Red Burgundy 2010–2016
Red Burgundy 2010–2016

Red Burgundy 2010–2016

Small quantities of exceptional wines for cellaring

This is a great chance to add some top-quality Burgundy to your cellar, or to start your Burgundy collection. To free up some space in our warehouse, we’ve put together a list of sought-after Burgundies held in small stocks for you to buy.

All of these wines will benefit from further ageing to enjoy them at their best. You can of course choose to do so yourself, or you can choose to store your wines under perfect conditions in our temperature-controlled Members’ Reserves. More information.

Stocks of these wines are small and many will sell out quickly. Act fast if you see something you would like to tuck away.

This offer is open until Sunday 21st July, 2019 while stocks last.

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