imagine it was the same wine. Bought some for French friends and they loved it and couldn’t believe it was an English winemaker. Good fruit, approachable but full bodied that goes well with a wide range of heavier meat dishes such as casseroles and stews."

Mr Michael J Biden ( 08-Dec-2019 )

CE10211 CE10211 Lascar Classic Merlot 2018

"Smells terrible, first taste palette is not good. Slightly better when left to breathe. "

Mr Nicholas Coleman ( 07-Dec-2019 )

CH3391 CH3391 Champagne Castelnau Reserve Brut NV

"A beautiful wine with an elegance and sophistication that puts it into the top category of champagnes. What a success for the Society and its policy of seeking out Growers Champagnes."

Father David Lawrence-March ( 07-Dec-2019 )

IT27951 IT27951 Foresco Umbria, Barberani 2017

"Very much enjoyed this wine. Brambly fruit with typical lick of acidity. Went great with an Autumnal roast chicken with chestnuts and mushrooms."

Mr Paul Hepplewhite ( 07-Dec-2019 )

GE12331 GE12331 Spätburgunder Markgräflerland, Martin Wassmer 2016

"Whilst this has complexity and richness, it isn’t for us. Too acidic, tannins not balanced with almost an antiseptic quality."

Mr James Bowkett ( 07-Dec-2019 )

NZ11301 NZ11301 Momo Marlborough Pinot Noir 2017

"*3.5. Rather like it the more I drink. Grippy. Cranberry and leather with flinty minerals and long finish."

Mr Dominic White ( 07-Dec-2019 )

IT25191 IT25191 The Society’s Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2017

"Very nearly went down the drain, on opening rough and acidic, almost off. But after a few hours in a decanter it became soft and fruity, albeit with grippy tannins, cacao and something small and furry. I marvel in wines that open up like this, and it is a classic old school wine society bang for buck wine as such. The end product, with time and air, is a savoury 3*,"

Mr Dominic White ( 07-Dec-2019 )

GE12361 GE12361 Niedermenniger Riesling Kabinett, von Kesselstatt 2017

"Far too sweet for me. Ok with fruit crumble but wouldn't buy again"

Miss Chris James ( 07-Dec-2019 )

FC36081 FC36081 Duo Des Mers Sauvignon-Viognier, Vin de France 2018

"Lovely with prawns and mackerel pate"

Miss Chris James ( 07-Dec-2019 )

CB5851 CB5851 Château Picheron, Bordeaux 2018

"Pleasant, drinking now claret, bought as part of the 2018 case - cheapest and first one sampled so 5/10 for comparative purposes. "

Mr David Welland ( 07-Dec-2019 )

RH53932 RH53932 Half bottle of The Society's Côtes-du-Rhône 2018

"Nothing to add to the description above. Very appealing and a definate repeat purchase."

Mr Trefor Rosser-James ( 07-Dec-2019 )

FC37541 FC37541 Minervois, Plaisir d'Eulalie, Château Sainte-Eulalie 2018

"Just want t keep it for ourselves. Deep and strong fruit flavours "

Mr Robert Alfandary ( 07-Dec-2019 )

CE10221 CE10221 Lascar Classic Carmenère 2018

"Not good! It stated very clearly on the description that this Carmenere was NO OAK. It was nothing as described. I expect The Wine Society to do their job and research thoroughly the wines on offer. Very disappointed in both the product and in The Wine Society."

Ms Kathleen Harris-Fox ( 07-Dec-2019 )

IT26611 IT26611 Nebbiolo d'Alba Vigna Valmaggiore, Cantina del Nebbiolo 2016

"Not mistakable for high end Barolo (as another reviewer notes). But for the money I would far rather drink this than a supermarket Brl. Taken on it's on merit, this wine is scented, light in colour yet still tannic and interesting - that's nebbiolo for you. Decent stuff."

Mr Tim Potts ( 07-Dec-2019 )

FC35401 FC35401 Cabardès Terroirs d'Altitude, Château de Pennautier 2015

"Started very closed and quite soft. Half an hour later and it had transformed. Red fruits with the herby, tannic notes of this part of the world in South West France. I enjoyed but was expecting more. Big expectations from previous reviews which didn't deliver for me."

Mr Paul Hepplewhite ( 07-Dec-2019 )

FC36041 FC36041 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2018

"Very enjoyable, light but full of flavour. Great value at this price."

Mr Andy Friend ( 07-Dec-2019 )

FC36871 FC36871 The Society's French Grenache 2018

"I love this wine, I find I order it every time. It's full bodied, probably a bit "in your face" (unsubtle), but as an unsophisticated wine drinker this suits me fine. I don't pair with food, but always think.... "mmmm I need cheese" when drinking this. I really like it and will continue to order."

Mrs Carol Clark ( 07-Dec-2019 )

IT27801 IT27801 Ghemme, Torraccia del Piantavigna 2009

"Haven’t drunk much Nebbiolo, but that will change based on this lovely wine. Black cherry, violets and a hint of tar on the nose. Tastes of black cherry and plum, nice acidity and the tannins are still very much in evidence. Very pleased with this. Highly recommended. "

Mr Shaun Hodgkins ( 07-Dec-2019 )

SP14471 SP14471 Viña Amézola Crianza, Rioja 2015

"Very thin and lacking in any real body. Poorest wine I have tasted from a region which usually produces excellent reds."

Mr Dominic Murphy ( 07-Dec-2019 )

IT26681 IT26681 Pecorino Abruzzo, Contesa 2018

"Terrific Pecorino, slightly honeyed aspect, and quite rich but still dry. A trifle dearer than some other similar wines we have tried and the difference in price shows. "

Mr Terry Deamer ( 07-Dec-2019 )

BU63711 BU63711 Domaine Jacques Saumaize, Pouilly-Fuissé Creuzettes 2015

"Would not recommend"

Mr Andrew Walton ( 07-Dec-2019 )

SA13524 SA13524 Magnum of Kanonkop Kadette Cape Blend, Stellenbosch 2016

"Unbelievably good value. Excellent, very drinkable. Lighter than than Kanonkop’s outstanding Pintotage. "

Mr Benjamin Smith ( 07-Dec-2019 )

CE10201 CE10201 The Society's Chilean Limarí Sauvignon Blanc 2018

"When NZ Sauvignon was first around, the catchphrase was “cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush ”. That would be a fair description of this, though I think it’s a bit lighter and drier than some of those NZ behemoths. Not to my taste but well-made & the friend I shared it with loved it, hence 4 stars. "

Ms Sue Perks ( 06-Dec-2019 )

PW7451 PW7451 Carlos Lucas Ribeiro Santo, Dão 2017

"Fantastic. Great value, best wine we have had from Wine Society"

Mr Tristan Heywood ( 06-Dec-2019 )

AR3991 AR3991 The Society's Exhibition Mendoza Malbec 2017

"Lovely, we gave it a 9/10, strongly recommend "

Mr Tristan Heywood ( 06-Dec-2019 )

CE10431 CE10431 Lascar Classic Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

"Delicious and, at this price, outstanding value. A great all-rounder."

Mr Stephen Butler ( 06-Dec-2019 )

SA13971 SA13971 Percheron Chenin Blanc-Viognier, Western Cape 2018

"We can't fault this - gluggable and good with food at amazing price. (Also enjoy drinking at home when it's £19 at pub down the road)"

Ms Christine Chaffin ( 06-Dec-2019 )

DX1946 DX1946 The Society's Premium Fresh Food Hamper

"I get this every year for my folks. No complaints!"

Mr Duncan J Ward ( 06-Dec-2019 )

LO15291 LO15291 Touraine Chenonceaux Rouge, Domaine de la Renaudie 2016

"Rather fine. Has mostly the character of a Cab franc with enough age to get interesting, rounded out with Malbec. On the cusp of youthful, still tannic & fruity / becoming more complex - I imagine it will evolve with time in a decanter. If you like Cru Beaujolais as I do, this will be of interest. This evening its with spag bol - however post xmas this will go very well with cold ham, turkey, game pie etc."

Mr Tim Potts ( 06-Dec-2019 )

US8501 US8501 Gnarly Head Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2017

"Packed full of fruit flavours - plum and blackberry. I image this would be great on a warm summer evening when folks are de-stressing from work - it works equally well in rainy winters day in Macclesfield. "

Mr John Ramsey ( 06-Dec-2019 )

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