Brick Kiln

Brick Kiln is a small family partnership owning a vineyard in South Australia's McLaren Vale. The owners are a partnership of six passionate food and wine lovers who employed winemakers Phil Christianson (formerly of Tintara Hardy's) and Linda Domas (with experience at Beringer Blass as well as her own labels).

Originally the winery was to be called Nine Gums but concerns that the North American customers unfamiliar with the flora of Australia might conjure up images of false teeth or toothless mouths meant that Brick Kiln was chosen, named after a local bridge. Even then their naming travails were not over as it transpired that a Brick Kiln chardonnay was already on the market in the US and consequently the wine is labelled Brick Road there.

Production, from 8 hectares of shiraz vines near Willunga in the southern reaches of the McLaren Vale, is tiny but quality is high. Their site benefits from the warm South Australian sunshine but this is tempered by sea breezes in the afternoon and cool air flowing down from the Willunga Hills at night, helping grapes to retain freshness as they ripen. And ripen they do, providing the raw material for the estate's signature rich, velvety palate.