Beavertown Brewery

The quintessential London craft brewery, Beavertown, began life in 2011 when Logan Plant, son of Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant, began experimenting with home brews using a 50-litre rice pan, a camping tool box and a tea urn. After a bit of ‘technique polishing’, Logan moved the brewery into the kitchen of a BBQ restaurant in London, prompting the creation of 8 Ball Rye IPA and Smog Rocket Smoked Porter, which perfectly matched the spices and smoky flavours of so many of the dishes on offer.

Beavertown has since become almost as famous for its outlandish packaging, featuring cartoon images and bright, bold colours, as it is for the excellent quality of its beers, beginning with the Gamma Ray brew and its artwork, dreamed up by Nick Dwyer, now the creative director and designer at Beavertown. He was working as a waiter at the BBQ restaurant when the brewery was there and he came up with the name Gamma Ray and an image of space men on Mars firing lasers. This proved so popular that it prompted a complete redesign across the range.

Unsurprisingly, given the high quality of the brews, Beavertown had to expand and the purchase of new fermentation vessels saw them move part of their production out of the BBQ kitchen and into a lock-up nearby. Soon after they moved their entire set-up to Hackney Wick and then again to Tottenham Hale, both in north-east London, where they have remained and where they now have the facilities to produce consistently wild and delicious beers using a range of techniques, including barrel ageing and sour mashing.

This is a brewery which dared to be different and we’re pleased to say it's certainly paid off.

Beavertown Beers