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IT27951 IT27951 Foresco Umbria, Barberani 2017

I recently helped to launch Wine Education Week with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and one of the wines I poured for the occasion – my wine of the week, from The Wine Society – tastes as good as other famous Italian reds costing many times the price. Incredible, mellow, rich and excellent. I salute The Wine Society. It’s a steal. It’s also perfect for autumn, when mellow, spicy reds offer up that fabulous fireside feeling. - Olly Smith

( The Mail on Sunday 6th Oct 2019 )

BJ7981 BJ7981 Château d'Emeringes, Beaujolais-Villages Vieilles Vignes 2018

Beaujolais has made something of a comeback of late and what was recently considered naff (thanks to all that bloody Bojolly Noovoo) is now considered rather chic. And this old vine Beaujolais-Villages is a corker, as good as many a cru Beaujolais and half the price. Richly coloured with intense, concentrated, juicy dark fruit, it shows Gamay in all its glory. - Jonathan Ray

( The Spectator 4th Oct 2019 )

FC36911 FC36911 Domaine Jones Hairy Grenache 2018

[Katie Jones] is an inspired, sensitive and meticulous winemaker specialising in wines made from plots of old vines around Tuchan in Languedoc-Roussillon. This wine is from a parcel of 70–80 year old vines and is, in a word, delicious. In a few more words, it's juicy, sumptuous and seamless, with black cherry, elderberry and damson fruit and a refreshing twist of sloe on the finish. Lledoner Pelut is the name of the grape variety, but so is Hairy Grenache – unofficially – because the leaves of this Grenache variant are hairy/downy underneath. It's dangerously easy to drink (just a friendly warning) and would go down a treat with warming casseroles (meat or vegetarian), cassoulet, roast pork, herby, spicy sausages, meaty pasta dishes and a whole lot more. If you don't like the comic strip wine label, ignore it, but don't ignore the wine. - Joanna Simon

( 4th Oct 2019 )

PW7771 PW7771 Soalheiro Alvarinho, Vinho Verde 2018

A great wine that can compete with other high-end classic whites … loved the brightness and zippy acidity that balanced the ripe fruit so well, being a beacon of what this re-emerging region has to offer. - Panel tasting

( Harpers 3rd Oct 2019 )

GE12421 GE12421 Weissburgunder, Weingut Jülg 2018

I have previously praised the extra depth that pinot blanc seems to muster when compared with, say, pinot grigio although this example has an extra oddity since it uses grapes from Alsace but the winery is actually the other side of the frontier and hence in Germany. Nevertheless, wherever it thinks of as home [this] is lovely wine with a crisp apple and grapefruit foundation that is neatly supported by vibrant acidity, suggestions of mint and a balancing citrus pith texture. - Brian Elliott

( 2nd Oct 2019 )

IT26501 IT26501 Montefalco Rosso, Scacciadiavoli 2016

Medium deep ruby red in colour, with a tarry earthy nose and considerable authority, acidity and bite. The contribution of the powerful local grape, sagrantino, is only 15% but makes its presence felt. - Harry Eyres

( Country Life 2nd Oct 2019 )

IT27331 IT27331 Vescovado Guardavalle Calabria Bianco, Santa Venere 2018

Here is ... a local grape ... from Calabria on the toe of Italy where the surprisingly weather resistant guardavalle is often used as a blending partner but, here, assumes the starring role – and to very good effect. With depth and even some honey influences, [this] will give you apple and ripe melon fruit with good acidity, a few savoury edges and touches of white peach. - Brian Elliott

( 2nd Oct 2019 )

IT27601 IT27601 Rosso di Toscana Vecchia Annata, Grato Grati Villa di Vetrice 2006

Top level sangiovese is not only quite expensive but also sometimes needs up to twenty years' maturation. This version however is bang on form right at this moment – although, to be fair, it has taken twelve years of aging to get there. Experience the real class that the variety can attain with [this] savoury edged [wine] which has beautifully smooth cherry and nut flavours, good acidity, hints of cinnamon, surprisingly soft tannin and is as deep as a mine shaft. - Brian Elliott

( 2nd Oct 2019 )

IT27941 IT27941 Orvieto Classico Superiore Castagnolo, Barberani 2018

Pale gold in colour and offers gentle appley aromas, but nothing too pronounced. I especially like the soft texture - this is a wine that settles beautifully in the mouth. - Harry Eyres

( Country Life 2nd Oct 2019 )

BW5891A BW5891A Clos Floridene Blanc, Graves 2016

This benchmark Graves is a blend of around 55% old-vine semillon, 44% sauvignon blanc and 1% muscadelle with bright focused blackcurrant leaf, dried apricot, passion fruit, lime, baked grapefruit, pears and spice complexity. The subtle oak - only the semillon component sees a dab of new oak - has merged with the fruit seamlessly. Moreish is the word and bottle age will only make this yet more beautiful. Drink with grilled lobster, crab, white fish in a butter/lemon/caper sauce, poached salmon, raw Atlantic oysters, goat's cheese or Brillat-Savarin. - James Viner

( Times of Tunbridge Wells 2nd Oct 2019 )

CB5181A CB5181A Château Pey La Tour Réserve, Bordeaux Supérieur 2016

This estate-grown blend, mostly merlot with a splash of cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot, throbs with a juicy kaleidoscope of red and black fruits. Its silk tannins, supple mouthfeel, suave spiced finish, deft oak (and integration) are all cause for joy. Classy wine from Vignobles Dourthe, an ultra-reliable high-quality large merchant / grower. Certainly delivers at this price. Perfect for the Sunday roast or hard cheeses.. - James Viner

( Times of Tunbridge Wells 2nd Oct 2019 )

CH3981 CH3981 Champagne Alfred Gratien Brut 2006

While the freshness and vibrant fruit of non-vintage champagne is the perfect pick-me-up for almost any occasion, there is still something special about vintage versions with all the extra depth and elegance that good examples so effortlessly provide. It is well worth digging deeper in your pocket for this chardonnay led selection from The Wine Society’s long-time Champagne partner to relish the delightful 2006 Alfred Gratien Brut with its complex amalgam of brioche and biscuit mellowness underpinned by sharp, zesty lime acidity and a lively mousse. - Brian Elliott

( 2nd Oct 2019 )

IT28141 IT28141 Bin #003 Ribolla Gialla 2018

Ribolla gialla is a relatively unknown grape that seems to do particularly well in north eastern Italy and Slovenia and in both places produces floral and fresh white wine – as this version by an acclaimed winemaker in Friuli testifies. Enjoy then the perfumed and intense 2018 Bin #003 Ribolla Gialla with its ripe pear fruit, nectarine centred texture and delightfully long finish. - Brian Elliott

( 2nd Oct 2019 )

NZ10811 NZ10811 Dog Point Marlborough Pinot Noir 2016

Dog Points is the winery of Ivan Sutherland and James Healy, formerly big wheels at Cloudy Bay, who have created some terrific wine in Marlborough using, in particular, older vines and non-interventionist techniques and often with a little extra maturation time in wood. See how successful this style is with the brilliant 2016 Dog Point Pinot Noir and its well defined, minty raspberry and cherry fruit that creates a veritable flavour explosion which is supplemented by clove and vanilla centred texture and firm acidity but only modest tannin. - Brian Elliott

( 2nd Oct 2019 )

LE1051 LE1051 Chateau Musar 2012

A brilliant Lebanese wine, again with so much complexity. Smoky, spicy with intense flavours. Enjoy now or keep and it will get even better with age. - Rob Price

( Birmingham Living 1st Oct 2019 )

EN1341 EN1341 Camel Valley Bacchus Cornwall 2018

The perfect alternative to New Zealand sauvignon blanc is grown on our very own shores! The grape variety bacchus can produce wonderfully aromatic and pronounced crisp white wines that smell just like the English countryside. This example from Cornwall's finest Camel Valley is packed full of juicy citrus and tropical fruit flavours. Try this with a selection of English goat and sheep cheeses and prepare to be blown away. - Alex Layton

( Suffolk & Norfolk Life 1st Oct 2019 )

FC37231 FC37231 Saint-Mont, Les Vignes Retrouvées 2017

It's always tempting to stick with familiar names. However, it's in the obscure places that you find bargains with exciting flavours. The zesty ripe orchard fruit intensity of Les Vignes Retrouvées comes from the local grape varieties gros manseng, petit courbu and arrufiac, grown in Saint-Mont, Gascony. It's a great alternative to New Zealand sauvignon as an aperitif or with fish and seafood, barbecued vegetables or lightly-spiced chicken. - Joanna Simon

( Platinum 1st Oct 2019 )

SA14441 SA14441 Fairview Bushvine Cinsault, Paarl 2017

Cinsault originates from the south of France but has certainly found a homeland across South Africa where it makes gently perfumed crunchy red wines. Made from vines over 30 years old, this is poised and elegant but would also benefit from being served lightly chilled to really bring out those vibrant red fruit flavours. A joy served with cured meats and charcuterie. - Alex Layton

( Suffolk & Norfolk Life 1st Oct 2019 )

SG2131 SG2131 Nyetimber Brut Classic Cuvée NV

[An] oft-posed question: "What's your favourite wine?". It sounds so easy, but I like most styles. If really pushed I used to say vintage Champagne and it's still one of life's great treats. But so are the best English sparkling wines, made in the same way from the same grape varieties. - Joanna Simon

( Platinum 1st Oct 2019 )

SH1232 SH1232 Half bottle of Sánchez Romate Oloroso Encontrado 1/5

Definitely an oloroso for the armchair - very intense. It's a real vino di meditazione. Reflect on the complexity of this rare old Sherry: mahogany, coffee, eucalyptus, caramel, nutty, pungent. - Sarah Jane Evans MW

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

SP13621 SP13621 Glorioso Crianza, Rioja 2015

Deeply coloured with ripe briary sweet fruit aromas and nicely concentrated fruit (without any suggestion of over-extraction) on the palate. Subtle chocolate-edged oak and coffee flavours also feature, with sleek, behind-the-scenes but essential tannins. 100% tempranillo. Very harmonious. - Joanna Simon

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

SP14001 SP14001 Momo Vendimia Seleccionada, Ribera del Duero 2015

Warm ripe cherry compote and black fruit nose. This 100% tempranillo has a generous ripe palate, with cherry, aromatic herb, liquorice and mocha flavours, a succulent texture and a redeeming fresh lift on the finish. - Joanna Simon

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

SP14251 SP14251 Bohórquez, Ribera del Duero 2009

Located between Peñafiel and Pesquera, this bijou property is a real find. This tinto fino has ripe damson and plum to the fore, with beautifully integrated tannins and a magisterial finish. - Simon Field MW

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

US8521 US8521 Sobon Estate Rocky Top Amador County Zinfandel 2017

Broad structure is illuminated by notes of redcurrant, tarragon and black tea. Deeply concentrated and full of oack character, it will need pairing with a hearty meal to fully appreciate its burly presence. - Julie Albin

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

IT28221 IT28221 Soave Classico Calvarino, Pieropan 2017

In 1971 the steep Calvarino hill became the source of Socive's first single-vineyard wine, still an icon of the region today. Elegant old-vine complexity, oyster shell breeziness and crisp citrus and orchard fruit, plus richer, more tropical tones on the long finish. - Tina Gellie

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

PW7421 PW7421 Azevedo Loureiro-Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2018

… light and delicate … Jane Clare

( Lancashire Evening Post 30th Sep 2019 )

AU21841 AU21841 Mac Forbes Woori Yallock Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Highly recommended: Gentle perfumed nose mingliong aromas of ripe berry fruit and herbal undertones. Light-bodied but held up well by intensered cherry character. - Panel Tasting

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

AU21851 AU21851 Mac Forbes Yarra Junction Pinot Noir 2017

Red fruit and herbal characters with some vegetal sweetness on the mid-palate. High acid and grippy tannins. - Panel Tastings

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

AU22021 AU22021 Kooyong Massale Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir 2018

Highly recommended: Youthful ripe strawberry fragrance with fresh berries and a hint of cocoa. Lovely palate with expertly handled oak and a long finish. - Panel Tasting

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

BU68961 BU68961 Domaine Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Rouge 2016

The quality of Sylvain Pataille's Burgindies far outweights their price. This one lures you in with a heady red cherry perfume that builds through the light silky palate, kept vibrant by fresh acidity and 30% whole-bunch fruit used. Seductive and compelling. - Tina Gellie

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

BW5871 BW5871 The Society's Exhibition Sauternes 2015

Must-Try Sweet: One to stock up on ahead of Christmas.A super price for a full bottle, it is made by the Dubourdieu family at Château Cantegril, so comes with a real pedigree of quality. The perfumed, honeyed sweetness is beautifully balanced by racy acidity and the botrytis characters are on the gentler side, meaning ripe tangy pineapple, bracing citrus and fresh apricot flavours shine through. - Tina Gellie

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

CE10261A CE10261A Koyle Costa Cuarzo Rapel Coastal Sauvignon Blanc 2018

This sauvignon vineyard is 9km from the Pacific Ocean in the Paredones area of Colchagua and gives a fragrant fresh white of crystalline purity. Floral with tropical fruit, lovely precision and a salty, medium-length finish. Incredible quality for the price. - Rebecca Gibb

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

GE11571 GE11571 Jung & Wild, Dry, Martin Wassmer 2017

Young and wild as its name suggests, this is a pure lime-crisp fruit salad-like mouthful of summery joy. Light, bone-dry and zesty, this makes for a satisfying alternative to grüner veltliner or albariño, with moderate alcohol and great tension on the finish. - Rebecca Gibb

( Decanter 30th Sep 2019 )

BU69941 BU69941 Domaine Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Aligoté 2017

White Burgundy is normally made from chardonnay, but another white grape is grown in this area - aligoté. This bottle comes from one of the region's leading winegrowers and shows off the lean,taut, lemony character of the variety beautifully. - Jamie Goode

( Sunday Express 29th Sep 2019 )

IT27192 IT27192 Half bottle of Valpolicella Allegrini 2018

This zippy, juicy red has green pepper, dark plum and cherry. Its ripe fruit will cope with the spice of [Georgie Hayden's steak with potatoes and chimichurri] while its freshness (best accentuated by serving cool) makes it ideal for any warm autumn days. - Hamish Anderson

( The Daily Telegraph 28th Sep 2019 )

CM18611 CM18611 The Society's Exhibition Haut-Médoc 2014

The Wine Society has a terrific range of Bordeaux wines, including several from the Médoc. [This wine} is created by Château Beaumont with a blend that is typically 60% cabernet sauvignon, 35% merlot with small amounts of cabernet franc and petit verdot. - Jane Clare

( Liverpool Echo 28th Sep 2019 )

IT28141 IT28141 Bin #003 Ribolla Gialla 2018

This is the third edition of the Wine Society’s new experimental ‘Bin’ range dedicated to quirky varieties and wines and it’s the most successful to date. Ribolla Gialla is an ancient but little known white variety grown in north eastern Italy and Slovenia. It makes pretty grown up wines, with plenty of concentration and freshness but also a dimension of flavour and texture that many other whites struggle to achieve. It’s a great wine to put with food: its smoky, lemony flavours work really well as a foil to fish or chicken dishes. Although, to be frank, it’s versatile so works with a whole range of flavours and ingredients. Juicy, dry, serious – great value at the price and something a bit different. What are you waiting for?! - Peter Richards

( 27th Sep 2019 )

BU69301 BU69301 The Society's Red Burgundy 2017

… sets a high standard. Reliable, fairly fruity but not over the top … Steffan Williams

( City AM 26th Sep 2019 )

SP14201 SP14201 The Society's Rioja Crianza 2015

If you want a great value Rioja for sensible money, then join The Wine Society and try their Crianza Rioja. Made by the leading traditional Bodegas Palacio, this is outstanding for £7.95. Complex, full and brilliantly marrying spiced vanilla oak with juicy ripe black and red berries, it's all you could hope for. - Giles Luckett

( Lynn News 24th Sep 2019 )

LO14471 LO14471 Sancerre 'Les Rôties', Domaine Serge Laloue 2015

Get more French bang for your buck by looking away from Burgundy and to Sancerre in the Loire Valley, better known for its sauvignon blancs, but also making pitch-perfect pinots. Have it with [French onion soup]. - Kate Hawkings

( Olive 24th Sep 2019 )

FC29551 FC29551 Mas de Daumas Gassac 2014

This vineyard showed 40 years ago that top-quality wines could come from the Languedoc and OK, it's expensive, but it's one of the region's most famous wines. It is a restrained and classy red blend that ages very well. - Jamie Goode

( Sunday Express 22nd Sep 2019 )

NZ10491 NZ10491 Kumeu Village Hand-Harvested Chardonnay 2017

… bright and fluent with ripe golden apple.  - David Williams

( The Observer 22nd Sep 2019 )

FC36661 FC36661 Domaine de Mesclances, Charmes, IGP Méditerranée 2018

If the Indian summer is inspiring one last go at the pale pink Provençal-style rosé then this is a good one to try. A blend of cinsault, grenache and tibouren (I always think tibouren is a good sign) grown in the South of France. Lovely. - Victoria Moore

( The Daily Telegraph 21st Sep 2019 )

NZ10911 NZ10911 Kumeu Village Hand-Harvested Pinot Noir 2018

Top Auckland estate Kumeu River, which makes some genuinely fine single-vineyard wines (Kiwi grand crus), has been using the more humble [Village] term for its consistently excellent range of cheaper wines for some vintages now. The 2018 pinot noir has all the charm of a good quality red Côte de Beaune Villages from Burgundy: light in colour, lithe in texture, bright in redcurrant and raspberry fruit; it’s a match for salmon or autumnal mushroom dishes. - David Williams

( The Observer 15th Sep 2019 )

PW7441 PW7441 Anselmo Mendes ‘Muros Antigos' Loureiro, Vinho Verde 2018

If you grew up on old-style supermarket own-label Vinho Verde, you'd scarcely believe this pristine, racy, floral, citrus and exotic fruit-scented white came from the same region. - David Williams

( The Observer 15th Sep 2019 )

IT27231 IT27231 Zibibbo Sicilia, Ottoventi 2018

Zibibbo is the local name for the muscat grape variety, which makes fruity whites that taste of fresh table grapes. This is dry, fruity and superb for the end of summertime drinking. - Jamie Goode

( Sunday Express 8th Sep 2019 )

IT27291 IT27291 Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, Contesa 2018

The best full-bodied autumnal wines for chillier nights: Rosé? No need to call time for that yet, but I’d like to switch into a darker and more substantial pink wine. [This] richly coloured [wine] is perfect here and I saw when I logged on to the Wine Society website to check the price that someone else had had the same idea: “Think of this cherry-pink charmer not as the last rosé of the summer but as the first of autumn.” Exactly. Try it with roast cauliflower and butternut squash flavoured with thyme and shavings of pecorino. - Victoria Moore

( The Daily Telegraph 7th Sep 2019 )

PW7521 PW7521 Anselmo Mendes Contacto Alvarinho, Vinho Verde 2018

Anselmo Mendes’s sparky 2018 Contacto Vinho Verde closes on an arresting salt-lick finish and gets my vote. - Jane MacQuitty

( The Times 7th Sep 2019 )

RH53591 RH53591 Viognier Grès du Trias, Coteaux de l'Ardèche, Vignerons Ardéchois 2018

The best full-bodied autumnal wines for chillier nights: Another excellent viognier ... This is a more serious (ponderous, even, or somnolent) viognier: structured, with quite a weight of alcohol holding it together, and with more savoury, cologne-style florals and a flavour of peach and apricot skin. Less easy to drink than [some], but appealing to a different constituency. - Victoria Moore

( The Daily Telegraph 7th Sep 2019 )

FC35481 FC35481 Fitou, Domaine Jones 2016

Katie Jones moved to France from Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, more than ten years ago and bought a tiny old vineyard in Languedoc. It turns out the vines produce fabulous wines and now she’s making a whole range. Fitou is a favourite. Food pairing: barbecued lamb. - Helen McGinn

( Daily Mail 5th Sep 2019 )

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