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BJ7561 BJ7561 Château de Lacarelle, Beaujolais-Villages 2017

"I'm with the Rev Haggis on this - it has ample fruit with a hint of mineral, and very good length. I can see why other reviewers looking for a lighter, more fragrant Beaujolais might be disappointed. It is on the weighty side of medium-bodied. But it still has that cherry fruit. I enjoyed it."

Mr Simon Milner ( 14-Aug-2018 )

AU20061 AU20061 Weirs Lane Parker Estate Limestone Coast Cabernet-Merlot 2015

"Excellent value. Good with a curry or on it’s own. Very smooth and moreish."

Mr John Oakley ( 14-Aug-2018 )

PW6611 PW6611 Quinta da Lagoalva, Tejo 2016

"Sweet,rich, fruity and thoroughly yummy About to buy some more Tremendous value"

Mr Paul Anderson ( 14-Aug-2018 )

FC28981 FC28981 Cahors, Clos Triguedina Cuvée Prestige Probus 2008

"My dog-eared latin dictionary defines probus as 'good, excellent, honest, upright'. That's certainly true of this wine but it doesn't go far enough - it is superb. After allowing it to breathe for 90 minutes it had a wonderful 'figgy' (tobacco-y?) nose, and on the palate was supple, full, fruity, complex and would give any 'big' Bordeaux a run for its money. [Would probably win in a blind tasting.] Drink with your best Hereford or Aberdeen Angus beef, or well-roast hogget. This is not the first of Jean-Luc Baldes's wine I've been impressed by, and I hope the Society maintains its links with him."

Mr Nigel Cory ( 14-Aug-2018 )

CS7931 CS7931 Château Vieux Clos, Saint-Emilion 2010

"Oh dear, not a good experience. Tight and closed with tannins very much to the fore. There was nothing to the wine that suggested these would be tamed in time with little discernible fruit. Bottle number two is destined for cooking I’m afraid."

Mr Alan Smeaton ( 14-Aug-2018 )

CM17681 CM17681 Chapelle de Potensac, Médoc 2010

"Decanted a few hours ahead of drinking this was a really nice wine, the tannins being well integrated and good fruit coming through the classic Bordeaux flavours of graphite, wood and earthiness. Good length and any aggressiveness has been softened."

Mr Alan Smeaton ( 14-Aug-2018 )

IT24231 IT24231 Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva Castel Firmian, Mezzacorona 2013

"Gorgeous velvety warming red with a touch of vanilla, very much enjoyed with a sirloin steak!"

Mr John McDonnell ( 14-Aug-2018 )

SP9841 SP9841 San Román, Toro 2011

"I guess in reality it’s a 4.5 but I wasn’t disappointed! It’s rich... dark fruits and maybe almost chocolatey! I was please I was organised enough to decant this for a couple of hours, think that really helped get the most out of it! "

Miss Joanne Povey ( 14-Aug-2018 )

RH50092 RH50092 Half bottle of Côtes-du-Rhône Rouge, Guigal 2015

"Great Guigal wine - full bodied, solid mouthful of wine, needs time to open up. Complements a casserole or steak pie. All in a handy size half bottle at a sensible price! "

Mr Malcolm J Davies ( 14-Aug-2018 )

IT25101 IT25101 Chianti Classico, Castello La Leccia 2015

"Dry & chalky with a sharp edge, maybe due to the strength of the wine. I give a cautious recommendation, worth buying, worth drinking, but I've had better Chianti"

Mr Nick Parkin ( 13-Aug-2018 )

CS8911 CS8911 Château Figeac, Saint-Emilion 2012

"Four and a half stars. Dense, garnet red. Red and black fruits. Vibrant and fresh with a touch of mint from the cab. sauvignon. Persistent and a longish finish. Lovely."

Mr Andrew Howe ( 13-Aug-2018 )

RH47051 RH47051 Costières de Nîmes La Ciboise, Chapoutier 2016

"Very good, and for me more character than the Jabolet Ventoux at the same price. "

Mr Tristan Ward ( 13-Aug-2018 )

SG2441 SG2441 Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2015

"It’s got a very nice taste with lots of red fruit, but too much gas - a mouthful of bubbles. "

Mr Tristan Ward ( 13-Aug-2018 )

IT24001 IT24001 The Society's Exhibition Chianti Classico 2015

"I am in agreement with other critical reviews. I ordered three bottles as part of a mixed case in May. The first was opened soon after arrival and was much below expectation for any wine in the Exhibition range; there were unresolved tannins, no detectable fruit and a thinness which made it unsuitable for drinking without food. Is this really the same wine that was tasted by the Wine Society buyer? The second bottle was opened this week (August 2018) with similar results."

Dr Roger Booker ( 13-Aug-2018 )

IT25451 IT25451 Basilicata Rosato Le Ralle, Alovini 2017

"OMG! I forgot to tick the ‘no substitutes’ box when I ordered 3 cases of the (excellent) Society’s Rose for our holiday in the Scilly Isles. Now I have got 3 cases of this Le Ralle. The less said about it the better. I’m selling bottles at £5 each to anyone who will buy them. Good luck if you ever make the same mistake...."

Mr Edward A P Sells ( 13-Aug-2018 )

BE981 BE981 Drink'In The Sun Alcohol Free Pale Ale, Mikkeller, Denmark (0.3%, 330ml)

"Have tried a few low alcohol beers now as there seems to be a decent amount of choice and some good reviews. This is my favourite of the ones I have tried, and so tasty that sometimes it's my first pick out of the beer fridge."

Mr David Williams ( 13-Aug-2018 )

RH50531 RH50531 Grignan les Adhemar Delas 2017

"Still a great value wine and reliable, I think I have had the last 4 vintages of this wine and keep coming back to it - worth trying if you haven't already."

Mr David Mitchell ( 13-Aug-2018 )

RH47051 RH47051 Costières de Nîmes La Ciboise, Chapoutier 2016

"Strongly vegetal nose with the fruit hiding behind it. Not unpleasant at all, but slightly off-putting. I probably won't buy this again, but if I did I would give it a lengthy decant."

Mr David Halliwell ( 13-Aug-2018 )

PW6581 PW6581 DFJ Vinhos Gran D'Arte Alicante Bouschet, Estremadura 2006

"Inky, rich and full-bodied. Mature figgy and pruny flavours and a meaty nose. Very good value at this price. I was a bit concerned from the blurb that it might be a bit robust and need pairing with food, but it's pretty smooth. As another reviewer has said, possibly past its best, but still good wine. Recommended. "

Mr John Lay ( 12-Aug-2018 )

FC34501 FC34501 Cantoiseau Blanc, Vin de France 2017

"We bought a half dozen to supplement stocks for a garden party. It’s pretty awful wine. Very little taste upfront and then a shocking sharpness that made us judder. It says citrus and crisp but it isn’t that.... we have 4 bottles left which I can only hope will be ok to cook with."

Mrs Helen Fitzpatrick ( 12-Aug-2018 )

LO12901 LO12901 Cour Cheverny 'Le Petit Chambord', Cazin 2014

"I found this wine somewhat out of balance with the high acidity and rather grippy flavour profile. We brought it with us to a Sushi restaurant and found ourselves switching to Sake halfway through which worked much better!"

Mr Steven Thomas ( 12-Aug-2018 )

SG2231 SG2231 Vecchio Moro Lambrusco Grasparossa Rinaldini

"Wow! What an unusual, delicious, opulent, fruity, smooth sparkling red wine! Other reviewers stated it was fun and that describes this wine perfectly! Wasn’t sure when I ordered it but it is a winner and I will definitelly order this again."

Miss Jennifer Cousans ( 12-Aug-2018 )

FC33451 FC33451 Merlot-Syrah, Côtes de Gascogne, Domaine du Mage 2016

"Strange to read other members’ reviews of this gem. In my opinion, this is a delicious everyday wine with character. Bags of fruit and plenty of body for a “ low alcohol” wine. Try it and make up your own mind. A typical WS wine in that it has character and is on any analysis exceptional value."

Mr Michael Derbyshire ( 12-Aug-2018 )

RH49971 RH49971 The Society's French Syrah 2016

"Definitely a winner! Absolutely delighted with Society's French Syrah. Stocks to be replenished."

Mr J Richard Musgrave ( 12-Aug-2018 )

LO13251 LO13251 Touraine Sauvignon Blanc ‘Les Hauts Lieux', Famille Bougrier 2016

"A really delightful everyday wine with gooseberry and elderflower notes that add a little extra depth to its dryness. Hope the 2016 is as good. "

Mr Paul McCarroll ( 12-Aug-2018 )

IT24791 IT24791 Marzemino Trentino , Mezzocorona 2016

"Colour: Dark cherry red with a purple rim. Aroma: Cherry, red berries, grassy, herbal, violets, coffee, bitter chocolate and a hint of spice. Taste: Medium-light bodied, soft tannin, fresh acidity. Herbaceous, cherry, forest fruit and vanilla flavours with a spicy albeit short mid-palate and finish. Overall: Pleasant simple wine. Everything in moderation, good balance, fruity and easy-drinking. A good midweek wine, good value and worth a try."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 12-Aug-2018 )

SG2461 SG2461 Turbullent, Domaine Serol

"We have marked this as a 4-star wine because people will always be looking at this as something that is a cut-price alternative to Champagne. Unfortunately, if that is what you want then you will need to find the £25+ for entry-level rose Champagne. But for those of you who are looking for an interesting and fun wine then this is closer to 5 stars. The low alcohol level is only apparent from the label. It has all the taste of a 12% sparkler. The bottle is very 'designer' and the wine is a lovely colour in the glass. The slightly off-dry and soft style means that this not a wine to have with bread and olives just before a meal. It is much more of a mid-afternoon cocktail of a wine or perhaps something to toast the setting sun on a warm summer's evening. My wife's suggestion is that this is really what you want to be handed as you arrive at a wedding lunch. Its lack of acid means that it would go with strawberries and cream far better than any dry champagne. Buy at least one for yourself and another as a classy and interesting gift for a friend."

Mr I Mitchell ( 11-Aug-2018 )

RH45051 RH45051 Domaine Villard Seul en Scène, Vin de France 2015

"One of my favourite Northern Rhone producers and this wine is brilliant."

Ms Alex Thompson ( 11-Aug-2018 )

SG2431 SG2431 Cava Conde de Haro Brut 2015

"Colour: Pale gold with extremely fine bubbles. Aroma: Sourdough and biscuit, yeasty, apple, unripe pear and citrus fruits. Taste: Bone dry, fresh and lively with zippy acidity. Toast, appley, bitter/nutty mid-palate, nice mouth-coating buttery texture with a med- spicy vanilla finish. Overall: A few rough edges, the secondary fermentation flavours and aromas are too dominant and the bubbles explode in the glass but fade quickly, lacks balance. However, crisp, light, easy-drinking at a good price. Worth a try but not memorable. "

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 11-Aug-2018 )

BR311 BR311 Château Bel Air Perponcher Réserve, Bordeaux Rosé 2017

"Lovely Rosé, not too sweat, perfect for a summer lunch."

Mr Thomas Baker ( 11-Aug-2018 )

GE11381 GE11381 Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling Kabinett, Josef Schmitt 2016

"Very good indeed. Has the acidity you get with the richer Rieslings, but without the sweetness. Despite this, it tastes wonderfully balanced."

Mr Jon Connorton ( 11-Aug-2018 )

FC34141 FC34141 Duo Des Mers Sauvignon-Viognier, Vin de France 2017

"This is a beautifully blended wine, with bags of tropical fruit flavour and a smooth finish. At a family gathering everyone enjoyed this wine - which is a first, so well done the Wine Society for seeking this out. PS: As the bottle shows two fish I could not resist serving it with grilled sea bream and it was an excellent partnering."

Mr Peter Laggan ( 11-Aug-2018 )

PW6651 PW6651 Almeida Garrett Entre Serras, Beira Interior 2015

"I agree with the Wine Society's description of this wine of 'smooth and easy to drink'. Tinta Roriz is the Portuguese name for Tempranillo, which is why this wine is reminiscent of a good Spanish wine. At 13.5% it is a wine with legs, but this does not overpower the deep hedgerow flavours and the long dry finish. I am looking forward to drinking this wine in cooler months with hearty stew. This is very good value for the price."

Mr Peter Laggan ( 11-Aug-2018 )

LO13901 LO13901 Saint-Pourçain La Réserve Spéciale 2016

"I am afraid that I cannot agree with other recommendations for this wine. It's only redeeming factor is attractive garnet colour. On the nose, the alcohol drowns out any fruit aromas and the taste is predominantly sour. The label boasts of spiced cherry flavours, although I would argue that it is more reminiscent of morello cherries which is why, I suspect, I find it unpleasant. It's biggest fault, however, is it's lack of depth and complexity. I have found many wines of greater interest on supermarket shelves at a much lower price, so thumbs down for me."

Mr Peter Laggan ( 11-Aug-2018 )

LO13921 LO13921 Val de Loire Chardonnay Les Parcelles, Réthoré Davy 2017

"A fruity and pleasant wine with a good balance of sweetness and acidity whilst retaining a crisp, dry finish. It has an aroma of pears and apples, with apple and underripe peaches being the predominant taste. There is no oak in this wine and it lacks the butteriness of some chardonnays, that said, it has few faults and is priced well."

Mr Peter Laggan ( 11-Aug-2018 )

CB5041 CB5041 Château Val de Bridoire, Bordeaux 2014

"Opened this last night. Thought it was corked - rough around the edges. Considered it might just be me. Left it overnight. Definitely off. Down the sink. Avoid."

Mr Ian Reynolds ( 11-Aug-2018 )

CE9261 CE9261 Koyle Cerro Basalto Alto Colchagua 2014

"Intensely perfumed, full bodied and structured, I found this a very good match with beef casserole. I believe it would suit equally well any rich dish. Distinctly tasting, it is an excellent addition to the Wine Society's portfolio and a well thought choice from our buyer. I would disagree with fellow members who found this overpriced, I thought at £17 it is great value (in fact, it seems to cost quite a bit more elsewhere). "

Dr C Alexandropoulos ( 11-Aug-2018 )

IT25181 IT25181 Roero Arneis Bric Ceniciurio, Pittatore Sacchetto Fiorella 2017

"Beautiful white! Lovely nose- Floral (white blossom?), Danish pastry (or was it a combination of pastry + apricot?), peach, honey cream with some unidentifiable herbs. The palate, too, was lovely- creamy texture, rich without being cloying, with notes of apricot and honey. Lively orange pith on the finish, which really lifted it, and left a pleasing fresh taste on the palate. It went really well with our Thai Massaman curry, complementing its creaminess. I can imagine it would work well with a variety of dishes. Highly recommended! "

Mrs Inbar Galinsky-Johnson ( 10-Aug-2018 )

FC32501 FC32501 Mas Gabriel, Clos des Papillons, Hérault 2015

"Mix of lime and orange pith with a light smokey flavour, which the next day had a touch of kerosene. Nice balance of fruit, acidity, mouth feel and something a little funky compared to the norm. Went well with roast chicken and would buy again."

Mr Tony S Shaw ( 10-Aug-2018 )

GR1331A GR1331A Atma White Malagousia and Xinomavro Thymiopoulos 2017

"Quite sappy, peachy, with to me a familiar lightly ‘oily’ flavour, in a good way. Fills the mouth. I would say goes better with food, and well chilled, was good with a table of Greek dishes."

Mr Chris Groom ( 10-Aug-2018 )

SP13651 SP13651 Finca Antigua Unico Crianza, La Mancha 2012

"I've had a number of moderately good reds recently, many at this price or a little higher. But this instantly stood out to me as a real pleasure. I'll definitely be getting more of these."

Mr Allan Whittaker ( 10-Aug-2018 )

FC33541 FC33541 Pacherenc du Vic-Bihl, Château d'Aydie 2016 (50cl)

"I polished off a bottle of the 2014 vintage last night, and it was amazing - fruity, very tangy, zingy, fresh yet concentrated. Re previous review's comments on tasting notes, no I did not detect any spice, but would otherwise agree - maybe notes of mandarin and sweet grapefruit. "

Mr Philip Kirkley ( 10-Aug-2018 )

IT24001 IT24001 The Society's Exhibition Chianti Classico 2015

"A dry, earthy yet somewhat thin wine. This is certainly no 'fruit bomb' and therefore not what you would call a crowd pleaser. This is a rather austere wine to drink on its own but I found that it did come in to its own rather well indeed when drunk with a Mediterranean style lunch consisting of strong flavours (Chiantis are, after all, renowned as excellent food wines). On the nose: herbs, olives, earth and black coffee. On the palate: predominantly savoury with tannins and slight cherry fruits but on the whole rather underdeveloped. You will need to let this breathe a long while before drinking. Have it the next day with food and it's fine. For me, not up to 'Exhibition standard' now but may well drink better in a few years time."

Mr John-Paul Featherstone ( 10-Aug-2018 )

PW6911 PW6911 Carvalhais Grão Vasco, Dão 2017

"An easy to drink wine - uncomplicated and perfect for a summer's evening - with chicken, fish or a BBQ. Definitely tones of greengage, white-currants and a nice dryness on the palate. An inexpensive quaffable wine "

Mr Charles Whitehead ( 10-Aug-2018 )

US7991 US7991 McManis Family Petite Sirah 2016

"Amazing wine for the price! If you like full bodied and packed with fruity flavour, you won't find a better bottle for this price. Still my favourite go to wine from the WS to date."

Mr Stuart Robinson ( 10-Aug-2018 )

SP13521 SP13521 Cepa Gavilán Crianza, Ribera del Duero 2015

"Delicious! Lovely, luscious fruit but with plenty of savoury depth... Just what I think a crianza should be"

Mr Tom Lavercombe ( 10-Aug-2018 )

SP13951 SP13951 Coto de Gomariz, Ribeiro, 2016

"Powerful nose of flowers, spiced apples with some mealy / leesy notes too. Similarly powerful on tasting, this is no shrinking violet, ripe green / yellow fruits, lots of spicy depth and a hint of herbs on the finish, ripe acidity provides the structure to balance. Initially I thought this wasn't really to my taste but by the time the last glass was drained, like Oliver Twist, I just wanted more."

Mr Mark Barton ( 10-Aug-2018 )

AR3571 AR3571 La Primera Revancha Mendoza Chenin Blanc 2016


Mr James Brocklehurst ( 10-Aug-2018 )

SW31 SW31 Pinot Noir Reserve Domaine des Muses 2011

"On opening the scent & taste was of chocolate and something unpleasant. Both disappeared with an hour's airing leaving a very dry adequate wine. I have a feeling that the wine won't keep long and needs drinking soon."

Mr Nick Parkin ( 09-Aug-2018 )

LO13941 LO13941 Touraine Perle de Rosée, Domaine de la Renaudie 2017

"Light, fruity and fresh. Not quite as dry as I hoped but really quite delightful. "

Mrs Helen Fitzpatrick ( 09-Aug-2018 )