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What does it taste like?

White pepper
Green apple
White peach

Where is it grown?


What style of white wine is grüner veltliner?

Austria might not come high up the ‘must-drink’ radar for most wine lovers (yet), but its flagship grape is most certainly getting noticed. Cool, collected grüner with its intriguing combination of citrus and apple, white-pepper spice, green, herbaceous aromas and whip-sharp acidity wears its quirkiness lightly; despite its eccentric flavour profile it’s really very likeable.

Food-matching is where grüner really comes into its own. In its homeland of Austria it slices through the crisp richness of wiener schnitzel with precision and makes short work of stodgy carbs such as potato salad, noodles and dumplings. It will also handle aromatic spices well, along with seafood (especially sushi), creamy sauces, charcuterie and subtle, nutty cheeses.

Grüner veltliner grapes in Austria
Grüner veltliner grapes in Austria.

Where should I start with grüner veltliner?

This is Austria’s flagship grape so you’ll find it all over the country from Kremstal (a good option for fruity, everyday styles) to Burgenland , Weinvertel, Styria and Wien.

Premium grüner is grown on the steep south-facing sloped terraces of the Wachau region, where optimum sunshine combined with fresh acidity from the altitude of the sites leads to beautifully concentrated styles.

How do I pronounce grüner veltliner?

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