Grower Relationships

The Wine Society has long and fruitful associations with some of the most capable winemakers: like Alfred Gratien, supplier of sparkling Saumur and Champagne to members since 1906, Hugel and Trimbach in Alsace, Moueix and Sichel in Bordeaux and von Kesselstatt in Germany.

The Society has also expanded by forging strong bonds with New World growers like Wirra Wirra in Australia and Concho y Toro in Chile, and was one of the first to offer the wines of Chateau Musar from the Lebanon.

The success of these long-standing relationships is not down to mere tradition or nostalgia but due solely to the high quality and consistency of these growers’ wines.

Thanks to these strong bonds, The Society is well placed to secure good allocations of wines in years when supply is scarce.

Growers also release special cuvées of their wine that can be offered to members under the Society or Exhibition label or as Society exclusives.