In The Pink
In The Pink

In The Pink

Join the rosé revolution with our summer-ready gems

The start of the year is when I head out to find the very best rosés Europe has to offer. It's all about hunting out excellent new vintages, or maybe a brilliant blend from somewhere unexplored: I make it my mission to find wines that readily capture the 'essence of pinkness'. And that's no easy task…

I've tasted hundreds of wines and have whittled down six stunning finds that showcase the very best rosés the Mediterranean has to offer, from succulent, creamy Spanish rosado, to an elegant, refreshingly light Corsican style.

Here's my pick of juicy and vibrant pink wines to celebrate warmer days. Supremely versatile, these will sing with almost any dish you can think of, whether a tapas-style picnic or alfresco seafood feast.

So bring on salad days, barbecues and lazy lunches (all served with a generous glass of pink of course) – summer is here!

Marcel Orford-Williams

Marcel Orford-Williams
Your Buyer for Rosé

This offer is open until Sunday 21st July, 2019 while stocks last.

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