Andrew Peace

With its warm dry climate, scorching summer days and cold winter nights, the Swan Hill region, in north-western Victoria, produces a wide variety of fruit and vegetables as well as grapes. This wine was made by Roseworthy graduate Andrew Peace who produces a number of varietals at his winery at Piangil, on the banks of the Murray River, a four-hour drive from Melbourne.

The estate was bought by Andrew's dad in 1980, after he drove by the property, which was much smaller then, and decided to buy it as a means to escape the rat race and retreat to at the weekends.

Andrew produced the first commercial vintage here in 1995 and now owns 100 hectares planted with a range of varieties and makes a portfolio of wine styles, still, fortified and sparkling.

As well as his own extensive vineyards he sources fruit from various other vineyards. Despite expanding steadily the estate remains family owned with several members involved it its running.