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Offer of: 2020 Dönnhoff and Prüm

Two of Germany’s greats in a classic riesling vintage

2020 Dönnhoff and Prüm

Katharina Prüm and Cornelius Dönnhoff are brilliantly following in their fathers’ footsteps and making great wines. Here is the chance to order 15 of their 2020s for delivery next spring.

‘Classic’ would be one of way of describing 2020: it is a vintage of balance, without extremes, and where everything is in place. In sum, it is a perfect riesling vintage. Don’t miss it.

Place your order now and, when the wines arrive in the UK (in spring 2022), you can then opt either to store it with us or pay Duty & VAT and take delivery.

Order by midday on Thursday 14th October

The growing season

The year progressed normally with plenty of rain during the winter and then again in June when it was needed. Summer was hot but without the peaks that had marked both 2019 and 2018. There was more humidity and drought was not an issue. The vintage started early in mid September in sunshine and by October, temperatures had dropped, and there was some rain but not enough to damage the later-harvest wines.

The results are beautiful wines, precise and with tinglingly refreshing acidity.

Marcel Orford-Williams
Buyer for Germany

This offer will close at midday on Thursday 14th October

Orders will then be entered into an allocation system and confirmations of successful orders will be sent out by Tuesday 19th October at the latest.

The wines will be delivered in spring 2022.

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