One of the ‘Objects of The Society’ drawn up by the founders in 1874 was: ‘To introduce foreign wines hitherto unknown or but little known in this country’.

Whilst Claret, Burgundy and other classics are, of course, passions, The Society’s List also makes room for less well-known wines and encourages members to try them.

The current range of around 1,500 wines offers a wide and interesting choice. It includes many wines made from unusual, unfashionable grape varieties, in lesser-known regions or by producers who deserve greater recognition.

The Society’s buyers believe they offer outstanding quality and value, and are much more interested in starting trends than following them.

A List from the 1970s, when UK consumption generally was dominated by a handful of branded wines, included Australian riesling, Chilean cabernet and several English whites.

Going further back, we had California zinfandels in 1883.

In 2004, The Society shipped over three quarters of Uruguay’s wine exports to the UK.

The choice of wine styles, grape varieties and flavours is greater than ever. Whilst everyone has their favourites, we want to share the excitement to be had in discovering a new wine to enjoy.