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Exhibition range
Exhibition range

Affordable Indulgence

Our Exhibition range: a celebration of the finer things in life

The perfect bottles to match your best dishes

Do you plan the food around the wine, or the wine around the food? There are arguments for both of course, but whichever way you go we think we’ve got the perfect bottles here to really add that touch of indulgence to your special occasions.

Our Exhibition Range typifies our ethos to source the best wines from the finest producers who make wines that reflect all the best characteristics of their region or commune. Our unique co-operative status not only enables, but encourages our buyers to snap up these desirable parcels wherever they can, and we celebrate by giving them the reassuring seal of approval by naming them after the Great Exhibition from which The Wine Society was founded back in 1874.

These wines don’t just set the benchmark for their particular style – they’re also a reflection of local culture and cuisine, providing great stories as well as a companion for all manner of dishes and occasions from oysters and scallops to beef wellington and ratatouille.

With this Exhibition guide we’ll be showing off the best of what we have to offer, including a few brand new discoveries, and give you the top tips on how to best enjoy them.


This offer is open until Sunday 7th October, 2018 while stocks last.

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