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When I visit Australia I really put in the miles; I do my research and map out my journey, planning each visit and the route I’ll take. Even so, invariably I’ll find myself two hours out of Coonawarra and a million miles from anywhere!

It’s these almost hidden small pockets across Australia’s vast landscape that offer some of the best terroirs for grapes in the world. On ancient soils, temperate hillsides, cool coastal cliffs and warm valley floors… the possibilities are endless, and the Aussies know it.

A pioneering sense of adventure and exploration is still palpable, and winemakers old and young have a twinkle in their eye and excitement in their hearts at the raw materials at their disposal. With complete freedom to experiment (unburdened by regional regulations on grape varieties, yields, or styles) everything is on the table for Aussie winemakers. They are free to create what they want, and only the best wines survive.

Sadly, this offer will be my last as your buyer for Australia (later in the year I’ll be taking on the wine Goliath that is Italy!). I will miss the people and their wines tremendously and will remain a fully committed Aussie cheerleader. This diverse and beautiful wineland has been a pleasure to buy from and I hope you enjoy this my final selection as much as I enjoyed making it.

Sarah Knowles MW
Sarah Knowles MW
Your buyer for Australia (for now!)


Regional focus

Wirra Wirra

This McLaren Vale winery is behind some of Australia’s best wines and have been supplying our Society’s Chardonnay for many years. In fact, our relationship with them goes back to the 1970s not long after the late (and legendary) Greg Trott bought up and rejuvenated the property. It gives me great pleasure to feature them here.

This offer is open until Sunday 5th May, 2019 while stocks last.

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