Château de Vaux

The site of the Château de Vaux is amidst an almost forgotten vineyard that overlooks the Moselle near Metz in north-east France. Read any account of the battles that were fought around Metz during the Franco-Prussian war and most will tell of fighting in the vineyards of Lorraine, and it was not so many generations ago this entire region was covered in vines. Phylloxera and war put an end to all of that, leaving only place names and a few isolated vines.

This property was bought in 1999 by a very enterprising couple, the man and wife team of Norbert and Mary-Geneviève Molozay - the wife a trained oenologist born locally and the husband from Beaujolais, though he has made wine all over the world. They set about replanting and even increasing the vineyard.

They are still early in their ownership, but quite clearly in a short space of time they have put this little vineyard firmly on the map.

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