The Wine Society's AGM

Putting Passion Before Profit

A lighter, brighter Wine Society

Lightening up The Wine Society was one of the key messages to come out of Chairman Sarah Evans’ speech at this year’s AGM, as she reminded members of the importance of spreading the word to attract wine drinkers of the future.

Happily, sales have gone up this year and Sarah reminded us that ‘the more we can sell to members, the more cost effective we can be. We want you to buy more from us but we won’t play pricing and discounting games to make you do it. It isn’t about chasing profit!

Sarah was also frank why we had to raise prices over the past year, something we don’t like doing, but exchange rate hikes, inflation and increased costs, from packaging to transport and insurance, have hit hard. What we absolutely don’t want to do is compromise on quality.

And what did you want to get answers to? One member wanted to know why his favourite wines were suddenly unavailable, to which head of buying Pierre Mansour replied that it was probably to do with timings (with a new vintage due in) and that wine is an agricultural product and that some places hadn’t made any wine in 2017!

There was praise for click and collect; questions about bag-in-box and whether we could expect more wine in this format and a young female member queried why we had difficulty attracting people like her!

There were observations about our logo and brand image and requests for a screwcap-only selection in Wine Without Fuss and white-only option in our Vintage Cellar Plan. Sarah also reminded members about the Community part of our site where she said that many of these topics had also been raised and discussed.

If you want to get involved with discussions with fellow members about these or any other topics, do head to and join in. We think you’ll find it a great way of getting more out of your membership.

There’s a full transcript of Sarah Evans’ speech to download here. Q&As will be published once we have received the full transcript.

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