American Dreams
American Dreams

American Dreams

Sarah Knowles MW’s pick of the USA’s best and brightest

Charisma, variety… and value!

I’ve never been more excited by our US range. All too often the American bottles that reach our shores, whether eyewateringly priced 100-pointers or dull ‘end-of-aisle’ bottles, can represent poor value… but this special selection aims to turn heads and change minds, showing off some of the country’s best.

Every single bottle is crafted by people with talent, passion and personality in abundance. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them.

Sarah Knowles MW

My personal picks from £6.75

I’ve spent the past few years seeking out both family-owned grandees and new kids on the block beyond the big brands, who can offer us the winning combination of keen prices and excellent quality.

Discover some of my favourites

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