Video interview with Paul Pujol of Mount Koinga

Paul Pujol and his collaboration with The Wine Society

Paul was winemaker at Kuentz Bas in Alsace then Lemelson in Oregon (when The Wine Society first started importing the wines). In 1996 he went back home to New Zealand's South Island to make the excellent Prophet's Rock wines. Ever since The Wine Society started importing Prophet's Rock in 2006, Wine Society buyer Pierre Mansour and Paul talked about working together to find a single-vineyard wine that could be produced exclusively for Wine Society members.

Paul recently visited The Wine Society's offices in Stevenage where Pierre and Societynews editor, Joanna Goodman were able to find out more about how this collaboration came into fruition.

Video clip 1

Paul tells us about the search for a suitable vineyard and what makes the site so special.

Video clip 2

What makes Central Otago so well-suited to the pinot noir grape.

Video clip 3

Paul talks about making the wine and the differences between Mount Koinga and Prophet's Rock.

Video clip 4

Should you cellar Mount Koinga and if so, for how long?

Video clip 5

Paul tells us more about his winemaking background.

Video clip 6

Paul tells us how Mount Koinga is so unique, and is a little bit of Central Otago with The Wine Society name on it.

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