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Joanna Locke MW Joanna Locke MW

The voyage of discovery continues

Portugal is increasingly recognised as a great source for good honest wines that offer great value for money. There’s the culture to go with them of course – that of sunshine, unspoiled scenery, delicious modest as well as smart trendy cuisine, and characterful historic cities – and many in the UK have been discovering both.

The Douro remains Portugal’s flagship region, not just for its wide range of Port wines, but for the dry reds and increasingly whites which have led a quality revolution over the last 20 years. Look further afield into Alentejo, Bairrada and Dão for dramatically improved, characterful reds, and to the coastal-influenced regions of Bairrada, Lisboa and the Minho (Vinho Verde country) for an exciting range of refreshing whites with flavours all their own.

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