Do you sell wine suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

People can identify themselves as vegetarian or vegan in a variety of ways. We, along with many in the wine trade use the definitions provided by The Vegetarian Society and The Vegan Society. We have asked our producers if their wines are suitable and lists of the wines can be found below:

As odd as it may sound to some, not all wines are suitable for vegetarians or vegans. This is because winemakers often choose to 'fine' their wines before release. This process can help soften a wine but also removes any potential haze that may appear in bottle.

Because proteins are involved in the process, winemakers might use isinglass derived from fish guts, animal gelatine or egg whites, all of which gather together the solids in the wine that would otherwise make it cloudy. The solids along with the clarifying agent are then all removed so are classed as a 'processing aid' rather than an ingredient. At most, only trace amounts of the fining agent will be left in the finished wine.

To produce a wine suitable for vegetarians or vegans, winemakers can avoid using fining agents altogether and produce a wine with more sediment or can use bentonite, which is a clay-based substance and works well for clarifying many wines.

Some vegans also wish to avoid products produced by the labours of animals. This means that those producers that are reverting to using horse-drawn ploughs in their vineyards to improve the condition of their soil cannot produce vegan wine.

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