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Joanna Locke MW Joanna Locke MW

Drought averted and quality soaring

2018 was, thankfully, a year of change! Much needed water finally arrived, postponing indefinitely Day Zero, which was to bring severe water restrictions. Many in the winelands had not fared badly during the last four years of drought – most farms have at least one reservoir – but water remains a key challenge (specifically saving it, recycling it, sharing it more fairly) for this and many of the world’s great wine-producing areas.

Thus the lead up to this year’s 2019 harvest was viewed with a great deal of optimism, helped by the more generous volumes and fine quality in the cellars from the 2018 and 2017 vintages respectively. 2017 is the latest to seek out, for all styles, and there are now fine examples of more premium 2015s available too.

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