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Hungary, Greece and Eastern Europe


Freddy Bulmer Freddy Bulmer

A year of discovery

Bulgaria has proved itself to be a wholly underappreciated source of incredible value. Villa Melnik’s Young & Wild Melnik is a great example of the delicious, juicy and fun wine which can be found at a cracking price. For an introduction to orange wine (made from white grapes, not oranges!) then Bulgarian Heritage Dimyat Orange Wine Via Vinera 2017 is well worth a go.

In Greece, Apostolos Thymiopoulos goes from strength to strength, becoming more of a cult hero each month! Just the sort of winemaker that we love to support at The Wine Society and when the wines are as good as his single-vineyard Rapsani it’s easy to see why.

Hungary is really gaining traction and leading the charge with furmint, which when it’s done right is a delicious white wine. Kolonics’ Somlói Furmint is a prime example of what this grape can offer. The country is another value hotspot to boot, and wines like Ostoros Pinot Noir prove that brilliantly.

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