Rioja's Finest

Three tempting premium Rioja styles to explore


Fragrant, silky, delicate. Long ageing in casks and bottle. Ready to drink on release.

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Richer, velvety wine aged for less time, and in newer oak. Released earlier and mostly need keeping.

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Modern Classical

Younger, rounder wines. Character through oak ageing. Can develop in bottle.

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Rioja has raised its quality bar to an unprecedented level thanks to international investment and a talented young generation of winemakers, making it a fascinating choice for wine lovers.

There is a sense of respecting the old and celebrating the new across this vast region, resulting in a variety of intriguing styles.

While this means we have a fantastic choice of wines, it can also be confusing. So, with this offer, we have worked hard to gather the very best from this fine wine region and listed wines by style to help you select the bottles that you’ll love the most.

Pierre Mansour

Pierre Mansour
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This offer is open until Sunday 24th June, 2018 while stocks last.

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