Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers are among the most famous and respected of longstanding Australian wine producers with a range that encompasses every almost every style made Down Under. Established by John Francis Brown in 1889 at Milawa in the King Valley region of Victoria, they have over the years shown themselves to be inspired innovators with a keen perception of what the market wants without compromising on the high-quality that has ensured their place in the pantheon of great Antipodean producers.

They make some 60 different wines and grow 45 different varieties. Now on to the fourth generation, they are members of the prestigious First Families of Wine initiative in Australia, an alliance of the family owned and run winemaking concerns that represent the very best of Australia's wine heritage over many decades.

The family are still based at Milawa but also own four other estates in Victoria and two in Tasmania. On the latter they acquired the Tamar Ridge estate which also makes Devils Corner wines, as well as the famous Pirie company. Across all the estates they crush some 18,000 tons of grapes but because of the sheer diversity of the range head winemaker Wendy Cameron has to oversee a great many small batch ferments and as a result many different techniques are employed.

Despite their expansion and range the family is absolutely committed to sustainability in viticulture and winemaking. Programs for water management, waste management, integrated pest management, soil health and ecologically sound packaging are all in place.

Visitors to the cellar door may find wines available that are not yet commercially available. This is the family's testing ground where wines are tried out on a willing public. If it doesn't cut it at the cellar door it probably won't see the light of day on the wider market. The nearby test vineyards are constantly being planted with new varieties to see how they perform before any upscaling takes place. Even the glera grape of Prosecco is being grown before becoming an Aussie version of the Italian bubbly. Italy and Spain are particular inspirations at the moment, but who knows where their curiosity and passion will take them next. Is it any wonder they have been so successful?

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