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Tim Sykes Tim Sykes

A refreshing region with plenty to look forward to

For me the sign of a good wine is one that tempts you to have a second or even (Chief Medical Offer guidelines permitting…) a third glass. The tendency in some parts of the world is to produce high-octane red wines, with overpowering amounts of alcohol, oak and tannin. The first glass can be impressive, but can leave you reaching for the water jug. Not so with Beaujolais!

Made from the gamay grape, red Beaujolais tends to be on the lighter side of alcohol (mostly 12.5%-13.5%) and rarely displays overt oak or tannin characters. The wines are what the French call digeste, or digestible. They go brilliantly with a wide range of dishes, or can be enjoyed on their own and can even be served slightly chilled.

Our quarterly price lists offer a range of Beaujolais-Villages and crus of which the best-known are Fleurie, Moulin-à-Vent and Morgon. We also do two offers each year dedicated solely to Beaujolais, the summer offer, featuring six easy-drinking young Beaujolais, and in April the more serious cru offer which next year will showcase the excellent 2018 vintage.

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