Alexander Koppitsch

Alexander Koppitsch is one of the many young Austrian winemakers who are ploughing their own, innovative furrow in that country's wine industry, building on the great work done by their compatriots over the last thirty years or so in making Austria one of the most quality-conscious and consistent wine producing nations in the world.

The revolution in Austrian winemaking has been remarkable and looks set to continue when the likes of Alexander take such pains to make the very best wines they can.

He set out on his own in 2011 after several years making wines for another producer, taking over his parents’ 5.5 hectares of vineyards and renovating the old winery. Before he took over, the majority of grapes were sold but Alexander wanted to bottle his own wine and pursue an ideal – that of making wine with as little interference with the natural process as possible, rejecting conventional winemaking and adopting an agricultural system that involves a holistic approach to farming and winemaking, employing natural treatments and homeopathic methods in alliance with a more spiritual vision of the forces of nature.

Alexander, like any great winemaker, focuses his attention on the vineyards in the certainty that great wine can only be made with great fruit. All work is done by hand. In the cellar he intervenes as little as possible, allowing natural yeasts to ferment the wines without temperature control, using a bare minimum of sulphur and absolutely no additives. Malolactic fermentation is entirely spontaneous and the wines are aged in a mixture of stainless steel, casks and barrels, with the results bottled unfiltered. There is no doubting Alexander's passion for the land and for winemaking in tune with the terroir and it shows in every bottle.